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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

Below are the links to the alphabetized pages in the LOST GALLERY cabinet card collection.



























There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Photographer: M. H. Eberhart
Traveling Photographer, Texas

Manoah Henry Eberhart ( 1831 - 1910)

M. H. Eberhart was 30 years older than most of the other cabinet card era photographers.

M. H. Eberhart’s son Ira A. Eberhart (1859-1953) is listed as “photographer” in the 1880 US Census and the 1885 Iowa Census but beginning with the 1900 US Census, his profession is shown as physician for the rest of his life. Early on, he was probably only assisting his father.

According to many records M. H. Eberhart lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Iowa. The only challenge left is to calculate when he was in Texas for the photograph at the left. And, when was he there long enough to have cabinet card blanks printed with “Texas” in the lower right corner.

Oddly, he is not picked up in any city directory and only one Iowa Gazetteer. This could mean possibly that his residence was always outside of the city limits. No newspaper items or advertisements were found.

1831 Jan 17
Born in Hickory, Mercer, Pennsylvania
1856 Nov 06
Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Briscoe (1835-1920) in La Porte, Indiana
(US Census) listed as farmer in Eldorado, Iowa
(Civil War Draft Registration) listed as photographer in Eldorado, Iowa
(US Census) listed as photographer in Mount Vernon, Iowa
(US Census) listed as photographer in Mount Vernon, Iowa

(Iowa Gazetteer) as photographer in Mount Vernon, Iowa
(Iowa State Census) listed as photographer in Mount Vernon, Iowa
(US Census) listed as photographer in Chicago, Illinois
1910 Feb 16
Died in Chicago, Illinois

Cabinet Card man
Wm. Echelberry
Casey, Ills

After a good deal of research, nothing was found for Wm. Echelberry. It seemed a person by that name never existed. Then it was discovered that the name was rarely, if ever, spelled correctly on official documents. An 1882 land ownership map of the tiny town of Casey/Cumberland, Illinois, was found and a small portion of property was designated as owned by William P. Eckelbery. A sizeable family tree developed from that: The right town, the right era.

However, although Wm. Echelberry, in his various spellings, was found in the US Census six times, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940, and in an Illinois Death Index, his occupation is always listed as farmer or farm laborer, never photographer.

The town is apparently too small (population probably less than 100) and rural to have had a city directory so there was no help there.

One must conclude that if Wm. Echelberry was ever a photographer, it was just a sideline to farming, or it was for a very short time between one census and the next.

Baby in smock
Marysville, Kans.

Carl Samuel Edington (1876 - 1962)
Quite a lot can be found about C. S. Edington of Marysville, Kansas. However, it appears most of his career was spent as a farmer and egg producer. There is no occupation shown in the 1895 Kansas Census. Only once, in the 1900 US Census is he mentioned as a photographer. A small mention of him in the Ottawa (KS) Herald 22 May 1900, says he is contemplating returning to business near his old location with partner Tuman.

By 1905 according to the Kansas State census he has moved to Washington, Kansas, but no occupation is shown.

In the 1910 US Census, he is listed as Farmer.

The picture at the left must have been taken before he went out of business in 1900

CDV portrait of a man
Photographer: Frans Edman
160 Hamngatan 160
Vid Jernvagsstationen
CDV Portrait of a man
The reverse of the CDV at the left

Frans Johan Edman (20 MAR 1861 - 24 JAN 1901)

Frans Johan Edman was active in the photography business in Sweden around Karlstad, from about 1890 through 1900.

Cabinet Card Portrait
S. A. Edmiston
Camden, Ark.

Samuel Anderson Edmiston
(Apr 1852 - ?)
Samuel Anderson Edmiston born in New York, NY
living in Washtenaw, Michigan
living in Bushnell, IL with parents
Living in Sedalia, MO. as photographer
Marries Clara Janette Landauer (1859-1903) in Sedalia, MO
Vera B Edmiston, daughter was born in Arkansas
Raymond Earle Edmiston, son was born in Arkansas

Landau Edmiston, son was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Living in Chicago, IL, as traveling salesman
Living in Proviso, IL, as traveling salesman
Death date unknown

The photograph at the left must have been made around 1888 to 1895 while he was living in Arkansas.

woman portrait with flower
Photographer: Prof. Ehrlich
New York
Another example at

The name Ehrlich occurs quite often in records from New York and the east coast of the US in the late 1800’s.

Support has been found in newspaper and magazine articles and ads to confirm that “Prof.” Ehrlich had a photograph studio at 160 E. 66th street in New York City, from 1892 to 1902. Only one article was found in the New York World, 01 March 1894 which shows him as Prof. D. Ehrlich at that address.

In the 1902 New York City, NY, city directory, there appears in the business section, a David Ehrlich, photographer, at 157 E. 75th and in the residential section Davie Ehrlich is an “artist” at 160 E 66th street.
(City Directory) as artist at 184 E 76th
(City Directory) as artist at 200 E 61st
(City Directory) as artist at 200 E 61st
(City Directory) as artist at 160 E 66th
(City Directory) as artist at 160 E 66th
(Photographic Times) Studio at 66th between Lexington and 3rd
1893 Jun 29
(Newspaper ad) photographer studio at 160 E 66th
1894 Feb 03
(classified ad) for “agent” for Prof. Ehrlich elite gallery at 160 E 66th
1894 Mar 01
(Newspaper Ad) studio at 160 E 66th
1895 Mar 04
(Newspaper ad) studio at 160 E 66th
1895 Mar 04
(classified ad) for retoucher for Prof. Ehrlich Gallery
1897 Jun 27
(Newspaper ad) studio at 160 E 66th
(City Directory) David Ehrlich at 160 E 66th is listed as “artist” in the residential section
(City Directory) (same issue as above) Davie Ehrlich listed in business section, photographers, at 175 E. 75th street

New York World
01 Mar 1894

No biographical information has been confirmed as yet.

The cabinet card at the left was probably done between 1882 and 1902.

27 Jun 1897

Cabinet Card by Eichler, N. Y. slightly trimmed
Photographer: George Eichler
13 Ave. A, New York
CABINET CARD GALLERY has another example by Eichler HERE
And Atypicalart has one on Flickr HERE
Cabinet Card by Eichler, N. Y.
The reverse of the Card on the left.
Yes it has been trimmed.

George Eichler (1839 - )
It will be difficult to date photographs from George Eichler of New York. He appears to have had the single profession, working and living at the same address his entire career. Documentation is found to show him working and living at 13 Avenue A, in New York City, from 1870 through 1886.

Although his birth date and place, Mar 1839 in Hesse-Darmstadt / Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, seem fairly certain, his death date remains cloudy. There were four other people by that name living in and around New York about the same time, a baker and a broker, a tailor and a plumber.

Photographer George Eichler has not been found in the 1900 US Census.

Man with tie and vest
Photographer: Elite
New Tacoma, W. T.

Nothing conclusive has been found on the Elite, of New Tacoma, Washington Territory. The name "Elite" was used by many photographers for their studio and work in the era of the cabinet card.

James Madison Elliott

J. M. Elliott and his brother George Rodiman Elliott were both photographers. While George moved around a lot and often worked in studios of other photographers, James established his own studio on south High Street and didn’t move much. His first documented studio was at 101 then 107 then 95 and finally 111 ½, all on south High Street. He stayed at 111 ½ south High Street from 1888 until his death in 1899

James M. Madison’s widow Idell, held on to the studio at 111 ½ High and kept it running. In 1911 she remarried to Frank Myers, she was again widowed within a year. She kept the studio until 1924 when she apparently retired at 49 and moved to California.

