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Trains, trolleys, underground, subway or the 'L'. LOST GALLERY presents an exhibit of abandoned photographs associated with the railways. If there's a whole train or just a railroad tie in the photograph, it's on this page.

What is going on here?

Mountain Railroad

Rail road days
Farm work
Engine 53

WW1 uniform
Waiting for a train
Woman and Rail Car (enhanced)

Steam engine and people
Waiting for a train

Train station
2918 Untitled 29 18

Sunday afternoon on Mount Clod. It wasn’t exactly planned you know. Augustus “Dad” Dusted and neighbor Finley Flay took their wives for a Sunday outing on the Downtown Dirtpile Transit (DDT) to the top of Mount Clod.

Their Jitney Touring Coach hit a dime on the tracks and derailed. So while DDT rail men worked to right the cars and return them to the trolley track, the touring couples and other passengers strolled the rocky terrain taking in some sunshine. Two other coaches stopped to give aid (it was the only track) and soon the entire transit company was atop Mount Clod, not to mention most of the population of Dirtpile City.


Gus and Dorothy, Finley and Faye posed on some rocks in the sun while another passenger with a box camera took this picture.

Later the next week Finley remarked, “Your friend with the pointed hat was a bit strange.” He blew a bit of foam off his schooner of lager.

To which Gus replied after a long pull on a cool draft, “My friend? I thought she was your friend! I don’t know her.”

“Gosh Darn!” (Actually not an exact quote,) “I gave her a hundred bucks because she said she was collecting money for your birthday!” said Finley.

“NO! She said the same of you and I gave her a fiver,” Said Gus and he belched.

“I believe we have been bilked a bit,” fumed Finley. “Wait a minute. A fiver?”

The conversation that followed is also not quotable exactly but continued far into the night ending only at closing time, as far as anyone knows.

It turned out to be a nice photograph even if in the background Ezzard Yoost did choose that very moment to practice flashing.

Hitchin Rail Yard 6 3 100 01
Hitchin Rail Yard 6 3 100 02

Here's a few photographs on the inside of a passenger train.

3205 Untitled 32 05
3203 Untitled 32 03
3204 Untitled 32 04

3202 Untitled 32 02
3201 Untitled 32 01
2707 Untitled 27 07

2709 Untitled 27 09
2708 Untitled 27 08
2916 Untitled 29 16

Leaving the station

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