Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sepia Saturday - More Snow

This week the Sepia Saturday suggestion is about snow. Back in February of 2013 we did a Sepia Saturday page about
People Posing in the Snow.

So for this page we will find some snow photographs we didn't see on that page.

One day in the western part of North Dakota ...

The first A-leans landed in their strange craft. On a quiet residential street in Bent Spoon, North Dakota, the UFO appeared without fanfare one morning out of a snowy sky.

Freda Gogh spotted it first as it was in front of her house.

The neighborhood gathered to gawk and remained to rubber-neck. After they were through slapping their foreheads, they speculated on the origin of the UFO and Freda’s new toque.

Most importantly, they discussed what they were going to do with the craft as it was blocking the street and preventing anyone in the neighborhood from getting down to Ben And Jerry’s for the latest flavor.

Finally the conversation degenerated to the usual things: getting the storm windows up in preparation for next winter, which direction is north and what the term cook-out actually means.

The A-leans wandered off early on.

house covered with snow
It was going to be a cold winter
Here is a popular theme: The old homestead, covered with snow.
snow on house

Kilts in a Snowstorm
(A heartwarming tale)

"Look at that! This dang wind blew my skivvies off again!"

Snowstorm and Kilts - A Heart Warming Tale.

Man in the snow
Three Fur Coats

Park in the city with snow
Front Yard

Blue Snow

This is as close to the actual coloring of the slide as I could get. I don't know if the scene was actually that color or some pigment faded in the film over time.

Snow and boats

Two in the snow
Snow tracks
Snow Scene
Snow in the neighborhood

Creeping Shadows
Snow in the neighborhood
Filling Station

The house.
Man in uniform

Sitting on a wall
Dog in the snow

Snow Covered Trees 05
Snow on barbed wire 43 01

Here are a couple shots from that set of over 300 35mm negatives found in the basement of a junk store in Wichita Falls, TX. Most of the photographs were taken at Bassingbourn AFB during the Winter of 1944-45. The frame on the right is very poignant. It is of snow on tangles of barbed wire, somewhere on the base.

You want snow? I give you snow.
Did it snow last night?

Now shovel on back to the
Sepia Saturday
home page for some more fun in the snow!

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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Some wonderful photos here. The filigreed snow on branches is quite lovely. The shot of the A-lean craft was fun, but my favorite picture is the poor fellows in kilts in blowing snow. Gad, but they must've been cold!

    1. Thanks La Nightingail. Yes, those tree snapshots are very nice. There was some artistic thought behind those photographs. And I just can't imagine being out in a blizzard wearing kilts.

  2. I expected you would have plenty of cold folk and icy scenes, but no snow angels?

    1. Thanks Mike Brubaker. Nope, I haven't found a single snow angel. I haven't even found a snowman. One would think that they would be the subject of lots of photographs.

  3. A great collection of snow photos and a good sense of humour to go with them.

    1. Thanks very much, diane b. Sometimes a found-photograph is just waiting to tell a story.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob Scotney. Me too. It's a movie still that I found. I'm not sure what movie though.

  5. A fourteen course meal of wonderful old photographs - enough to satisfy any appetite and a pleasure to view.

    1. Thanks Alan Burnett. I think I have about exhausted the GALLERY of snow pictures.

  6. No thank you no more snow, or cold or crusty shoveling or in fact no more winter, please! I do say my is so warmed by the Kilts in snow!

    1. Thanks Karen S. No more for me either. But I live in Oklahoma and we could use some moisture of any kind!



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