Cabinet card  Man
photographer: J. M. Elliott
95 S High St
Columbus O
Cabinet Card Man

All news ads and items are from the Columbus, OH, Daily Ohio Statesman unless otherwise noted.
1842 Jan 31
James M Elliott born in Plymouth, MI
1860 (age 18)
living at home working as blacksmith
1863 Dec 03
news item list of photographers in Columbus, OH, who are making charitable donations
Columbus, OH, city directory as photographer at 101 s High
1868 March through 1869 Jan
small newspaper ad, photographer at 107 High st, Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH city directory as photographer at 107 s High
1875 - 1886
Columbus, OH city directory as photographer at 95 High
1886 Nov 25
ad in Cincinnati paper J. M. Elliott through with politics
Columbus, OH, city directory, brother George R. is working at Elliott gallery
1888 - 1899
Columbus, OH, city directory as photographer at 111 ½ s High
1899 Sep 03
James dies at age 57 in Columbus, OH; reported by the Sandusky Star 1899 Sep 04

1900 - 1910
Columbus, OH, city directory Idell Elliott as Widow, proprietor of Elliott Gallery
1911 - 1912
Idell as Mrs Idell Myers proprietor of Elliott studio at 111 ½ s High
1912 - 1924
Mrs Idell Elliott as proprietor of Elliott studio at 111 ½ s High (changed name back)
1925 - 1926
Idell NOT in Columbus, OH, city directory residential or business section
1936 Sep 28
Idell Elliott is found on a passenger manifest for a ship sailing into New York. List includes place of birth as Nevada, OH. It also includes her 1936 address as 840 Serrano av which agrees with a city directory listing that year.
1936 Sep 13
Idell is now living in Las Angels, CA
1937 - 1938
Las Angles, CA, listings in city directory at 840 Ceranno
1940 - 1941
Las Angles, CA listings in city directory at 511 Cerrano
Idell dies age 66 in Las Angles, CA (No more listings in the city directory)

This cabinet card must have been finished in that period when the studio was at 95 South High, 1875-1886.

Brother got to wear the pretty stuff.
Photographer: The Enamel
Photo and Portrait Co.
Probably of Great Britain

Nothing has been found so far on the Enamel Photo and Portrait Co.

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Ernst Studio
SW corner
Hampshire and sixth Sts.
Quincy, Ill

There were about a dozen photographers named Ernst in the cabinet card era. Worse, there were two and three men named George Ernst living in Quincy, IL between 1887 and 1900.

George J Ernst
(Mar 1867 - 1902 )

Mar born in IL
US census in Quincy, IL
birth of sister Anna
Birth of brother Frederick
US census at Quincy, IL
city directory as Ernst and Co at 5th and Chestnut, Quincy, IL

city directory as photographer; res 423 State
NOT in city directory Quincy, IL
NOT in city directory Quincy, IL
marries Ellen B. Eddy
city directory as photographer at 601 1/3 Hampshire
US census and city directory as photographer at 419 State Quincy, IL
city directory lists wife Emma B as widow, Quincy, IL

The only time an address similar to the one on the cabinet card here found was the one in 1896 at 601 Hampshire. 601 would be on the corner of sixth and Hampshire.

CDV portrait
Eskelsen & Fritz
Mt. Carroll Ills.
(Also shown under Fritz)

Ralph A. Fritz (1865-1946)

Ralph A. Fritz was found in the 1900 US Census listed as a photographer working in Waterloo, IA. In the 1880 US Census he was just 16 and still living at home. In the 1901 Waterloo city directory he is listed as photographer. He was 36 at that time.

By 1905 he had moved to South Dakota. In the US Census of 1910 he is listed as a carpenter in Oregon and no records after that indicate he ever returned to photography or Mount Carroll, IL. Roughly he was a photographer then from about 1885 to about 1905. Exactly when he was working in Mount Carroll, IL, is still unknown. Waterloo is less than 30 miles from Mount Carroll.

In 1900 Christian L. Eskelsen, his wife and three sons lived in Jackson, Iowa, less than 30 miles from Mount Carroll and Waterloo. Any one of them could have been that short term partner of Fritz.

This quote from the Find-A-Grave website may offer a clue:
“Henry C. Eskelsen, a young man came here about a week ago took suddenly ill at the home of Ralph Fritz on Gales Crest and died in a few hours Tuesday afternoon. Born July 25, 1887 in Iowa and came here from Portland. He leaves a brother Arnold Eskelson at Reedly, Calif.; and father, C. L. Eskelson, Sabula, Iowa. TB was the cause of death.

[Washington County News, 22 Jul 1909]
Coroner's inquest states Mr. Eskelsen died July 20, 1909 at the house of Ralph Fritz of Forest Grove of natural causes, suffering from tuberculosis. He was six foot tall, medium complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. The remains were delivered to V R Limber for burial. A brother, Arnold Eskelsen lives on a ranch at Mount Campbell, Ca. Testimony of Mr. Fritz states he knew the deceased at Mount Carroll, Ill. His mother died about three years ago at Sebula, Iowa of TB”

Cabinet Card Portrait of a child
Photographer: Estabrook
711 Market Square
Washingto D. C.
cabinet Card child
Photographer: Estabrook
711 Market Space
Washingto D. C.
Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: Estabrook
711 Market Space
Washingto D. C.

No research on this photographer yet.

Cabinet Card two girls
Centerpoint Iowa

James Alonzo Fairbanks (1849-1910)
Documentation is found showing that J. A. Fairbanks was a photographer in Center Point, IA from about 1880 to 1900 when he had moved to Washington, IA.

His son, Mark Roy Fairbanks (1875-1903) was also a photographer and perhaps apprenticed with his father. He was married in 1897, still in Center Point, IA, and then moved in 1899 to Washington, Iowa. He died four years later.

Considering this, the photographer for this cabinet card was probably James Alonzo Fairbanks, while still in Center Point, IA, between 1880 and 1897

Portrait dark dress
Photographer: Farr

In addition to the photo at the left:
Another photo by Farr is at auction HERE (as of 04/02/2007)

A baby photo is HERE (about a third down the page)in the Darrell Messer Family Album

Enlarged version HERE

The following is from this same website but it is uncertain whether it refers to THIS Farr or not:
Farr had studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; and Dubuque, Iowa. He was in partnership with Goodman in Prairie du Chien in 1870s. (Farr is listed in Minneapolis 1875–1890. Imprint also seen as “Farr and Son.”)

L. B. Feuerstein
Central Gallery
Kensington Ave.
Kensington, Ill

L. B. Feuerstein

This is a difficult search because there seems to be no place named Kensington, IL, today. Apparently, in the early 1800’s it was a small railway suburb of Chicago and was absorbed by three other suburbs over time. Today, only a major street, Kensington Avenue, is all that remains.

In that era, there are several listings for L. Feuerstein, L. B. Feuerstein, Louis Feuerstein and Leander B, Feuerstein. All were in the right area, one even addressed on Kensington Avenue. All were watch makers and jewelers except for Leander who was a saloon keeper. Any of these could have had a camera as a sideline but no claim of photographer has been found.

Papa's stepmother
Photographer: Fey & Braunig
Cuero & Halletsville, Texas
Here is an interesting link to
OTHER FEY & BRAUNIG photographs

At the right:
Fey and Braunig

Pius Fey (27 Jan 1855 - 30 Jul 1943) and Henry Jacob Braunig (01 Apr 1861 - Dec 1945) were partners from 1878 to 1909.
A Google search of their names will give all the biography information needed.
An excellent biography of Braunig and account of the partnership is at but see also
Lavaca County Photographers
Portal to Texas History

Photographer's Wife
J. H. Fitzgibbon
116 South Fourth Street
St. Louis Mo.
Photographer's Wife
This is an enhanced version because the original is so faded.

John J. Fitzgibbon ( 1817 - 15 Aug 1882)
Active years as a photographer 1839 - 1882, In Saint Louis, MO, about 1857 - 1882
A lengthy Obituary is Here
A short Biography is Here
A lengthy Biography is Here.

220151107 walnut st duncan024 rev
This is the reverse of the card at the left.
On the reverse:
Mrs J. H. Fitzgibbon
(The Photographer's Wife)

Cabinet Card woman
Way & Fletcher
154 Claybourn Ave.

John Way and Fred Fletcher

It appears Way and Fletcher operated together only in 1888 at 154 Claybourn in Chicago, IL. They appear in only in one Chicago city directory, 1888. They do not appear in the 1889 city directory together or separately. John Way appears with no occupation in the 1887 directory but not Fletcher. Where they were before and after is not known at this time.

