Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Album: Laura

Laura - another time, another place, but here, now.

I am giving her a name because she has none. There is no identification on any of the photographs in this abandoned album.

She is such a lovely person, I have decided to make her the person in the song: Laura. She is that one who is both mysterious and essential to our life.

She is our Laura.

Laura is the face in the misty light
Footsteps that you hear down the hall
The laugh that floats on a summer night
That you can never quite recall

And you see Laura on a train that is passing through
Those eyes, how familiar they seem
She gave your very first kiss to you
That was Laura, but she's only a dream

She gave your very first kiss to you
That was Laura, but she's only a dream

(The Great Johnny Mercer)

Laura and friend and a fox fur

Laura, New Dress

Laura looking for the birdie
Laura and car

Gang in a pyramid

Our Laura in jodhpurs with friend

Our Laura in jodhpurs with friend on fence
Our Laura in jodhpurs as fender trophies

one girl, new dress and a kid

Laura on the sidewalk

Look at me! I am pretty!
I figure this is Laura as a child. What do you think?

One Guy Two Gals

The pictures from the rest of the album do not have our Laura in them.

one girl and four mules

Laura album
This must be someone special. It was mounted
in a prominent spot in the album.

Put em up

Edith Snyder Kansas City Kans

Two girls on a horse.

Two girls haying

Two guys

Three girls in the yard

Family of seven

The thumb that ate Josie

Edith Snyder Kansas City Kans
This is the only photo with any
identification in the old album.
On the reverse it says:
"Edith Snyder Kansas City Kans"

Below is a blow-up of the background from the third picture on this page showing many details.

Laura and the background

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