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My friend over at TATTERED AND LOST blog suggested this category: CRAZY EYES. I decided to include any picture where the subject's eyes were a bit unusual,mysterious or prominent in some way. There are some who look a little scary and others that look downright ominous. Whatever the effect, for this page, the "eyes have it."

Now, since not all of these are head and shoulder portraits, those "crazy eyes" will not always be evident. So, I will do something a bit different for this page. In some cases I will add an enlarged crop of just the faces, so that the eyes that got them on this page, will be easily seen.


Bearded man
Photobooth Guy
Guy with tie 01
photobooth girl with hair do

Livia and family with minor restoration

Although none of these people in this group seem too happy about the occasion, the children express it best.

Group shot-6 wGroup shot-4 w
Group shot-8 wGroup shot-10 w
Group shot-9 w

Photobooth Woman
Tiny Portrait of a woman
Photobooth Man

group on grass detail 01
group on grass detail 02

Sometimes a closer look reveals some things maybe we didn't want to know.

group on grass detail 03

Dina 55-56
She studies movie magazines
Bette Davis Eyes
Bette Davis Eyes
Photobooth sleepy eyes
Sleepy Eyes

man w/hat  detail
woman w/hat
woman w/hat detail

Small portrait
Photobooth Man staring
Photobooth Guy
pinked portrait

Oh dad, poor dad.
20130313 oh dad 01
oh dad 02
20130313 oh dad 03

I'm not sure I even want to think about this one any longer.

CDV portrait
CDV woman with high collar
CDV portrait
CDV man staring

You want me to WHAT?
20130313 3 babies copy 220130313 3 babies copy 0120130313 3 babies copy 03

Child with sweater
There are no enemies; only people who take longer to know.
CDV Man with moustache
happy boy

Tintype Three Women
Tintype three
Tintype three
Tintype three

photobooth boy
photobooth girl 02
Trimmed oval

Small boy frowns
Photobooth Girl
happy boy

Fear and Loathing

Can't get enough? Watch this space!

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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"

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