CDV woman and chair
Ford's Fine Art Gallery
McHenry, Ill.
CDV woman and chair
Reverse of the card on the left
CDV woman and chair
Different reverse for the card on the left

There are two copies of this photograph in LOST GALLERY. Although the photograph is the same, the reverse sides are different designs but the same information.

No research has been done on Ford.

Trio in cut out
Photographer: R. M. Foster
Cawker City Kans.
Iowa & Kansas

Rollin M. Foster (14 Feb 1858 - 26 Feb 1924)
All documents list him as a photographer beginning with the 1900 US Census.] but he was probably already established by 1880.
Documents show R. M. Foster was in Kansas from 1886 to 1897 then to Iowa for a couple years.

The US Census for 1900 says he was back in Kansas.

Then the 1910 US Census says he is back in Iowa at 52

The cabinet card at the left was probably finished between 1886 and 1897.

Cabinet Card portrait
W. C. Fox
16 N. Third Street
Harrisburg, Pa.

Wilson C. Fox (1845 - 1899)
When Wilson C. Fox was born about 1848, in Pennsylvania, his father, Henry, was 31 and his mother, Martha, was 32.

He had three sons and two daughters with wife Ellen Martha Eichelberger between 1869 and 1878. He died in 1899 in Pennsylvania, at the age of 51, and was buried in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania city directories show he was an active photographer at 16 N. 3rd in Harrisburg, PA, from 1886 through 1890. He was an insurance agent beyond that but could have done photograph work in addition to his main profession. There is some evidence that a son, Stewart W. Fox, worked with him at the studio and continued with photography after 1890

Photographer: Freeman
220 Main Street
Dennison, Texas

Photographer: C. Fritts
Liberal, Mo.
circa 1890
CDV portrait
Eskelsen & Fritz
Mt. Carroll Ills.
(Also shown under Eskelsen)

Ralph A. Fritz (1865-1946)

Ralph A. Fritz was found in the 1900 US Census listed as a photographer working in Waterloo, IA. In the 1880 US Census he was just 16 and still living at home. In the 1901 Waterloo city directory he is listed as photographer. He was 36 at that time.

By 1905 he had moved to South Dakota. In the US Census of 1910 he is listed as a carpenter in Oregon and no records after that indicate he ever returned to photography or Mount Carroll, IL. Roughly he was a photographer then from about 1885 to about 1905. Exactly when he was working in Mount Carroll, IL, is still unknown. Waterloo is less than 30 miles from Mount Carroll.

In 1900 Christian L. Eskelsen, his wife and three sons lived in Jackson, Iowa, less than 30 miles from Mount Carroll and Waterloo. Any one of them could have been that short term partner of Fritz.

This quote from the Find-A-Grave website may offer a clue:
“Henry C. Eskelsen, a young man came here about a week ago took suddenly ill at the home of Ralph Fritz on Gales Crest and died in a few hours Tuesday afternoon. Born July 25, 1887 in Iowa and came here from Portland. He leaves a brother Arnold Eskelson at Reedly, Calif.; and father, C. L. Eskelson, Sabula, Iowa. TB was the cause of death.

[Washington County News, 22 Jul 1909]
Coroner's inquest states Mr. Eskelsen died July 20, 1909 at the house of Ralph Fritz of Forest Grove of natural causes, suffering from tuberculosis. He was six foot tall, medium complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. The remains were delivered to V R Limber for burial. A brother, Arnold Eskelsen lives on a ranch at Mount Campbell, Ca. Testimony of Mr. Fritz states he knew the deceased at Mount Carroll, Ill. His mother died about three years ago at Sebula, Iowa of TB”

Six children, ma and pa
Photographer: Lou Fullerton
Stanberry, Missouri

Lou May Fullerton (20 Jan 1869 - 21 Jan 1953)
Lou Fullerton never married and lived at home until her parents died and then she moved in with her married sister Eva Fullerton Warriner. They continued to live together after Eva’s husband died.

She is listed in the US Census of 1900 as a photographer. In all other years, 1880, 1910, 1920 and 1930 her occupation is blank. Even her death certificate in 1953 shows her as a “retired” Music Teacher.

The US Census of 1910 and 1920, have her name as Lula M. Fullerton. In 1930 and 1940 it is Lou M. Fullerton.

From these scant records it appears that any photography by Lou Fullerton would probably be from around 1900.

Profile of woman
Photographer: G. F. Gale
Joliet & Aurora, Ill

Documentation was found to show George F. Gale to be a photographer from 1865 to 1898.
Unfortunately this appears to be incomplete. No biographical information has been found. After 1896 no positive connections have been made.
Birth according to Civil War Registration
Civil War registration lists him as artist at 20 years old
(Joliet, IL, city directory) listed as Gale and Curtis photographers
(Joliet, IL, city directory) as Gale Brothers with John G. Gale
1888 - 1895
(Joliet, IL, city directory) as photographer at Barber Building, 114-116 Chicago St.

(Joliet, IL, city directory) as photographer at Barber Building, residence Aurora, IL
(Joliet, IL, city directory) as photographer at Barber Building, residence same building

Aurora, IL, is mentioned only once, in the 1896 Joliet, IL, city directory listing. It would be safe to say that the cabinet card at the left was done around that year.

From the 1887 Joliet, IL, city directory

Cabinet Card Couple
21 Main Street
Champaign, Ill

George Robert Gamble
(Mar 1845 - 29 Nov 1928)
The available records are a bit sketchy for this photographer. Documents seem to indicate more than one George Gamble is involved because he appears to have moved around a lot and was married at least three times. But the records indicate a George R. Gamble working seven years as a photographer in Champaign, IL, and that seems fairly accurate.

The 1870 US Census lists George Gamble as a Farmer living in Limestone, Kankakee, Illinois
The 1880 US Census lists no occupation and living in Center, Indiana.
Documentation shows that from 1883 to 1900 he is listed as photographer in Champaign, IL.
In 1911 he is in San Diego as photographer until his death in 1928

At first it seemed that there might have been at least three men named George R. Gamble. But then some unusual ties began to develop.

Some of the items below may not be the photographer here but, maybe they do.
1845 Mar
G R Gamble was born
US census both parents dead, living with Albert Chipman family in Yellowhead ,IL
1868 Dec 03
marries Elizabeth L Kratz
news ad as grocer in Coshocton, OH
US census as farmer in Limestone, Kankakee, IL
son Roma Gamble born in Ohio
daughter Marilla born in Ohio

1878 Jan 02
marries Ella A Anthony in Delaware, IN
1880 US
census as no occupation in Center, IN
wife Ella Anthony dies
US Census of 1900 shows Gamble married Sarah Elizabeth Davis this year
news item from the Girard (KS) Press, divorce suit by Sarah H. Gamble
1884 Mar 27
son Frederick Grant Gamble born in Frankfort, IN
1890 Apr 24
Democrat Standard (OH) Mrs George Gamble mention in Newark, OH
1891 Apr 18
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is ill with la grippe
1891 Dec 29
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is off work
1892 Feb 08
Salem (OH) Daily News item mentions George Gamble is back at work
1892 May 24
Oakland (CA) Tribune Mrs Maria Gamble of Alameda sues for separation
1895 Jul 04
New Philadelphia OH Daily Times news item marriage license for George R Gamble and Carrie E. Gray
1900 Jun 05
US census as photographer at 103 n University av, Champaign, IL

1903 May 09
Tuscola, IL Mattoon Daily Journal George R Gamble sells hotel that had two fires
1906 Nov 20
New Philadelphia, OH Daily Times news item about arrest of George R Gamble and speculates that it is the same person that once lived in New Philadelphia, OH
1908 Jun 15
Las Angeles Herald news item George R. Gamble arrested in CA on arson charge in Toledo, OH
1908 Jul 28
Indianapolis, IN News item George R. Gamble in Bellfontaine, OH, sentenced to three years imprisonment in State Penitentiary
1908 Oct 04
Chicago Inter Ocean news item on George R. Gamble mentions photography and burned studio in Champaign, IL
1909 Mar 24
Cincinnati, OH, Enquirer news item says wife of George R Gamble has died from grief
1910 Apr 12
US census as photographer, inmate at Columbus, Ohio Penitentiary
1920 Jan 05
US census as no occupation in San Diego, CA; now claiming to be from Scotland
1928 Nov 28
dies age 83 in San Diego, CA

The cabinet card here was probably done around 1900.

