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What Is Going On Here? - Page Three

There are portraits and action shots and there are landscapes and interiors. There are many photographic subjects. When we page through the albums we have various oo/ah reactions. Beauty and humor, memories and nostalgia; each photograph sparks it's own comment and reaction.

But here now is a collection photographs that make the observer ask just one question:

What is going on here?

Sometimes there's an answer, but sometimes not.

Ramon had to give up his ventriloquist act. It was hurting his knees too much.


Corinne had  heard enough.

One knuckle sandwich coming up!
She caught Abbie right on the button with a right cross


Furman Boles
took this picture
with his big toe.

lolly pop

The formal dance at the Home for the Eternally Confused was held every year, more or less, depending on who was in charge of remembering it.

What is going on here?
It's hard to pose
A-one and a-two

All is not
In a barrel
Man and Television

Essie Exits
What is going on here?

Man with a beer

What is Going On Here?
Curious Message
woman and teepee

What is going on here?
Oh, dear.
Man at rear of car
Don't take my picture!

Bath time
Boy and Wagon

Five Rowboats
Don't you EVER comb your hair?

Rear View
Four and one on a stretcher
Love under the clothes line.

What is going on here?
Mom and Junior

Sammi acted as if this was an every day occurance.
Who needs a bigger tub?

Asleep at the Pool
Boy asleep
It's hard to pose when you're asleep

Blue Streak Coaster
Just a quick nap
For Fire Only

We'll dig you up...
I'm not sure about this.

What is going on here?
From the window


Tempest in a teapot

Can't get enough?

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