Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sepia Saturday - People in Doorways

Sepia Saturday Suggestion:

This week's Sepia Saturday suggestion shows a couple of guys standing in a doorway.

LOST GALLERY has LOTS of pictures where a doorway is included in the picture. So, I looked for photographs that had someone standing right in the doorway, blocking the door or looking out the door.

Girl in front of drug store

class picture
washday blues 01

My furs
A couple of toughs
Girl at the phone office -

Girl, black dress and door
Connie and the smile

Dorothy and the chickens
Devlin snapped Claudia's picture as she entered the gate.
A gate is really just a door in the fence isn't it?
At the garden gate

What? You say this is a "Hatch" and not really a door?
Two sailors
Okay, here's two sailors in front of a REAL door.
One giant step

Verna in a housecoat
girl in a party dress
Bath Towel
What door?

I had a great deal of trouble deciding on a favorite this week.

The following two pictures were found miles and months apart and yet they speak the of same tragedy: poverty. The sadness conveyed in these two otherwise unrelated snapshots is as evident as the persistent glow of their human spirit.

Their plight is obvious; their struggle written on their faces. But they manage to wring out a livable life from their hard environment.

These photographs are decades old. We say we have made progress, easing the lives of these unfortunate. But have we?

Could we take a few similar snapshots today?

Man in doorway

Woman, fur, car

“Where are you going?”
“When will you be back?”
“Can I go?”

I have to pick this one as my favorite.
What a character.
What a story.

At the garage
Girl in doorway

Sepia Saturday Suggestion:

Go back to the SEPIA SATURDAY page and look at some of the other entries.

Or maybe you'd prefer just a list of all (well, most) of the categories and subjects and album pages in LOST GALLERY! Well, here it is!

A to C

Advance to the Rear The Rear View
Aircraft – Biplanes
Aircraft – Connie, the Lockheed Constellation
Aliens and Mystery – Area Fifty-One and a Half
Animals – Gone to the Chickens
Animals – The Pets by themselves
Animals – Posing on a Pony
Area Fifty-One and a Half – Don’t Look Now
Automobiles – Car Bumpers
Automobiles – Car Running Boards
Baby Buggy
Beach – Itinerant Beach Photographer (page 01)
Beach – Itinerant Beach Photographer (page 02)
Beach – The Old Days
Beach – The Slide Show
Beach – The Girlfriend
Boys in Dresses
Bumpers – Car Bumpers
Cabinet Cards
Camera – Photographs containing a camera
C'est la Guerre – Photographs about the wars
Chain Chain Chain – People doing the same things
Chair, Fringed
Chair, One Armed
Chickens - Gone to the Chickens
Children – Boys in Dresses
Children – A Child on the Front Steps
Children - Girls and their Dolls
Children – Kid in a Tub
Children – Mobile Toys
Children - On Running Boards
Children – Slide Show
Children – Trios - In groups of Three
Christmas – in found photographs
Cities – Unknown Street Scenes
Class Pictures – School Days!
Clothing – Bows
Clothing – Costumes
Clothing – Cowboy Outfits
Clothing – Boys in Dresses
Clothing – Furs – The Dead Animal Society
Clothing – Grass Skirts
Clothing – Hats
Clothing – Jodhpurs
Clothing – Saddle Shoes
Clothing – Sailor Tailored Fashion
Clothing – Swimwear – At the Beach
Clothing – Uniforms – Girl & her Guy in Uniform
Clothing – Uniforms - Our Man at the Front
Connie, the Lockheed Constellation
Couples – A Girl and her Guy in Uniform
Fake Fight

C to P

Fringed Chair
Furniture and Props – One Armed Chair
Furniture and Props – Props and Backdrops
Furniture and Props – The Fringed Chair
Furniture and Props – Wicker
Girl in a Boat
Girlfriend and the Car
Girlfriend at the beach
Goat Cart
Gone to the Chickens – Snaps including a chicken
Grass Skirt Gallery
Groups – Chain Chain Chain – People lined up
Groups – Class Pictures
Hats – Where everyone is wearing a hat
Hats – Really Big hats
Homes – We Call it Home
House – Our House
Itinerant Street Photographer
Itinerant Photographer With PONY!
Laundry – People and Clothes Lines
Music – Trombones
Music Makers
Novelty Photo Booth – Collection
Novelty Photo Booth – Examination
The Office Typewriters and business
On a Bumper
On a Car
On a Rock
On a Running Board
One-Armed Chair
Parade – Parties, Parades and Picnics
Parties – Parties, Parades and Picnics
People Stacks
Personal Pinups – the best girl. (Page One)
Personal Pinups – the best girl. (Page Two)
Personal Pinups – Girlfriend at the beach
Pets – The animals by themselves
Photo Mask
PhotoBombing – Pranks to ruin a photo
Photography – Photographs containing a camera
Photography – The Photo Mask
Photography – Tinted Photograph
Photography – Polaroids
Photography Errors – Lurker
Photography Errors – photographer's Shadow
Photography Errors – The Double Exposure
Photography Errors – Unauthorized Photographs
Picnics – Parties, Parades and Picnics
Places to Go - More about where than who.
Places – Our House - With people in front
Places – We Call it Home - More houses
Pony – Posing on a Pony