For a large readable version just click on the image here to go to Flickr. Then click on the image again for largest size.
19081004 The Chicago Inter_Ocean big story photographer preacher ww

Cabinet Card little girl
T. P. Garrett
Bloomington Ills.

Thomas Pugh Garrett
(10 Jul 1846 - 21 May 1933)
T. P. Garrett spent most of his photographic career in Bloomington, IL.

Born in Mill Creek, Delaware
(Newspaper obit) Enlists in Pennsylvania Regiment for Civil War, learns photography
(Newspaper obit) Moves to Ottawa, KS for about 6 months
(Newspaper obit) in photography business in Leavenworth, KS, for about five years
Moves to Philadelphia, PA, briefly
(1880 US Census) living in Bloomington, IL, to partner with A. H. Bell and a man named Mayes.

apparently ran ads almost daily in Bloomington Pantograph
(Bloomington, IL city directory, US Census) as photographer various addresses in Bloomington, IL
1915 March
(Newspaper item) Moves to Medalia, MN, to live with daughter and her husband
(Newspaper Item) Moving to Minnesota to live with daughters
(Newspaper Item) Back to Bloomington. IL, for a visit.
(Newspaper item) Dies in Minnesota and is buried in Bloomington, IL

The Cabinet Card at left must have been done sometime between 1880 and 1913.

Bloomington Pantograph
25 Jan 1882

In the Bloomington Pantograph 09 Oct 1932 During his visit from Minnesota.

Mom and Pop
Photographer: Gessner
Successor to C. E. Rykert
297 Jefferson Street, Buffalo, N. Y
And the kids
Photographer: Gessner
Successor to C. E. Rykert
297 Jefferson Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Young adults
Photographer: Gessner
Successor to C. E. Rykert
297 Jefferson Street, Buffalo, N. Y.

Frederick Gessner
(29 May 1861 - 1935)
Following the life of Frederick Gessner, photographer, was a bit difficult considering there were three Frederick Gessners, two in the same town at about the same age.

It appears that Gessner was a photographer from about 1892 to his death in 1935.

Chauncey Rykert
(Jul 1851 - Jun 1937)
did not vacate the premises at 297 Jefferson Street in Buffalo, NY, until after 1898.

Gessner was at 841 Michigan, Buffalo, NY in the 1900 US Census.

The cards at the left would probably have been finished before about 1900 and after 1898.

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Gifford
Chetopa, Kans.

Frankie Thatcher 01
Photographer: Gilbert
Frankfort, Ind.
Frankie Thatcher 02
Photographer: D. Gilbert
Frankfort, Ind.

David Gilbert (Aug 1851 - )
According to records, Gilbert was a photographer in Frankfort, Indiana, from about 1880 to 1932.

In 1933 David and wife Anna are found in Columbus, Ohio, and he is working as a clerk. He is 82.

Since no other information is available at present, the cards at left must have been done between 1880 and 1932.

Cabinet Card Portrait
Gillette & Parker
Traveling Photographers
(Also listed under Parker)

In the years around 1900, there was a large selection of photographers named Gillette and literally dozens of photographers named Parker. From the scant information given on this card, it is impossible to tell which two were partnered as “Traveling Photographers” here. Perhaps more information will surface in time so that this pair can be researched.

L. F. Gillette and Thomas Parker were active in Ohio at the same time (1877-1878) but there were many others who could have connected and traveled together.

Cabinet Card group
Photographer: Jas. L. Goben
Gainseville, Texas
Grannie Strader family of 6
Photographer: Jas. L. Goben
Gainesville, Tex.
(On reverse in pencil: Grannie Strader)

James L. Goben (1861-1928) was active in Gainesville, Cook County, Texas, at least from 1887 until his death in 1928. It seems likely that his younger brother Edgar L. Goben started the Gainesville business with him but soon left town; later father Perry pitched in until James was able to manage the Gainesville studio on his own. (From Goben Family Photographers,

Cabinet Card Two Gentlemen

Cabinet Card couple
photographe: R Goebel
St. Charles, MO.
Cabinet Card gentleman
Photographer: Goebel
St. Charles, Mo.
On the reverse Stamped
Gerard Bros.
Cabinet Card portrait
photographer: R Goebel
St. Charles Mo.
on the reverse printed
Gerard Bros.

No research has been done on Goebel.

Cabinet Card woman with high collar
Photographer: Godwin
Butler, PA

William J. Godwin (14 Apr 1849 - 26 Jul 1925)
William Godwin immigrated to the US in 1853 or 1859, depending on which US Census is correct. His occupation when he settled was Jeweler. City Directories list him mostly as photographer but sometimes Jeweler or Watchmaker. The US Census lists him as photographer, his son Harry as artist and his son Charles as Jeweler. His death certificate says he was an optician.

Based on all documents gathered, the photograph at the left was probably taken between 1900 and 1910. Of course he could have done portrait work as a sideline at any time.

Godwin died in 1925 of a diabetic coma according to his death certificate.

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Otis Goodenough
Farmington, IA.
The Leading Photographer

Ira Otis Goodenough (11 Aug 1873 - 28 Mar 1934)
Otis Goodenough carried on the photography business of his father, Gilbert C. Goodenough (1833-1916)
There is no indication that he was ever in any other business. Census and city directory records from 1900 to 1930 show him as photographer, but he probably started as early as 1893 when he married Ladella Freshwater.

His main studio was in Farmington, IA, but at one time he had studios in Kahoka and Cantril, IA.

Family Group
Photographer: ...Gordon
Montesano, WN
(Should be Montesano, WA)

George W. Gordon
(May 1855 - 10 Mar 1823)

Evidence is clear that George W. Gordon was a photographer from 1900 to 1910 in Montesano, WA, but the records are uncertain before that.

The 1920 US Census lists him as “No Occupation” at 65 and he dies three years later.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: Grand Central Studio
33-35 Oneida Street
Milwaukee, Wis
Nothing on reverse

No information has been found about Grand Central Studio of Milwaukee, WI.

The cabinet card on the left was probably done around 1890 but it is just a guess.

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: The Court Studio
Mullins & Gray, Proprietors
Victoria, Texas
Cor. Bridge and Constitution Streets
(Listed under Court and also Mullins.)

The only clue found so far is this item in the Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897 about the sale of the studio to two other photographers. So the photograph here would have to have been made before that date.

Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897

There are several possible photographers from the South Central Texas area in the late 1800’s that could have teamed up for the “Court Studio” in Victoria, Texas.
J. J. Mullins
Robert Mullins
James Louis Gray
H. B. Gray
No connections have been made so far.

The newspaper clipping at the left does show that Mullins and Gray sold their studio to Tucker and Nichols in Feb of 1897

The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of 1897 when they went out of business.

To muddle things a bit more, the item below from the Victoria Advocate, 11 Mar 1899 shows a Robert Mullins selling HIS photography in Victoria, TX, to Mr. Rodman. (Perhaps the name on the clipping below is Robert Mailins.)

Man with moustache, collar and tie
Photographer: J. M. Gregory
Bet. 8th & 9th (8)10 Market St. Louisville, Ky.

John M. Gregory was found in lots of Louisville, KY, city directory listings. Connecting biographical information to this timeline was difficult. Where he was born and where he grew up was unknown. But finally in the 1880 US Census there was a photographer at 105 4th street in Louisville, KY, but the enumerator had incorrectly listed his name as James Gregory.

Here is a timeline including street addresses which may aid in dating some cabinet cards. There are some, thus far, unexplained absences. Did he locate in a different city? Was he ill? When he returns to business in Louisville from these absences, he is at a new address.

