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Sepia Saturday - People with Cameras

This week the Sepia Saturday suggestion was an easy task. LOST GALLERY has lots of people with cameras.

Man with camera

All of these pictures from LOST GALLERY are at LEAST fifty years old. But a couple of them are closer to a century in age. I bet you can spot which ones those are!

Look at my camera

Joyce '39 Two men This guy is holding an Argus C-3, I think.
Three at beach
Five men pose Crater Lake, OR. Aug. 05,1939
I think there are two cameras in this photograph.
Gilda and the camera

1944 Unidentified
While the clerk had his back turned
While the clerk had his back turned, Vernon memorized the questions on the immigration form.
Man and Brownie Hawkeye

Pair with camera and jodhpurs
Man with a camera

Ramona's Place
The girl on the left has a camera in her right hand.
three in a chain
Here's one that's REALLY about CAMERAS! It's a CAMERA shop!
The Jodhpur Gang
The Jodhpur Gang

Girl and two uniforms
Boy with Camera
Man with Camera
Girl holding box camera
This girl really has her hands full.

The gang at the lake.
Do you see it?
Self mirror portrait 35mm El 3.5 40th sec
We are pretty sure this is a Leica A111 or a C111
Man and Camera

Surf and Sand
Man with a camera and horses

A subject suggestion from Sepia Saturday:

Or maybe you'd prefer just a list of all (well, most) of the categories and subjects and album pages in LOST GALLERY! Well, here it is!

A to C

Advance to the Rear The Rear View
Aircraft – Biplanes
Aircraft – Connie, the Lockheed Constellation
Aliens and Mystery – Area Fifty-One and a Half
Animals – Gone to the Chickens
Animals – The Pets by themselves
Animals – Posing on a Pony
Area Fifty-One and a Half – Don’t Look Now
Automobiles – Car Bumpers
Automobiles – Car Running Boards
Baby Buggy
Beach – Itinerant Beach Photographer (page 01)
Beach – Itinerant Beach Photographer (page 02)
Beach – The Old Days
Beach – The Slide Show
Beach – The Girlfriend
Boys in Dresses
Bumpers – Car Bumpers
Cabinet Cards
Camera – Photographs containing a camera
C'est la Guerre – Photographs about the wars
Chain Chain Chain – People doing the same things
Chair, Fringed
Chair, One Armed
Chickens - Gone to the Chickens
Children – Boys in Dresses
Children – A Child on the Front Steps
Children - Girls and their Dolls
Children – Kid in a Tub
Children – Mobile Toys
Children - On Running Boards
Children – Slide Show
Children – Trios - In groups of Three
Christmas – in found photographs
Cities – Unknown Street Scenes
Class Pictures – School Days!
Clothing – Bows
Clothing – Costumes
Clothing – Cowboy Outfits
Clothing – Boys in Dresses
Clothing – Furs – The Dead Animal Society
Clothing – Grass Skirts
Clothing – Hats
Clothing – Jodhpurs
Clothing – Saddle Shoes
Clothing – Sailor Tailored Fashion
Clothing – Swimwear – At the Beach
Clothing – Uniforms – Girl & her Guy in Uniform
Clothing – Uniforms - Our Man at the Front
Connie, the Lockheed Constellation
Couples – A Girl and her Guy in Uniform
Fake Fight

C to P

Fringed Chair
Furniture and Props – One Armed Chair
Furniture and Props – Props and Backdrops
Furniture and Props – The Fringed Chair
Furniture and Props – Wicker
Girl in a Boat
Girlfriend and the Car
Girlfriend at the beach
Goat Cart
Gone to the Chickens – Snaps including a chicken
Grass Skirt Gallery
Groups – Chain Chain Chain – People lined up
Groups – Class Pictures
Hats – Where everyone is wearing a hat
Hats – Really Big hats
Homes – We Call it Home
House – Our House
Itinerant Street Photographer
Itinerant Photographer With PONY!
Laundry – People and Clothes Lines
Music – Trombones
Music Makers
Novelty Photo Booth – Collection
Novelty Photo Booth – Examination
The Office Typewriters and business
On a Bumper
On a Car
On a Rock
On a Running Board
One-Armed Chair
Parade – Parties, Parades and Picnics
Parties – Parties, Parades and Picnics
People Stacks
Personal Pinups – the best girl. (Page One)
Personal Pinups – the best girl. (Page Two)
Personal Pinups – Girlfriend at the beach
Pets – The animals by themselves
Photo Mask
PhotoBombing – Pranks to ruin a photo
Photography – Photographs containing a camera
Photography – The Photo Mask
Photography – Tinted Photograph
Photography – Polaroids
Photography Errors – Lurker
Photography Errors – photographer's Shadow
Photography Errors – The Double Exposure
Photography Errors – Unauthorized Photographs
Picnics – Parties, Parades and Picnics
Places to Go - More about where than who.
Places – Our House - With people in front
Places – We Call it Home - More houses
Pony – Posing on a Pony

