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What Is Going On Here?

There are portraits and action shots and there are landscapes and interiors. There are many photographic subjects. When we page through the albums we have various oo/ah reactions. Beauty and humor, memories and nostalgia; each photograph sparks it's own comment and reaction.

But here now is a collection photographs that make the observer ask just one question:

What is going on here?

Sometimes there's an answer, but sometimes not.

Oh! How did you get in here?

We're just um ... dividing up some stuff. Yeah that's it.

The Operation

It was embarrassing

Greta was fine for a moment and then her feet went one way and she went the other.

She would blame Hezzie to everyone at the party that evening. Hezzie moved to Montana and had no comment. His dog didn't either.

He always kept a pint in the trunk.

Otis always kept a pint in the trunk. There was nothing like a good stiff jolt of hot bourbon.

Fern in the forest.

Slide 09

Danger FLU
Seated on floor no head
Scout's Honor.

Window Shopping

Three girls on the ground

Myra and Vera the bicoastal twins, were playing a trick on Thelma. When she was napping, they had Ezra take a photograph of her knickers. Ezra is not pictured.

Felt pens had not been invented yet.

Swinger asleep in a swing

It wasn't Sugar Plums that dominated Vernie's dreams.

It was pole dancing. He wanted his chance to show what he could do.

Roland and Ingre

"Seriously Roland, I think I'm laying on a bug."

Happy kid
Accident on the polo field
Costumed girls

Halloween at Skateland
Oh no.
Washing the car
Greta, Gloria and Gail posed for the picture.

Greta, Gloria and Gail posed for the picture.

After the reception, Greta threw away her shoes.

Jo Jo, the monk '39
In a tree
Roy returns

Smile when ya say that.
Group doing something

You naughty boy!
Marvin missed the boat

Marvin missed the boat. He knew he shouldn't have stopped to read the comic section and have another cup of coffee this morning.

I've had enough of this.

Little Angels gone Lala
Chauncie wakes the neighbors.
That great gettin' up mornin'
Exercise period at Clown School

Costume event 02
Fixing a hole where the rain's coming in
Costume event 01

Yvonne and the Troll

Okay Kiddies, can you spot the troll in this picture?

One day in the western part of North Dakota ...

The first A-leans landed in their strange craft. On a quiet residential street in Bent Spoon, North Dakota, the UFO appeared without fanfare one morning out of a snowy sky.

Freda Gogh spotted it first as it was in front of her house.

The neighborhood gathered to gawk and remained to rubber-neck. After they were through slapping their foreheads, they speculated on the origin of the UFO and Freda’s new toque.

Most importantly, they discussed what they were going to do with the craft as it was blocking the street and preventing anyone in the neighborhood from getting down to Ben And Jerry’s for the latest flavor.

Finally the conversation degenerated to the usual things: getting the storm windows up in preparation for next winter, which direction is north and what the term "cook-out" actually means.

The A-leans wandered off early on.

Vernon took Marsha's picture

Vernon snapped Marsha's picture from the middle of the street. Then he got on a trolley and was never seen again.

Two girls on the steps

Two girls deciding to go have a beer.

"Twist my arm," said Beulah.

Fake Fight
On the porch with the dogs

As a child, Adrienne learned that if you covered your eyes, you became invisible.

And another thing ...

...and another thing, you have to stop wearing my jodhpurs!

Now there's a pair...
Velma had just finished

Velma had just finished stuffing Albert into the trunk of the car and now Carl was headed her way with his camera. Well, there would be room for him too.

Then, all that would be left was Felton. That would make a clean sweep.

Don't take my picture!
This woman has three feet.
Nap time

At the Back Steps
Nya nya nya
Overpowering Kenny

Girl in a tree
Six girls and
Carman knew
Two buddies
For Ladies
Chain Gang

Two men
While the clerk had his back turned

Feeding the chickens
In a tree.
Chopping Wood
Watermelon pair
Watermelon Love

Kids on the roof

Two buddies
Good catch!
Unauthorized Photograph

All right coppers, come and get me...
All right coppers, come and get me...
man on the steps

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