Note also that in all city directory mentions, he is apparently living and working at the same address.

(1870 & 1880 US Census) Born in Kentucky
(1870 US Census) No address given, Living alone.
1871 and 1872
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 78 Main
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 114 Market or 144 13th
Louisville, KY, city directory not available

1875 - 1877
(Louisville, KY, city directory) Not in these directories
1878 - 1880
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 105 4th street
1880 Jun 07
(US Census) at 105 4th street
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 105 4th street
Louisville, KY, city directory not available
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 613 W Market
1884 and 1885
(Louisville, KY, city directory) Not in these directories
1886 thru 1892
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 810 W Market
(Louisville, KY, city directory) at 810 W Market and 904 W Market
1894 to 1900
not in these directories
And no mentions in any census after that.

There is an 1863-1865 Civil War draft registration for a Johnson Gregory, Artist, age 21, of Daviess County, KY (120 miles from Louisville). Name, location, age and occupation are close.

Another possible connection found was a listing in a Jefferson County (Louisville) death register. There was a JohnSON M. Gregory, of 1020 Market, Louisville, who died 15 Aug 1893. Cause of death was some kind of poisoning, from which he suffered 10 days.

The register also says he was buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, 17 Aug 1893. A Find-a-Grave listing agrees with all of that. The age given is 52, three or four years off the Census version which are often off by at least a year. JohnSON is also listed on the death register as married. No other document so far agrees with this.

Was he married? There is a record of a JohnSON M. Gregory and Fannie J. Harris marriage on 9 Feb 1881. This would coincide with one of John Gregory’s changes of address in Louisville. This possible marriage does not seem to last as in the next available city directory listing, John M. Gregory is single again. Or perhaps the marriage never happened at all.

The cabinet card at the left must have been done between 1886 and 1893 when he was at 810 Market Street in Louisville, KY.

Cabinet Card Family of Four
W. Griffin
Cor 3rd Str. & Lincoln Ave.
Hebron, Neb

Mom and Pop and four kids
Photographer: Grondal & Praytor
Round Rock, Texas

Bror Gustaf Grondal (1855 - 1948) and William B. Praytor (1861 - 1942) worked together in Round Rock, Texas, from about 1887 to about 1891

1855 Jan 11
birth of B. G. Grondal in Vesterous, Sweden
1861 Jun 02
birth of William B. Praytor in Mount Pleasant, TX
Grondal immigrates to US at age 14
Grondal and Sarah Noyd marry in Round Rock, TX and go into photography together
approx to Lindsbor, KS (One biographical account probably not accurate)
Marriage of Grondal to Sarah Noyd in Texas

Birth of Son Bsor L. to Grondal in Texas (Still in Texas)
Birth of Daughter Ruth to Grondal in Kansas (Now in Kansas)
Four more children to Grondal in Kansas
(US Census) Grondal living in McPherson, KS
1942 Dec 20
Death of W. B. Praytor
1948 Sep 14
Death of B. G. Grondal at Lindsborg, KS

Praytor seems never to have left Texas but no documentation has been found showing when he was in Round Rock, TX. The 1900 US Census Is the earliest document. Available documents show him in Mount Pleasant, TX most of his life from 1900 on. Mount Pleasant, TX, is not close to Round Rock, TX.

From this it can be guessed that the partnership of Grondal and Praytor had to be briefly between 1887 and 1891.

Grubelman Cabinet Card Woman
on reverse:
Newark Avenue
Jersey City

(Excerpt from an article by A. J. Peluso, Jr.)
Theodore Gubelman, Photographer
by A.J. Peluso, Jr.
In 1995 Elizabeth Broun, director of the National Museum of American Art, wrote that "The path of American art now appears not only more complicated but also more interesting—a journey with detours and switchbacks, byways and alternate routes paralleling and intersecting the long-accepted `mainstream' pathways."

One of those routes, photography, "once considered marginal, `not really art,' now recognized as necessary for an understanding of our visual culture." Indeed! One switchback leads to the work of the little-known, and until now unheralded, Theodore Gubelman. - Born in Constance, Switzerland in 1844, he emigrated to America with his father and mother in 1854.

With immigrant pluck, his father worked as a coppersmith, his mother as a milliner, and Theodore worked three part-time jobs, at the cigar store, the barber shop, and the brush factory. Later, he worked as an apprentice lithographer, retoucher, and colorist. - In search of better work, his father took the family to Chicago and then to Memphis. While there, Theodore found a job with a photographer and discovered his life's work. The Civil War had begun, and advancing rebel forces sent northern sympathizers and the Gubelmans running. On the way to Louisville, the train was stopped by Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner.
Young Gubelman and, by his account, "several other young men.trying to get North left [their] baggage and during the excitement got away and footed it to." the Ohio River.

After an anxious wait we saw a river steamer approaching which we hailed, yelling like wild Indians.

"We all got aboard and were immediately surrounded by the other passengers anxious to get the news of General Buckner being so far North." - The steamer safely reached Cincinnati, and Gubelman would soon return to Jersey City. He found good-paying work there for a firm manufacturing tin for tintypes. (.) He took work in various New York photo galleries, and through a classified in Anthony's [Photographic] Bulletin got a job in Nashville, Tennessee. He took photographs of soldiers passing to and from forward positions. With a $400 loan from a family friend and a letter of introduction to Union General Grenville Dodge, he opened his own studio at an army post at Pulaski, Tennessee. In spite of delays in obtaining materials (from Anthony in New York City), he was able to take his first portrait in January 1864, which with others netted a first day's receipts of $37. By March he was able to pay back his loan and to send $300 to his parents.

Cabinet Card by Grubelman
on reverse:
Newark Avenue
Jersey City

He sent exhibits of his work to the American Institute of Photography Fair each year beginning in 1873. An occasional portrait after one of his photographs of a police chief or bishop would appear in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

After serving a brief tour in the Civil War, in 1864 he opened his first portrait studio at Pulaski, TN, taking pictures of the soldiers. He soon returned to Jersey City, opened a studio there, and by 1873 was exhibiting his work at the American Institute of Photography's annual salons. By the 1880s, he had become a well-known and successful photographer whose catalog, "Gubelman's Instantaneous Photographs of Steamships" listed 18 pages of ship portraits and New York harbor views.

In 1881 he "took up the Dry Plate," and boasted that he "was the first to sell instantaneous photos of yachts, steamers, etc."

He had become an admired photographic artist featured in a December 1884 article in Photographic Times, "The Studios of America: Theodore Gubelman's Atelier." His success bought him trips to Europe and a fine Jersey City home.

Gubelman died in 1926.

Soon after, and for tragic and unfathomable reasons, his sister piled his paper negatives in the backyard and burned them all. His son sold his glass plates to the glass man for $8 per 1000. (A.J. Peluso, Jr. / 1998 by Maine Antique Digest

The two examples on the left are in bad shape. They were added here because of the historical significance of this photographer, Theodore Gubelman of Jersey City.

Here is one in much better condition on the CABINET CARD GALLERY

He became famous for his portraits of Civil War soldiers, politicians and other dignitaries,

Basic timeline
1841 - Born in Constance, Switzerland
1854 or 56 - Emigrated to US
1862 - Enlists in the American Civil War
1864 - Opened his first studio in Pulaski, Tennessee
1865 - Moves studio to Jersey City, New Jersey
1873 - First exhibit at American Institute of Photography
1876 - Citation from Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition
1881 - Begins work with “Gelatin Dry Plate” process
1884 - 1889 (City Directory) Studio at 79 Newark Ave., Union Hill, NJ
1890 - (Post Office Guide adv.) Partners with Hargrave
1910 - 1920 (US Census) lived in New Jersey
1920 - (US Census) Retired
1926 - Death in New Jersey

Cabinet Card man
photographer: E. W. Guerin
409 N. Broadway
St. Louis
Cabinet Card man
Photographer: E. W. Guerin
409 N. Broadway
St. Louis

Note the awards.
The card back would have been imprinted after 1892.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: The Guttenstein Co.

