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Connie being loaded This photograph is part of a new page called
Connie, The Lockheed Constellation.
These two went on the page called
A Girl in a Boat
In the boat Girl in boat 1927
Cowgirl on a horse

The one on the left went to the group
Back Pages - Cowboy Suits.

The photograph on the right, done in a Novelty Photobooth was added to the
Novelty Photobooth Back-Pages.

Novelty Photobooth - Mule and wagon
This won't hurt.  Three photographs of the man on the left (and his mysterious equipment) have been added to the page
Area Fifty-One and a Half.

Don't go there.

The Vintage Photobooth
He said  he liked my eyes.
You put the money in the slot, sit down, pull the curtain and then...

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Frau Fritz Bassermann Germany 1943 Frau Fritz Basserman One woman's life in nazi Germany

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Area 51 and a half. The car car UFO Picture You are probably not authorized to see these photographs.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage Photo Booth

He said  he liked my eyes.

This is my favorite photobooth portrait.

It tells quite a story.

He said he liked my eyes.

It was nearly the first thing he said. He said “Hello, aren’t you Nelda? I like your eyes.”

He said he liked my eyes.

I’ll give him one of these pictures. I wonder, is that too forward? I’ll give him one anyway. I can’t be shy all my life. Yes I can.

What’ll I write on the back? My name. I’ll say, “from Nelda.” OR how about “Your Friend, Nelda”. No no, he didn’t say I was a friend.

He said he liked my eyes.

I’ll put, “To Jory from Nelda.” That isn’t too much is it?

I wonder if he has a girlfriend.

I’m not pretty, I wonder why he said “I like your eyes.”

He said he liked my eyes.

There are so many.

This is the FIRST installment of the Photo-booth Series.

For a review here is
PAGE ONE - (This One)
Page TEN -
Page Eleven -
Page Twelve
Page Thirteen

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Elma always considered herself a bit plain until she inherited all that money.

Treasure from the photo booth

Chelsea managed to find a way to conceal the club soda stains on her blouse. Later she could remove them with a bit of salsa or red wine. Mom would never know.

woman in suit

This one is from Argentina.

The photobooth must have frightened her...

Man, coat and tie

Of course I'm serious.

And stop calling me Shirley.

Vintonio Bosley invented feta cheese dice. He never learned to tie his shoes.

Perhaps he would rather be home in bed.

We haf ways to make you talk.

We haf ways to make you talk.

Young Juliette Lewis?

Patella Kneely was forever being mistaken for Juliette Lewis.

It was Marcie’s lifelong ambition to star in toothpaste commercials. One afternoon at the dentist’s office would change all that.

Photobooth girl 03

No one knew the curse of Bunny's super power. It was such a burden to have the ability to see through cheese.

You're gonna regret this.

Photobooth girl 19

Photobooth girl 04

Oh dear. I hope no one heard that.

Then, Nola noticed an interesting odor.

Take off my WHAT?


You think so? Wait'll you see this!

Vaughn collected used insoles.

Alan could never find clothes that fit so he changed his name to Dave.

I gotta quit drinkin'

When she was 12, Pat changed her name to Ventura Limpid Seldom. It didn’t help though.

Mannie preferred the natural look in make-up. She also collected postage stamp glue and in her spare time she hid.

Wanna see what I got in my pocket?


Devlin liked the photobooth. With eleven sisters, it was the only time he had to himself.

20080130 PB girl 09

Geraldo always wore a hat.

Geraldo always wore a hat. Socks and boxers, well...that was something else.

Are you sure?

Okay, Mommy. I'll sit here. Just stay in sight.

This place smells funny. I can't see Dolly.

Is this going to tickle? What''s that noise?

That light scares me. Can I hold Dolly now?

Franzie never talked politics. She spent her childhood trying to learn to spell her last name ...
and then she married.

Then came digital clocks.

Baker felt as if he had been wadded up and thrown out with the trash.

Ulna failed to find anything humorous about worm gizzards.

Charlene’s new glasses made her look taller. “It’s like I am seeing for the first time,” she exclaimed.

Her boyfriend Denny was a bit concerned about that.

Suddenly it dawned on Freeda why her brother always claims to be an only child. Why does no one ever see the two of them together?

Poncho D. Button always insisted that in life’s work, he was only a temp.

Helga used to play center for the Chiefs.

I can play but I won't do the dance.

Photobooth girl 24

I saw that.

Hello, Microsoft Help Line. May I please to be helping you, this fine morning or afternoon as your case may to be?

Delahey Forge used to sell wallpaper deliberately to people. Then he repented and just wandered about Colorado until he was 29.

Photobooth woman and hat

What a handsome lady.

Wallet worn and treasured. Somebody loved her dearly.

Selvia collected 412 recipes for road kill.

Now, the waiting.

Peabody Moult never did anything right.

But he never told anyone, so he never got a spanking.

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THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery
how a photograph of any
of these precious children
could end up lost
or abandoned.
Here are a few.
You will probably say
"Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

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