P to W

Poses – Advance to the Rear!
Poses - Belly Down, Heads Up! (A really odd pose.)
Poses – Cheesecake
Poses – Fake Fight
Poses – Girl in a Boat
Poses – In a Tree
Poses – Kid in a Tub
Poses – On a Bumper
Poses – On a Car
Poses – On a Pony
Poses – On a Running Board
Poses – Out Sitting on a Rock
Poses – People with Signs.
Poses – Personal Pinup
Poses – The Rear View
Poses – Sleeping people
Poses – Stacks of People People on People
Props and Backdrops
Rock – People out sitting on a rock
Running Boards - Automobiles
Running Boards with Children
Saddle Shoes
Sailor Tailored Clothing
Signs – People posing with signs.
Sleeping People
Sneaky Snaps–People not posing at all
Telephone - About telephones and operators
Things – Typewriter – A Modern Antique
Things – Telephones
Things – Watermelon in the picture
Tinted Photograph
Toys – Children and their Mobile Toys
Toys - Girls and their Dolls
Transportation – Aircraft
Transportation – Automobile Bumpers
Transportation – Automobile Running Boards
Transportation – Baby Buggy
Transportation – Biplanes
Transportation – Lockheed Constellation
Transportation – Wheelbarrow
Tree Thing
Types of Photographs – Cabinet Cards
Types of Photographs – CDV (Carte-de Viste)
Types of Photographs – Photobooth
Types of Photographs – Polaroids
Types of Photographs – Tintypes
Typewriter – A Modern Antique
Unauthorized Photographs – Sneaky snaps
Uniformed Man – Our Man at the Front
Vehicles – Biplane
Vehicles – Lockheed Constellation
Vehicles – Wheelbarrow
Washday Blues – Of Love and Laundry
Wicker Chairs
Wicker Furniture
World War One


  1. I never doubted for a moment that you would have a load of photos to match this theme. We can always count on you.

  2. Yes, this was an easy one. I already had a category page set for People with Cameras that I published in 2011.

    Not one shot of a Brownie Hawkeye!

  3. I can see that you've already identified quite a few of the cameras pictured - I'm most impressed - but a trickier task is to identify the cameras with which these photographs were shot. Can you do that trick? I would be even more impressed by that!

  4. A camera cavalcade! The mirror self portrait is such a classic.

  5. Thanks Brett Payne. Well let’s see. The color snap of the guy in the graduation outfit was probably shot with a Brownie Hawkeye which had a square format.

    The guy in the army fatigues holding the Crown Graflex is the same guy holding the reflex camera in the photograph just above and to the right. It would be a good guess that one was shot with the other.

    The mirror shot of the guy holding the Leica was shot with the Leica. But also this is on the same strip of negatives with the uniformed man squatting, holding the bellows camera so it is likely it was shot with that same Leica. That’s all I’m pretty sure of.

    Thanks Mike Brubaker. The self-portrait is my favorite too. It came from a set of about 300 35mm negatives taken probably with that camera that I found in a dark cellar of a junk store. Nearly all of the photographs are of the aircraft and personnel of Bassingbourn Air Base during 1944 and 1945. It’s a treasury of artifacts from the Second World War.

  6. Excellent effort. I think a lot of Instamatics had the square format too, and they were pretty common around the early 1970s.

  7. Thanks Brett Payne. You are right; it could be from a Kodak Instamatic. The Instamatics were introduced in 1972 and were very popular because of the compact size and easy cartridge loading. Although the negatives for these weren’t actually square (0.51 X 0.67 inch, in reality just converted 16mm film) they sometimes got printed that way by the photolabs at the time. Since the prints were actually enlargements, they could be masked to about any dimensions that were convenient.

  8. Somehow I knew you were going to have a lot of photos for this prompt and you did not disappoint!!

  9. Thanks Teresa Wilson Rogers. Yes this was an easy one. I had done a page of these a couple years ago so most of them were already rounded up. I just updated it and repeated it here.



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