Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At the Beach - Page Two

At the Beach. PAGE TWO!

The trip to the beach almost always includes a camera. LOST GALLERY rescued photographs taken at the beach are plentiful, rivaling pictures of children and cars and Mom's new dress.

So let's go to the beach.

Some of these are family gatherings, others are guys showing off and then there are the glam pictures of mom or the girlfriend. Most are really poor snaps while others are from professional itinerant photographers out making a buck at the beach.

As you review the many prints on these pages, think about the conversation that preceded the shot. Think about the expressions on their faces, the hot day, the sea air, the sounds. Are you there yet?

As usual, you can find larger versions just by clicking on the picture.

Quintet up to the knees

Boy girl beach
Man boy on beach
Boy on beach

Two women at the beach
Aren't these awful?
Girl boy surf
A common amateur photographer error...
Three on the beach
Standing too far from the subject.

Girl in surf 3
Girl in surf 4
Boy surf

Girl on blanket
Girl in surf
Girl in surf 2

Guy and girl beach
Two guys at the beach
Two girls beach
Two girls surf

Two girls, one guy, the beach
Couple in towels
Girl on beach 2

Two women beach umbrella
Woman and beach umbrella
Girl at steps
Two girls one guy on beach

Girl and guy at stair rail
Girl and mom with umbrella
Two guys beach

Girl sunning
Man in surf
Two girls guy on beach

Man woman surf
Girl on beach
Boy on beach towel

Two men one woman beach
Man woman surf 02
Girl on man's lap

Girl in bathingsuit
Man woman on beach
Man woman beach

Girl at seashore
At the pool

Hilltop tease
back and towel
Two girls on beach
no not again

Four women at the beach
On the steps to the beach
Man, two women on beach
Unhappy woman

Darla at the beach
Gloria at the lake side
Gloria at the lake side
group at the beach

group at the beach
At the old swimmin hole 1930
Three women at the beach

Two women at the beach
Girl on a swing
girl on beach
Bathing beauty

Two women at the lake
Three women at the ol' swimming hole
Gang at the beach

Two white suits
Out in back.
Dee (circa 1965)
Woman at beach

Woman child surf
Guy boy beach
Woman child innertube

Woman child inner tube
Man boy inner tube
Three women

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  1. Some really good shots. I'm especially fond of the woman half on/half off the towel.

    And I've always wondered exactly how bad did those wool suits weigh when they got wet and how bad did they smell. I'm thinking gym suit in a locker over the weekend might come close.

  2. Thanks Tattered and Lost. It's hard for me to pick a favorite. This seems to be the biggest category I have ever assembled. It's going to run at lest six pages.

    Watch out for page five which will publish on August 27, 2012. It is made up of beach photographs, all from the late 1920's.

    And yes, I have often wondered about how those wool suits fit and felt after a dip. In terms of smell, there's probably not much difference in the odor of a wet sheep and a wet dog.



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