Bernard Guttenstein (Apr 1869 - 1935)
Since he used both Benjamin and Bernard as his first name, the records were hard to follow.
1869 Apr
Birth In Wisconsin
(city directory) as photographer at 1618 Wells, probably working for another studio
(1900 US Census, city directory) Marriage with Ida M.; listed as photographer probably working for a studio
(city directory) as photographer, Guttenstein Co. 310 State
1898 to 1904
partners in Klein and Guttenstein
1902 Mar 13
(Janesville Wisc Gazette) B. C. Guttenstein, vice pres of Photography Association
1905 Jun 01
(Iowa census/ city directory) as photographer living at 194 Ogden

1906 - 1930
(city directory) now in his own studio at 326 Grand, 6th floor
1931 and 1932
(city directory) listed as photographer studio and West End Garage; res 924 Juneau
(city directory) Listed as photographer studio 332 W Wisconsin; res 4226 W Wisconsin
(city directory) listed at res 844 N 12th Guttenstein Studio being run by Marion C Lefy and Ray Uhi
Death in Wisconsin
(city directory) wife Ida listed as widow

Since this card says “Guttenstein Co.” it is a good bet that it was made during that short period that this photographer called his studio by that name: 1897. In 1896 Guttenstein apparently was working for other photographers and had no studio of his own. In 1898 he had partnered in the studio Klein and Guttenstein.

From the San Francisco Call
09 Jun 1899

Studio Portrait
Photographer: C. P. Haas
Fremont, O

Charles Philip Haas
(06 Jul 1861 - 09 Mar 1936)
1889 Apr 14
(Congressional Record) Petitioned congress to reduce the duty on albumen photograph papers with other photographers J. O. Durgnan and R. Grob
1900 Jun 9
(US Census) as photographer in Fremont, OH
(Coshocton Daily) Indicted for bribery at board of education in Fremont
attends Dental Class reunion Michigan Alumnus Vol 47, page 506
1919 Jul 24
(Sandusky Star Journal) Item mentions Hass of Fremont was fire marshal visiting in Sandusky Ohio

(Sandusky Register) Item mentions 50th anniversary and that Haas is State Highway Inspector
Mar 09 Death in Fremont, OH

It appears that C. P. Haas was a professional photographer for only a short time. He was busy in politics and government jobs most of his life from 1910 on. The cabinet card on the left was probably done between 1889 and 1910.

Cabinet Card woman with shawl
Photographer: Hagedorn
Butler, MO.

John (Johann) Christian Hagendorn (30 May 1852 - 20 Jul 1915)
May 30 born at Wedel, near Hamburg, a province of Holstein, Germany
(Bio from Old Settlers' History of Bates County, Mo) Begins photography studies
(US Census of 1900) Arrival in US (age 18)
1878 - 1880
(Bio from Old Settlers' History of Bates County, Mo) two years in Germany
Moves to Butler, MO, establishes studio
Marriage to Mary (maiden name unknown at this time)

(US Census) Living in Butler, Bates, MO, as photographer
1907 - 1912
(Independence, KS, city directory) Listed as photographer
(Independence Reporter newspaper) Item H. S. Stivall has purchased the Hagendorn Galleries
1915 Jun 20
(Butler Weekly) Death at home in Independence, KS

The cabinet card at the left was probably made between 1882 and 1906.

Johann Christian Hagendorn
from Find-a-Grave website

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Oscar Haines
Columbus, Kanss

See also CDV by Oscar Haines

Cabinet Card Small Child
Photographer: Hale
Great Bend, Kans.

At first, all that was found on Hale of Great Bend, KS, was a few items and ads in the Barton County Democrat from December of 1886 to April of 1890.

Small town newspapers back then were gossipy and the humor was often just silly. Some items are just ads and good only for the dates involved but others might tell a bit of a story.

Hale, Great Bend, KS, continued

27 Mar 1890

The telling clue was this item from
Barton County Democrat
in Great Bend, KS
14 Jun 1888:

This gives the maiden name of our
Mrs. S. B. Hale.

After finally finding Sinah B. (Allison) Hale, a rough timeline of her life could be assembled.

Sinah B. (Allison) Hale
(8 Dec 1856 - 29 Apr 1943)
(Multiple Sources) Birth in Clayton, IA
(US Census) living in Clayton, IA
1970 - 1873
(US Census, death of father) living in Independence, KS
(US Census) Indepedence, KS, as housekeeper with husband George F. Hale
1886 Dec - 1888 Aug
(Newspaper items) living in Great Bend, KS, as photographer
1890 Mar
(Newspaper item) living in Colorado Springs, CO

(US Census) living with mother in Oklahoma City, OK, as boarding house manager. (Husband not there)
(US Census) Owns a laundry with husband in Oatman, AZ.
(US Census) living in Downey, CA, with husband, no occupation
(Us Census) widow, living in Downey, CA
(Findagrave) Death at 86 in Los Angles, CA

So it appears Sinah B. Hale was a photographer in Great Bend, KS, for only a couple years, 1886 through 1888. The cabinet card here would have to have been done then.

Head shot of a girl
Photographer: Hall’s Studio
Chatsworth, Ills
Head shot of guy
Photographer: Hall’s Studio
Chatsworth, Ills

Albert H. Hall (10 Apr 1849 - 05 Feb 1888)

1849 Apr 10 Born in Parkman, ME and moved west with family to Chatsworth, IL.
1871 (History of Livingston) moved to Chicago, IL, to learn photography from Peterson Brothers.
1872 Mar 01 (History of Livingston) moved back to Chatsworth, IL, opens photograph and gem studio
1888 Feb 05 Death at Chatsworth, IL

Albert H. Hall was a photographer all his life. He began in Chatsworth, IL, in 1872 and was dead at 39 in 1888. The cabinet cards on the left would have been done between 1972 and 1888.

Photographer: New Hamilton Art Gallery
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Umbrella Rock Tennessee
Photographer: Hardie Bros,
Sunset Rock and Point Lookout Galleries
Lookout Mt, Tenn.
Lookout mountain again reverseThe reverse of the card on the left.

Henry Herbert Hardie
(Feb 1865 - 16 Sep 1935)

Charles E. Hardie
08 Sep 1870 - 13 Jan 1956)

Henry Hardie was born in Ellesmere, Shropshire, England. In 1867, when he was two, the family migrated to Canada. Charles Hardee was born in Middelsex, Ontario, Canada.


(US Census) Henry Hardie moves from Ontario, Canada to Hamilton County TN
(US Census) Henry Hardie and Sallie Belle Cooke Marry in Hamilton CountyTennessee.
(US Census) Charles Hardie moves from Ontario, Canada to Hamilton County TN
(US Census) In Hamilton, TN, Charles is living with his brother Henry and wife and three daughters. The 1900 US Census is the only document that actually lists them living in the same house. Henry Hardie is shown as photographer and Henry Hardie apparently unemployed. This is the only time photography is mentioned in any record of either brother.

(Chattanooga, TN, City Directory) Charles operating restaurant, Henry not listed
(US Census) Henry living in Hudson, MI, and no records show he ever returned to Tennessee. Charles has not been found in the 1910 Census.
Charles and Daisy English marry in Hamilton, Ontario
(US Census) Charles is listed as merchant, and in following documents listed in business as Hardie and Caudle clothing
Henry Dies
Charles Dies

Signal Mountain, Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain are all in Hamilton, County, TN.
The only time the Hardie brothers were together in Hamilton County, TN, is 1899 to 1905

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: Harden (Alden W.)
204 East Douglas
Wichita, Kansas

Alden Wakefield Harden
(20 Apr 1838 - 13 Jun 1927)

Alden Harden grew up in Indiana. His first appearance in Wichita, KS, in any document is the 1886 city directory, as a photographer at 204 E Douglas. He remains listed as a photographer at the same studio address until he retires at about 82 in 1920.

His son, Homer Thomas Harden (1882-1939) continued in the profession of photography

His son, Homer Thomas Harden (1882-1939) continued in the profession of photography in his own studio at 327 Butts bldg. by 1927.

