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Album Page - Five Lost Photographs

Here are five photographs that were glued to the inside back cover of a family photo album. They don't seem related to the rest of the album...

or are they?

They are obviously taken during the World War 2, in the South Seas somewhere.

Perhaps the appearance of the LST-658 will help identify the time, the place and maybe the who.

C'est la guerre la guerre, WW2
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Crew in the South Seas
Here is a healthy crew of men, soldiers, friends.
Where were they?
Where are they now?
Who are they?
LST in water
A row of Tank Landing Ships on the beach.
LST 658
A closer view shows a little more detail.
LST 658 sits with others on the beach.

From the comment section below comes this additional information:
Wallace Beasley, was chief petty officer on LST-658
Paul Prinzivalli, served on LST-658
Bob Murnahan might be associated with LST-658
LST 658 was laid down on 28 December 1943 at Ambridge, Pa., by the American Bridge Co.; launched on 13 March 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Joseph R. McDonald; and commissioned on 17 April 1944.

During World War II, LST-658 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific theater and participated in the following operations:

Capture and occupation of southern Palau Islands—September and October 1944 Leyte landings—October and November 1944
Lingayen Gulf landing—January 1945
Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto—April 1945
Following the war, LST-658 performed occupation duty in the Far East and saw service in China until late May 1946. She was decommissioned on 1 June 1946. The ship was transferred to the State Department for disposition and struck from the Navy list on 3 July 1946.

LST 658 earned four battle stars for World War II service.
LST 658
The above picture of LST 658 is from HERE.
I have been unable so far to locate the owner of this photo.
The shape of the numbers differs slightly but the mottling on the hull matches pretty well.

The above three photographs are stamped with the same photo studio imprint. The next two, although the same size, are not. They are apparently from other sets.

Airplane in sky
Unidentified aircraft. Are those tracer bullet streaks?
Island basketball
Two guys play basketball during a slow period in a tropical paradise.

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C'est la guerre WWII, World War 2,
How we remember.

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