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Album - Gloria and the Amateur Photographer

Here is a glamorous girl we shall call Gloria. She appears in at least 30 of the pictures in this set, all found together.

Gloria seems to have had some modeling experience. She strikes typical pin-up, calendar-girl poses.

The photographer was a little less experienced. His shots have light leaks, background interference and framing problems. Many of these shots had to be cleaned up a great deal.

This set was found in Norman, Oklahoma.

Gloria on fence

Girl on wall

Here is another girl who appears in many of the photographs in this set. She is named "Janice" in the inscription on this photograph.

Two girls on the grass
Gloria and Janice

Girl on car trunk

The photographs in this set were all found together. Most of them seem connected.

In general, connections are made in a number of ways. Some simply have the same people in them. Others have similar photo finisher marks or imprints. Some are connected only by the format and size of the photograph paper. Some might have identification on the reverse, same names or handwriting or ink color. Similar aging, photo mounts or glue marks can tie some together.

Sometimes a photograph seems to have no connection to the others except that it was found with the batch. There are a few like that in this set. They are included here anyway, just in case.

There will be 61 photographs in this set. See if you can spot Janice and "Gloria" in them.

Gloria and Janice
Gladys on a car trunk

Gloria at the lake side
Gloria at the lake side
Girl on grass

Gloria from above
Gloria sitting crosslegged
Gloria on grass again

Gloria on the grass
Gloria in white dress 02
Gillian and the sunglasses

Gloria on grass
Gladys on grass

dad and six girls
Gloria Album - Four women at the beach
Gloria Album - group at beach

Gloria and group on hill
Seven on a fender

Gladys on a bike
Gloria on a bike
Gloria in white dress
Gloria in saddle shoes

Gloria and Gladys in the pig pen
Gloria in coat
Gillian and the boy

Gloria and Gladys
Gladys with soldier
girl in shorts

Color Photograph
Gloria and two boys
baby in carriage

man and woman
couple on grass
girl on table

Gloria and boy
Girl at park bench 01
 on a tractor
Girl at park bench 02

Gloria in white dress 1956
Gloria and dog

Girl on the slide
group at the beach

Cadillac, Palms and Snowbirds

Girl at the phone office -
Guy and tree
Gloria Album - Gladys in sweater and skirt

girl in dress
Girl on dock
girl in dress

girl in dark dress white collar
girl with dog
studio portrait
three girls on campus

The Saturday Morning Gossip Club

That's all 61 of the photographs in that batch. How many are Gloria and how many are Janice? Are there others repeated too?

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