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Turn it over! There's Something on the Back! - January 2014

Very often, notations on the reverse of these found photographs are obscure or too brief or illegible. Most often there is nothing at all.

But now and then there is a message from the past that sparkles.

Back in March of 2009 LOST GALLERY had a full page of photographs and their very interesting reverse sides. There have been many new additions to the collection since then.

Here is a new group of those photographs with mysterious, funny and sometimes puzzling reverse sides; tiny bits of history, reaching out to us over the decades and sometimes centuries.

The Gang at the Beach
Group at the Beach

On reverse:
Welderood 1918
(or maybe Weederood)

Group at the beach
Group at the beach

On reverse:

Group at the beach
Group at the beach

On Reverse
Aug 1938

Photobooth portrait in a frame
Photobooth portrait of a woman

This little photobooth portrait was clamped in a metal frame with a place to write some information on the reverse

Photobooth with frame
Photobooth with frame

This one was done the same way and unfortunately, it rusted. The backing also features a pop out eyelet to facilitate hanging or an easel back. (pat. pending)

Portrait of a man
Portrait of a man

On front Yours Ceortily J. B. C ale
On reverse:
Born Nov 6 - 1858 in Sullivan County
Tennessee, Ordained to preacher Nov 1882.
Came to Tex. 1883. Have preached 27 years.
Pecame pastor at Pecos, Tex. Nov 23-1907
Years in the service, sacrifice and
love of Jesus. Lovingly. J. B. Cale
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
With every good wish

Man with Hat
Man with hat (reverse)

On Reverse:
Oct 30
Dear Sister-
Am at
work again I
arrived there
Tuesday morning.
Everybody sends U
their regards to you
Bro Tom
Mrs. J F. Shrive
(Postmarked Nov. 1, 1912

Man at desk

On reverse:
Papa at his
office in back
foom at Ector

(Ector County Bank is in Texas just south of where this photograph was found.)

Man in office (reverse)

RPPC pair
RPPC pair

Tulsa March 18th 1911
Here is that card you have
been longing for this is
my Boy that works with
me he is aLittle fellow
Write soon and rub this
writing off from dad

Two in the country
Two in the country

On reverse
Oct - 1924
on Wilson Lane

Woman and child
Woman and Child

On reverse
January 1927
"Sonny" age 4 mos.

RPPC family

( Transcribed this the best I could not knowing the language OR the handwriting.)
On Reverse:
Lavinia New Mexico
Sept 5, 1915
Querido primo receve
su card por laque tune
gusto al sover que estan
buenos Gaguios a Dios
despues de saludarco
ledire que agui nohay
mas de nuevo gue mucha
solas mi popa y los mea
trills juntado las soca
no le fabia contestada
por falta de que no habia
habido quien hubiera
ids a la plaza ahora
le estory escribienda may
tepriza, dispense lo mal
esorito, y equigocos saludes
a todos los que so acellerden
de mi y nd reciba mis mas
grandes reasuerd os bin
mas mor esta olg su prima
Victoriana Eandios

Three and a car and chickens

On reverse
This has been
made recently.
The boy is Rollins
baby brother

Three and a car

Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner (rev)

On reverse
Christmas Dinner
about 1911 - Bro Charley was
with us.

Four on a blanket
Four  on a blanket reverse

Written on the front:
City Park, Roswell, N. Mex
July 1944
Esther & Joyce - Christine & Jewel

On reverse:
I have Joyce (I think)
Christine has Jewel.
Taken in City Park
Roswell, N. Mex.
July -1944

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