The photograph at the left would have been made between 1886 and about 1920.

Photographer: Harman & Verner
Cor. 4th & Washington Ave. Bay City, Mich.

George A. Harman
(1874- )

1874 born in England
partners with Verner at 212 Water, Bay City, MI
Harman & Verner at 910 N Water
Harman & Verner at 914 N Water
Harman & Verner at 4th & Washington or 924 N Washington
1912 Aug 17 Harman dies at age 58 at Garrish, MI

This cabinet card would have been finished sometime between 1889 and 1911.

It is interesting to note that Harman and Verner died just three moths apart.
See James A. Verner

Cabinet Card portrait of a man head and shoulders
Corsicana, Bryan, Waxahachie,
Temple and Ennis
Cabinet Card man with moustache
Corsicana, Waxahachie, Calvert
Temple and Ennis

Harper or “Harper and Co.” could have been any one of several photographers.

Dating a photograph by Harper or “Harper and Co.” will be difficult if not impossible. There is also the possibility that “Harper” is not the same photographer as “Harper and Co.”

Since the cabinet cards vary in the imprinted information perhaps there might be a way to discover which designs were used when. But quite likely the variations only designate WHERE they were produced.

Here are some variations of imprints on cabinet cards discovered thus far:
Harper - Corsicana, Texas
Harper - Corsicana, Bryan, Waxahachie, Temple and Ennis
Harper - Corsicana, Waxahachie, Calvert, Temple and Ennis
Harper - Ennis, Texas
Harper Galleries in Corsicana, Bryan, Temple, Navasota, Waxahachie,
        Calvert, & Ennis, Texas
Harper and Co. - Waco, Texas
Harper and Co. - Galveston and Austin
Harper and Co. - Houston, Texas
Harper and Co. - 507 1/2 Main Street. Houston, TX
Harper G. Co. - Galveston, Houston, & Dallas
Harper and Wisdom, Marshall, Texas
Harper, W. L. (see example below)

Portrait of a boy
Photographer: Harper & Co.
Waco, Texas
And here is
By Harper & Co. of Austin and Galveston
Cabinet Card
Photographer: Harper
Ennis, Texas

This card was sent to LOST GALLERY by a contributor in Ennis, Texas who says the gentleman in the photograph is as an (as yet) unknown member of the family.
This card also has an initial crest with the letters W. L. H..

Here are some additional possibilities from other sources:
William D. Harper Clarendon, TX. (Taming the Land, 1890’s)
Thomas J. Harper, Dallas, TX (husband/wife team US Census 1910)
W. L. Harper of Ennis, Texas (Newspaper item)
Emmet L. Harper of Ennis, Texas (US Census 1910)

The one unifying factor is they were all active about the same time, 1880 - 1910.

Fort Worth Gazette
16 Oct 1891

Houston Post
23 May 1898

Cabinet Card
Photographer: C. H. Harris
Blair, Nebraska
(reverse too dark to scan)

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
Photographer: Terry Hart
What Cheer, Iowa

George Terrence Hart
(1867 - 30 Aug 1932)

George Hart was born in What Cheer, IA in 1867. Different records place him at Washington, Van Buren and then his marriage in 1887 at Sigorney, IA. These rural towns are just a few miles apart.

In 1895 he is found in Oskaloosa, IA, and then in 1910 in Ames, IA. None of the family can be found in the 1900 census so their whereabouts between 1895 and 1910 is not certain. Perhaps this is the period George Hart had a studio back in Good Cheer, IA.

He remains in Ames, IA, as a photographer until death in 1932.

His son Atlee Bearl Hart continues on in the field of photography mostly in Ames, IA, also.

Cabinet card woman portrait 02
Photographer: Hartley
309 Madison St.Chicago
Cabinet card woman portrait 02
Reverse of Card at the left.
"Largest and finest equipped photographic Gallery in the world"
"3 immense floors alive with the best photographic talent possible to procure."
"Cloudy days good as sunshine, studio open every day."

Edward F. Hartley
(1849 - 10 Oct 1887)

Edward Hartley was born 1849 in Wadsworth, OH. The date he left Ohio is undetermined but, according to one obituary, had a photograph studio in Jacksonville, IL, before moving to Chicago in 1875.

It is safe to say that he was active as a photographer in Chicago from 1875 to 1887 and any cabinet cards imprinted with the 305 W Madison address would probably be from that era. However, under the management of his brother Charles Hartley, the photograph studio carried on some years after his death and it would certainly be possible that some photographs from the studio continued with the same imprint.

Not much is known about Charles Hartley except for the newspaper article shown here, which speaks for itself.

He apparently carried on the Chicago studio at least until 1897 when he "Eloped" with Mrs. Mudge to Utah.

The cabinet cards here could have been finished 1875 to 1894.

Cabinet Card gentleman
Photographer: Hartley
309 Madison, Chicago

Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographer: Haver
Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Blank spaces are for new additions.

Blank spaces are for new additions.

Photographer: F. Hawkins
Medina, O.

Franklin Ira Hawkins
(23 Apr 1849 - Aug 1930)

Birth in New York
1969 - 1870
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Adrian, OH, 38 Maumee St E
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Adrian, OH, 18 Maumee St E
(Waldsmith Directory) as Marvin & Hawkins, Hudson, OH, opposite Comstock House
1872 - 1873
(Waldsmith Directory) as Hawkins & Cole PHOTOGRAPHERS Hillsdale, OH, on Howell st
(city Directory) In Mansfield, OH, rooming with younger brother Albert John Hawkins also a photographer
(1900 US Census, Ohio Photographers book) Marriage to Emma K. ; living in Medina, OH.
(Ohio Photographers book) in Medina, OH

(US Census) in Medina, OH
(Ohio Photographers book) in Medina, OH
(US Census) in Montville, OH
(Medina city directory) in Medina, OH
(Moline city directory) in Moline, IL with wife Emma
(US Census) in Montville, OH
(Waldsmith Directory) Medina, OH,
(Find-a-Grave) Death in Medina, OH

This time line shows Franklin Hawkins was in Medina, OH, a good part of his career but not always. He apparently moved around a lot. So until more documents show up, he was in Medina, OH, from 1883 to 1891 and then back in 1916.

From the 1916 Medina County Directory

Hostetter and Family
Healy Studio
West Side Square
Milan, Mo

Interesting History on this one.

Austin Adams Healy
(17 Mar 1851 - 05 Nov 1928)

(Browning Leader obit) Born in Wilton, IA
(Healy family tree Born in Cedar, IA
(US Census) in Wilton, Muscatine, IA
(Iowa Marriage rec) first marriage to Sara Isabel Wallace in Wilton, Muscatine, IA
(US Census) son born in Afton. IA
(US Census) as artist in Afton, IA
1881 - 1890
(US Census) four more children born in Afton, IA
(FindAGrave website) first wife Sarah Isabelle Wallace dies in Lorimer, Union, IA

(Iowa Census) no occupation given, in Lorimar, Union, IA
(US Census) as photographer in Milan City, MO
(Browning Leader obit) second marriage to Lou Lantry Lawrence (unknown location)
(US Census) as Jeweler in Benton, Lynn, MO (2nd wife runs Photo Gallery)
(Browning Leader obit) Death in Browning MO
(Findagrave website, Iowa Cemetery Rec.) Death in Lorimor, Union, IA

This cabinet card, then came from a short period around 1900.

An investigation of the family names
written on the reverse, points to 1898.

Here are two photographs of Austin A. Healy found on a genealogical web site; the above with his four daughters.

Lee and Carl Dudley 1891
Photographer: Frank Hewitt
Nunda, N. Y.

