Saturday, October 6, 2007

Agent 8 (Kate) - Spy Extraordinaire

Playing right into her hands.
Playing right into her hands.
Agent 8 (Kate) of the Sunburn Secret Service plays her part well. The evil unsuspecting Bart Beazly is easily fooled. Secrets should start spilling soon!

Here, the queazy Bart Beazly, ruthless international dealer in FloorSweep™ buttered popcorn, tries unsuccessfully to wrestle our Agent 8 (Kate) to the floor. Kate was top of her jujitsu-haiku class back at the Sunburn Spy and Sarcophagi School. Sleazy Bart Beazly doesn’t have a chance

Agent 8 at work distracting her quarry
Agent 8 at work
Expert chemist at work (Agent 8)
Expert chemist at work (Agent 8)
Kate (Agent 8) waits patiently for cheesy Bart Beazly to pass out. She mixes him another drink secretly adding a little secret ingredient from the secret compartment in her Sunburn secret decoder ring. No one knew. While Kate's (Agent 8) back is to him, Bart Beaszly tries to call his mother but the telephone operator is in reality Agent 362234 and she connects him to a wrong number in Kaboomistan.
As the woozy Bart Beazly’s eyelids grow heavy, Kate (Agent 8) slyly reaches for her gun. Agent Zero (Conswello) from her vantage point across the room, records the event with her miniature camera which is implanted in her adams apple. Conswello (Agent 0) had lost her shoes earlier on a double-down bet in a fast game of "Go Fish".
At just the right moment...
At just the right moment...
Cliff hanger!
Cliff hanger!
Oh NO! Smarty Bart may be on to the scheme! He sits bolt upright spilling Agent 8 (Kate) to the floor! What now? Only Kate’s lightning fast wits can save her now. How will Agent 8 (Kate) foil Bart Beazly’s breezy scheme to rob the popcorn stand at the movie theater without buying a ticket? How will Sunburn Spy and Sarcophagi School survive without subsidy? Will the FloorSweep ™ buttered popcorn company retaliate? Will the invention of subtle-butter make any difference? To anyone? Tune in next week to find these answers and another list of questions!


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