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Negative files
Here is a set of 327 photogaphs scanned from one of two very carefully kept files of 35mm negatives. Most of the photographs in this set are of aircraft in world war two.

The date is late 1944.

The negative files were found together at a flea market. These marvelous photographs were on the brink of being lost forever.

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history and identification
of some of the photographs in this AAF collection.

The 205 negatives in the other file were taken postwar, about half in England and the rest in Texas, USA. The photographs apparently show a bit of touring before leaving the England based AAF unit and the first photographs after arriving in Texas.

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postwar photography
from the other negative file from the same photographer.

Look at the bazookas on that little honey!multiple bazookas installed on cub 03
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Here are more stories about the 91st Bomber Group and some of the missions flown on a fine website by
Sam Halpert

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This is a P-61 "Black Widow"
This one was nicknamed "Wabash Cannonball IV" P61

This is a B25 Maurader, not a common plane or popular. There were only about five thousand of them made.
They were famous for handling problems and gained the nickname "Widow Maker." B26 f9 brite rear 02
view profile Steve Birdsall says:

Here are some links to photos of most of these B-17s in the National Archives collection. These clearly show the artwork on the noses, most if not all of it painted by the gifted and prolific Tony Starcer. They also show some of the young men who flew these B-17s, and some may even be in them as they rolled past the camera at Bassingbourn . . . : Ack-Ack Annie early in her career with the Ledkte crew and later Extra Special with Lt H. D. Johnson's crew, Incendiary Blonde and the Snipe crew. Little Patches on May 10, 1944 with Lt Bill Major's 324th Squadron crew, (the tall fellow is M/Sgt George W. Parks, flight engineer and one of the founding members of the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association), and Little Patches with the Buchanan crew after her transfer to the 401st Squadron. Oh Happy Day with the Smoley crew, Rusty Dusty and the Reichert crew. Star Dust with the Reinhart crew, Star Dust again but later, and finally Stinky with the Ernst crew.

And thanks again to anyjazz65 who took the time to make this unique look at a day at a USAAF bomber base available to us all nearly 65 years later.

Skinky B-17 ww2Bassingbourne Stinky Ack Ack Annie, Bassingbourne Ack Ack Annie

These are the aircraft photographs from the set:

These are the other various subjects from the set:

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  1. Many thanks for these wonderful pix that sure brought back memories of Bassingbourn to this old veteran of 35 missions with 324th Sq. 91st BG (from Ludwigshafen 9/9/44 to Berlin 2/3/45).

  2. Many thanks Sam. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find connections like yours. The simple accident of finding these negatives has been one of the high points of my life.

    I was born in 1937 so my memories of the actual events are pretty scant. I grew up in Salina, Kansas north of the runway of the Smoky Hill AFB. My mother told me that whenever I would hear the growl of those dragons I would run outside to catch a glimpse of a B-17 banking east after take off. I even figured out that on days when the wind was from the north it would be the best day for sightings. I was only eight years old when the war ended.

    You have a fine web page. You certainly were in the midst of things. You are welcome to use any of my pictures that connect with your story. The Lost Gallery AAF page gets thousands of hits but few comments.

    The pictures get used often here and there linking back to the Lost Gallery which is exciting.

    I have added a link to your home page in the text at the top of this Lost Gallery AAF page. I lifted your web page banner to use in it, if that’s not okay let me know and I’ll fix. Please check the links to make sure they work properly.

    Keep me posted.




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