P to W

Poses – Advance to the Rear!
Poses - Belly Down, Heads Up! (A really odd pose.)
Poses – Cheesecake
Poses – Fake Fight
Poses – Girl in a Boat
Poses – In a Tree
Poses – Kid in a Tub
Poses – On a Bumper
Poses – On a Car
Poses – On a Pony
Poses – On a Running Board
Poses – Out Sitting on a Rock
Poses – People with Signs.
Poses – Personal Pinup
Poses – The Rear View
Poses – Sleeping people
Poses – Stacks of People People on People
Props and Backdrops
Rock – People out sitting on a rock
Running Boards - Automobiles
Running Boards with Children
Saddle Shoes
Sailor Tailored Clothing
Signs – People posing with signs.
Sleeping People
Sneaky Snaps–People not posing at all
Telephone - About telephones and operators
Things – Typewriter – A Modern Antique
Things – Telephones
Things – Watermelon in the picture
Tinted Photograph
Toys – Children and their Mobile Toys
Toys - Girls and their Dolls
Transportation – Aircraft
Transportation – Automobile Bumpers
Transportation – Automobile Running Boards
Transportation – Baby Buggy
Transportation – Biplanes
Transportation – Lockheed Constellation
Transportation – Wheelbarrow
Tree Thing
Types of Photographs – Cabinet Cards
Types of Photographs – CDV (Carte-de Viste)
Types of Photographs – Photobooth
Types of Photographs – Polaroids
Types of Photographs – Tintypes
Typewriter – A Modern Antique
Unauthorized Photographs – Sneaky snaps
Uniformed Man – Our Man at the Front
Vehicles – Biplane
Vehicles – Lockheed Constellation
Vehicles – Wheelbarrow
Washday Blues – Of Love and Laundry
Wicker Chairs
Wicker Furniture
World War One


  1. I Love Those Couple Of Toughs!

  2. You have so many appropriately eye-catching portraits this week it's difficult to know where to start. The woman holding a baby on the doorstep of tarpaper shack number 507 somehow seems one of the more welcoming. The black woman posing dramatically says, "Take this or leave it, I am what I am." I can see why the young woman tending to her flock might have double interest for you. I assume the gaggle of children on the roughly made concrete step are a class of schoolchildren in some small, long forgotten town.

    There are an intriguing number of clues in your first photograph, but none ring an obvious bell for me. It's obviously some kind of sports shop, selling fishing tackle, dartboards, binoculars and the like, but also Coca-Cola, ice cream, cigarettes and newspapers - I guess what you would call a drug store. Across the street, we have the Dominion Bank (of Canada) and The Grill which appears to be Serving Blue Ribbon something or other. Perhaps some Canadian will recognise the circular sign above the doorway. The tail lights or a car going past, refelected in the glass of the door, along with the woman's clothing, suggest to me 1960s. Perhaps the most significant clue is in the injitialled welcome mat - P/L perhaps?

  3. Really a fantastic selection. Each with a story behind it; What are the two "girls" with rolled down stockings and blowing smoke, up to?

  4. Thanks Brett Payne. I did have quite a few in this category. And most of them have a story shining through.

    Thanks very much for the analysis of the first photograph. You spotted many new details. I will have to look at it again.

    It seems to me it is a common doorway for a drugstore and a sports equipment store. Or maybe a variety shop.

    I'll reverse the original and see if I can spot anything new in the reflections.

  5. By now, we have got used to the fact that whenever your name appears on the Linky List we are in for a feast of very special old images. What a choice, what a collection. Always a joy to stop by and visit.

  6. An amazing collection of photos. My favourites would be the first and the old man with the hat at his shed. I always like lifestyle photos but we forget to take them now for future generations to enjoy.

  7. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the kids on the step. There are some mischievous ones amongst them.

  8. Thanks Titania. Those girls certainly do look like they are planning some mischief, don’t they?

  9. Thanks Alan Burnett. I am glad you enjoy these. Giving new life to abandoned photographs has been a passion of mine for a long time now.

    Thanks Sharon. Yes, we often miss those photographs of the simple things in our lives. Those will be our story, our history.

    Thanks Bob Scotney. Yes, there is some orneriness brewing in that group.

  10. This is an unusually good selection of snapshots.

  11. Thanks for your visit Postcardy. Glad you enjoyed them.

  12. Those naughty girls with their stockings rolled down. An enjoyable range of images - as Dick van Dyke says in Mary Poppins, 'A doorway to a place of enchantment!'

  13. Thanks for your visit Little Nell. That's a good quote!

  14. The first photo is a perfect fit for the theme. I think the older snaps that have a patina from being much handled acquire a special magic. And those depression era doorways are especially poignant.

  15. Thanks Mike Brubaker. Yes, those photographs in front of the one room shacks are really tell a sad story. I have a couple others like those.

    I seldom reconstruct or repair an old photograph. I believe the smudges, scratches and tears to be a part of the story of their journey to our time; part of their story. I do occasionally enhance them slightly where there might be important details we would otherwise miss. In those cases I retain a “before” and “after” copy for comparison. See this typical page:

  16. All great photos, especially those children smiling in the beginning, but gee whiz I'm still laughing at the smoking girls and their nylons rolled up!!! So funny!

  17. Thanks Karen S. Isn't that one a hoot? One has to wonder why they WANTED a picture like that.

  18. My favourite is the 'Giant Step'. That girl has attitude.

  19. Thanks Boobook. You are right! She means business! Say, that gives me an idea. I wonder how many snaps I can find of people with “attitude.” There’s two or three on this page alone.



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