Friday, October 5, 2007

Album - Kentucky - 1930

This is a group all from one album of a Kentucky family.

These had apparently been water damaged and suffered other problems. Most are from around 1920; a few earlier. One or two are from 1931.

Although there are eleven photographs in the 2.75 X3.75 range of size, there are no two exactly alike. Seven are postcard size. There is one 3.5x3.5 square and one 2.5x2.75. The rest are all close to 2.5 X 3.5 inches.

Normally found-photographs are presented here without much restoration, the feeling being that the scratches and wear are part of their beauty, part of their essence. This collection had yellowed and faded so badly however, that some restoration was required just to see the photograph with any clarity.

One thing that occurs when leafing through these pictures is that there is only one automobile and one bicycle shown in all of them. No farm equipment either.

But there are guns.

There are stories in these. Sad stories. Scary stories.

What do you see?

09/25/2009 Update In the light of today's headlines about a murdered Federal Census worker in Kentucky, these photographs may have even more disturbing meanings.

One child, kentucky

Man and gun Man with hands behind back Four men and a gun
Man and tree Man and hog One man
Three children Three little girls How to get along 101
Three children wagon Two women two children Six people
Nine men with guns Four children One man, two women on porch
One woman baby cow Four young girls Four girls with one child


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