Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sepia Saturday - The Picnic


This week the Sepia Saturday suggestion seems to be about Picnics.

Well, there are a few snapshots in LOST GALLERY that are about picnics. Here are some of them.

The Lonely Picnic Table.

Really, the first photograph I though of was my own shot I called "The Lonely Picnic Table.
It'll never see a family of picnickers. Alas, here it is situated on the grass but everyone is admonished to "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" making it impossible to reach. Oh, woe. The incongruity of it all!


Six at a picnic.
Stella has collected a weed she says is quite tasty.
Eight women at a picnic. I bet THEY didn't forget the food.

At the beach 862 12
There's a cooler! A picnic at the beach!
The picnic in the corner of the back garden.
A picnic from the 1900's. Wait a minute. Is that a cell phone?

picnic 358
The body language in this one is a little edgy.
This day is not going to end well.

Picnic 361
No. We're not eating the dog.

Four Man Picnic
What do guys know about picnics? You forgot the food!
And the beer!
Picnic at River

camping out
Food! Did anybody bring food?

Tailgate Drinking Party
Ten guys at a picnic? I see a jug. Did anybody bring food?
camping out
Empty-handed new-arrivals...

Tailgate Party

A tailgate party in the forties.

1952 Rothaar-Gebioge

Three at a picnic original

Here is a very old tintype that had almost faded into the darkness of obscurity. I had a suspicion about what the subject was so I cleared away the fog a bit with Photoshop.

And what did it turn out to be?

A picnic.

Three at a picnic

Picnic Table Pose
We forgot the food! Oh, never mind.

Wait! We forgot the sun block!
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"What are they doing?"


  1. What a great collection of old picnic shots. I cracked up reading your captions

  2. Thanks Little Nell. Thank goodness, some of them remembered to bring food.

    Thanks diane b. Much of the fun in collecting abandoned photographs is in the captions they suggest.

  3. Just love that poor little picnic table & the Keep off the Grass sign!

  4. Love the selections you brought us today, love the captions too, very funny..

  5. Thanks Colleen G. Brown Pasquale. Yes the picnic table photograph is one of my favorites too.

    Thanks Rosie. Sometimes I just can't resist.

  6. What a wonderful collection of picnic pictures & your comments are such fun! I love "The Lonely Picnic Table". In the approx. 16th photo down on the left the one woman looks like she took a bite of something really awful. Hope she had something nice to wash it down with!

  7. Wonderful captions and photos. Such fun to read through.

  8. Thanks Gail Perlee: The Lonely Picnic Table is certainly popular.

    That woman with the sour look on her face is part of a set of 51 photographs of her. I am assembling a page of just those currently. She has quite a story.

    Thanks Helen Bauch McHargue. I am glad you had fun. Most of the captions come from a book I assembled about five years ago.

  9. I especially like the tailgate party in the forties. They seem to be using the running board more than the tailgate, however.

  10. In the coloured picnic, I think he forgot to pack the dill pickle. Either that or she gave the wrong directions, and they couldn't start eating until 3pm.

  11. Picnic be damned, those guys are waiting for beer!

  12. You've certainly got this theme covered! The camera could have been invented as an accessory for picnics. My favorite is the one with the gents seated at an empty table, waiting (and complaining) for their waitress!

  13. I only recently started taking picnics serious (cough cough) as a category. You're WAY ahead of me. I especially like the 4 guys with the table cloth and no food.

    I can remember a picnic from childhood in Hawaii where we drove around the island to a very nice beach. My dad went through an entire book of matches trying to get the charcoal lit. The final match did it and then dad said to my mom, "Okay, give me the hot dogs." Ummmm...they were back at the house on the kitchen counter. So you've brought back some good memories.

  14. By now I expect nothing else from you other than a great selection of old images - dead on theme. And as ever, you do not disappoint.

  15. Thanks Postcardy. Yes, it looks like they brought a card table and table cloth. Who knows why they set it up at the side of the car?

    Thanks Brett Payne. Yes, there certainly seems something rotten in Denmark there with the couple. And yes, the four guys are getting impatient; you can see it in their eyes.

    Thanks Mike Brubaker. I am finding that is certainly true. There are two places that seem always to have a camera present: picnics and the beach. And yes, those four guys look as if they have waited just about long enough.

    Thanks Tattered and Lost. What a lovely story and memory! Thanks very much for adding it here. That’s another good reason for rescuing abandoned photographs. I’m glad you enjoyed these.

    Thanks Alan Burnett. It’s a category I had visited once before, some years ago, so I had a ready assortment.

  16. Another great collection of photos.

    Yes the lonely picnic table is very ironic.

  17. Thanks Sharon. It's almost like a small town speed trap.

  18. I most of all like the various "guys" picnics, and the missing food!!!
    Quite hilarious!!
    They somehow remind me of a few acquaintances of mine...

    1. Thanks Ticklebear. I know a few too.

  19. No, the guys are waiting for the ladies to bring the food!

    1. Thanks Bob Scotney. That's probably it!



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