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Three unknown aircraft
The closest is a Fairchild 24W, behind it is what I think might be a Stinson SR-9 Gullwing, but I can't see enough of it to be positive and the furthest one taxiing in looks like a Stinson 95 or 105, too far away to be sure.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr

If you can supply any additional information on any of the photographs on this page, leave a note! Thanks for your help!

Unknown light plane
Aeronca 7AC.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 in Idaho

Unknown Navy Aircraft
From mrwidgeon1948:
From the left W - Grumman F9F-6, UR - Piasecki HUP-2, NATC - Douglas A3D, SR - Grumman S2F, silver tail looks like an early Douglas A4D.
Twin Engine Plane
Cessna T-50 with an Aeronca 7AC behind it.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr

Early Flying Machine

Here is a story in three pictures

Early Flying Machine
A Curtiss Pusher or a clone of one.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 in Idaho

Early Aircraft

On the reverse of this one is the story of the crash.

Early Aircraft

An airplane
Curtis C-46
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948
Two women and a biplane
Curtiss Jenny
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr
Man and airplane
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.9.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948

Two women and an airplane
On reverse:
This is Peggy & I after we came down from our air-plane ride This is the plane we went up in.August 1942 Piper J-4 Cub Coupe.

Piper J-4 Cub Coupe.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948

Evening Star, Paris, Texas
In this poor shot, there is a tri-motor in the distance. On the underside of the wing there seems to be a star in a circle. This means that it is a rare photograph of the Texaco Ford Tri Motor NC3443. For other photographs of this airplane see:
Alejandro Massieu C on Flickr
EC Leatherby on Flickr
Frank Hawks - Pilot of the Travelair Mystery Ship
Antique Airfield
EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor visits Columbus, Indiana.
Chevron THE UPDATE Aircraft

Three Airplanes
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr:
U.S.Navy TBM-3s, the letters FA on the tail say they're from Jacksonville, Florida
Light PlanePiper PA-12 Super Cruiser.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr

Three engine biplane
Three engine biplane
Aircraft XC-142

At the left is the
Short S.8 Calcutta.
Only seven were made.

Above is the
XC-142A 62-5925
Only five made.

Aircraft at base
C-47, C-123 and a C-130 in front.
Thanks mrwidgeon1948

C 47 over Mountains

Here are eight slides found in a batch of over 300 in Wichita Falls, TX

The one at the right is a different format than the others and does not seem related.

Aircraft at base
Cessna A-37Bs
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948

C-47 and crew
Two DC-3
Alaskan Airport
C 47 over Mountains

Air Force
It's an F-100A, so mid to late 1950s.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948
Light plane
Here's your Piper J-3 Cub
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 in Idaho
At Liberal, Kansas.

Woman and child
Avro York f3.5 1/20 sec w/wide angle Elmar 08
Biplane in the air

A Lockheed Electra.
Thanks to Flickr spotter bigbirdavn.
Air Force
Lockheed T-33.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 in Idaho
Ultra lite on highway

Sopwith Bat Boat. This one is REALLY rare. Only ONE was made! (This must be it.)
Westland Wizard
This is the Westland Wizard. Here is another orphan! This is the only one built.

De Haviland Dragonfly
On Reverse: G-AEDU, DH 90 Dragonfly (copy) ME2/38
First flown 12 August 1935. Only 67 were made
Supermarine Seamew
N-212 Twin Engine biplane. Only Two were built.
The Seamew prototype N212 made its maiden flight on 9 January 1928.

Two men and Airplane

Light Plane
Light Plane
You know this one ...

P-38 Lightning
Could this be P-38J 44-23517?
Ground Crew with P-38 423748

Two men and airplanes
Couple and light plane

Man and aircraft

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