Frank Elmer Hewitt (14 Nov 1865 - 10 Apr 1946)

Born at Dalton, Livingston, NY
(US Census) age 5, living in Nunda, NY
(1900 US Census) Marriage to Carrie Adeline Marshal (1871-1954) In Nunda, NY
(US Census) two sons born in Oakland, NY
(US Census) as photographer in Nunda, NY
(city directory) as photographer in Corning, NY
(US Census) as photographer in Corning NY (60 miles from Nunda, NY)
(City Directory) partnered with son Fred in Corning, NY
(city directory) as photographer at 136 Pine, Corning, NY
(city directory) as photographer at 136 Pine, Corning NY
Death in Corning, NY

It may be important to note that Dalton, Portage, Nunda and Oakland, NY are all within a four mile radius, almost like one small, rural town.

This cabinet card must have been done before about 1902 and after about 1890.

Photographer: H. Heyland
Fredericksburg, Texas

Herman Heyland (23 Dec 1861 - 25 Apr 1936)

Herman Heyland was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1861 and migrated to the US in 1872 or 1882 or 1883, depending on which census you want to believe. His earliest US record found is his marriage in Fredericksburg, TX, to Louise Heimann 13 Jul 1892. He appears to have remained in Fredericksburg until the 1920 US Census where his address changes to Blanco, TX. He dies in 1936 in Converse, TX.

This cabinet card would have been made between about 1892 and 1910.

There are several more examples of work by Herman Heyland in the
USGW Archives
There are several pages.

Cabinet Card small boy in robe
Photographer: Miss Hildebrandt
Elite Studio
(Another card more complete has been found on the internet. It is Marysville.)

No research on Miss Hildebrandt yet.

Cabinet Card baby
Photographer:Hinkel and Son
Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer:Hinkel and Son

No research on Hinkel yet.

Cabinet Card Couple

Cabinet Card young man
Photographer: E. B. Hinman
Pittsburg, Kansas
Cabinet Card Two small children
Photographer:E. B. Hinman
Pittsburg, Kansas

No research on Hinman yet.

Cabinet Card Young Woman
Photographer: Hirst
21 North Main
Hutchinson, Kas.

No research on Hirst yet.

Cabinet Card Family of Five
Photographer: J. W. Hixson
Traveling Artist

There appears to be at least three J. W. Hixsons in the right time frame, all born around 1860. Various documents place J. W. Hixson as a blacksmith, publisher, carpenter, farmer, bicycle repairman, mail carrier and photographer. And although some of them seem to connect, the profession of photographer occurs only twice. Worse, two of them had wives named Pearl. Their children’s names helped separate the John W. Hixsons in the records.

Since the cabinet card example here does not give a location, picking the correct Hixson is a bit speculative.
Following is the timeline of the best choice J. W. Hixson
Birth in West Point, Indiana
(US Census) age 11; living in Cedar, Iowa
(US Census) age 21; marriage to Pearl E. Hood

(US Census) son Birdie born in Oklahoma
(US Census) daughters Ethel E. and Laura M. born in Kansas
(Arkansas City, KS, newspaper item)selling photographs in Newkirk, OK (See copy at right)
(US Census) John W. Hixson, Newkirk, Oklahoma, photographer; Wife: Pearl
(Des Moines, IA, city directory) John W. Hixson, Des Moines, IA, photographer; wife: None listed
(US Census) as bicycle repairman in Center Grove, IA
(Iowa State Census) in Des Moines, IA, with wife Pearl E. and daughter Thelma
(US Census) as mail carrier in Center Grove, IA

(Iowa death Reg.) death in Center Grove, Iowa

Although Hixson may have kept photography as a sideline while working as a bicycle repairman or mail carrier, it can only be documented he was mainly a photographer from 1910 to 1915.

Cabinet Card baby
Houser's South Side Gallery
Huntington, Ind

No research on Houser yet.

Cabinet Card family of five
Photographer: Howard
Ashland, Kansas


There are at least six photographers, last name Howard, of the right era, around Kansas, who could be the one found in Ashland, KS, for this cabinet card. A bit more information is needed.

Standing woman
Photographer: Hotchkiss
254 and 256 Broad St, Norwich, N. Y

Alston E. Hotchkiss (4 May 1846 - 26 Nov 1907)

A. E. Hotchkiss was a little older that most of the cabinet card era photographers. Many were born within five years of 1860.

There is documentation to show Hotchkiss worked as a photographer in Norwich, NY from 1875 to 1880 Another source says he began his career in Norwich, NY in 1873.

He also sold stereo photographs.

An ESTIMATE of his working years, all in Norwich, NY, would be 1873 through about 1900. He died in 1902.

Sister and brother or sister
Photographer: Huey
Windsor, Mo.

Byers Wylie Huey (13 Jan 1852 - 26 Mar 1902)

In 1880, B. W. Huey began the photography business in Windsor, MO, with partner Neale (according to the “1883 History of Henry County Missouri” P 589). It is not known exactly when this partnership dissolved leaving Huey on his own as no information has been found on “Neale” the partner. Keep in mind there are a couple other discrepancies in the "1883 History" account also, so it is not entirely reliable.

Based on information found so far, this card must have been made after 1880 and before Huey’s death in 1902.

Cabinet Card Portrait
Bowman Hughes & Company
205 N. 16th St. Omaha, Neb.

Benjamin E. Hughes and Charles M. Bowman were both photographers in Omaha, NE. They worked together as Bowman Hughes only a short time between 1890 and 1892.

A sketchy timeline of their time in photography has been assembled from Omaha city directory listings. No biographical information on either has been assembled.
(All data from the Omaha city directory)
1884 - 1885
Bowman or Hughes not listed
Hughes partnered with G Heyn
Bowman as photographer partnered with J. E. North; Hughes as photographer
Bowman as photographer at 205 N 16th; Hughes as photographer at 1509 Douglas

Bowman as photographer 205 n 16th; Hughes partnered with Alvord
1890 - 1892
Working as Bowman Hughes at 205 N 16th
1893 - 1896
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
1897 - 1900
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Allen; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
as Hughes and Co. but not in Bus. Section; Bowman not listed
Hughes not listed; Bowman not listed

Cabinet Card
G. W. Hutchings
Home Galleries
816 Frederick Ave., and 717 Edmond St.
St. Joseph, Mo.

Not much has been found for G. W. Hutchings working in St. Joseph, MO. Is it the same Hutchings that operated the Railroad Photo Car out of Neosho, KS?

There appears to have been a number of men named Hutchings, working in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri at about the same time. No connections have been made yet.

George W. Hutchings
(1848 - ) Indiana, School Teacher, photographer
George W. Hutchings
(1851 - ) IL, farmer, wife:Millie
George W. Hutchings
(1852 - ) MO, farmer, wife:Cinthia
George W. Hutchings
(1853 - ) IA, farm laborer, wife:Sarah

Following one up actually was no help at all. No connections turned up for either the St. Joseph, MO, photographer or the Hutchings that had the well known
Railroad Car Photo Studio.

George W. Hutchings
(1848 - ) Indiana

(US Census) born in Perry,IN
(Iowa Census) in Berry, IA at 6 yrs
(US Census) in Liberty, IN at 12 yrs
(US Census) as school teacher at 22 in Nodaway, IN
(US Census) as photographer at Villisca, IA
(Omaha city directory) not listed
(Omaha city directory) as photographer with Mutzen at 1406 Farnam
(Omaha city directory) as photographer at 1406 Farnam
(Omaha city directory) not listed

Here is a photograph of a typical Railroad Car Photograph Studio and a cabinet card credited to the "Hutchings Brothers" photography.

And look at the blog
Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places
for a couple more examples.

Here are two more examples of Hutchings Railroad Car

Another example on Who Were They?

Here is a photograph of
another Railroad Photo Car.

Small boy cabinet card
Photographer: Hutchings
Rail road
Photo Car

Here is a cabinet card imprinted Hutchings Railroad Photo Car.

The style of the imprint is quite different but that does not prove anything. Over the decades of the cabinet card era, the imprints changed often.

It is still uncertain whether the photographer with Hutchings rail road photo-car was the same as photographer G. W. Hutchings.

Cabinet Card baby
Hutchins Railroad Photo Car

Another cabinet card with the imprint Rail Road Photo-Car. Note that the name is spelled differently, but it is probably the same photographer.

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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