Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Air Force Band

Air Force Band

Here is an unusual find. It's is a 4X5 print found in a small shop in Abilene, KS. It is a photograph of a band on a flat bed truck with some military dignitaries speaking at the microphone.

Happened all the time during the war?

Sure. But this time, thanks to some diligent sleuthing by some alert Flickr members, there is more to the story.

The band is the legendary Glenn Miller Air Force Band. The speaker is General James Doolittle. He is giving a pitch about War Bonds. The location is Wycomb, England, 29 July 1944.

The video even captures the photographer taking the above snapshot.

from the publisher of the video, Peter King:
Published on Jan 26, 2010
Captain Glenn Miller with his orchestra on the 29th July (Saturday) late afternoon attending a V-8 Bond Rally at Wycombe Abbey, High Wycombe, England. General Jimmy Doolittle attending. The concert for officers and enlisted personnel. Approx. 4000 attending. This is part of the concert with first General Doolittle addressing the troops. .Later the orchestra played the bands opening theme, In The Mood. Star Dust, What Do They Do In The Infantry (Johnny Desmond and the Crew Chiefs) and Ill Get By. Vocal by Johnny Desmond. In the that evening Captain Glenn Miller and 2nd Lt. Don Haynes had dinner with General Doolittle together with other officers. This is only part on the concert that was serviceable to view


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