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Back Page - The Novelty Photobooth

The novelty Photo Booth. Shall we call it the "Cut-out" back drop? You go behind a backdrop and put your face through a hole and SNAP! You are part of history!
And the laff of the party!

Fake Donkey
Novelty Photobooth - Mule and wagon
Three on a fake donkey

Novelty Photobooth
Two Girls

Novelty Photobooth
Novelty shop photo

Novelty photobooth
Novelty photobooth
Novelty photobooth

Souvenir photograph, Chicago c. 1940s
Souvenir photograph, Chicago c. 1940s
Here's a new one from guest contributor

Novelty Photograph
Six in novelty photo booth

Novelty Photo Booth - Car
Novelty Photobooth car

Novelty Photobooth
Novelty Photobooth
Novelty photobooth

Photobooth Souvenir

Many are from the "New Chinatown" series.
Have you seen any of these?
Do you HAVE one of these?
Contact me! I'll add it to this collection!

Cutout - three riders
Cutout - three dancers

By the sea -  Ma and the airplane

Some are done a bit differently. There is no painted backdrop, just a prop to sit on or in. This one is a fake airplane against the background view of the beach.

Spirit of St. Louis Novelty Photo

This is the more common novelty set up. A painted backdrop with openings for the subjects.

Ride 'em!
Sometimes it isn't a booth at all.
Sometimes it is just a corral and a costume and a fake horse...or two.
Three in the arcade
Pair in novelty photo

Cutout - arcade photo
This one is from the
TASTEVICK Flickr collection
Cutout - arcade photo
This one is from the
TASTEVICK Flickr collection
Cutout Bath - arcade photo
This one is from the
TASTEVICK Flickr collection

This one is a rare find. Three Poses, Same People!
It's from the
TASTEVICK Flickr collection

Novelty photobooth
This would be from a later time period.
It is an early Polaroid shot.
Couple in a photo booth
Cutout - arcade photo

Man and woman in buggy
Ghost town or bust novelty
This one we have learned, is from Knotts Berry Farm.
Novelty Photobooth

Novelty photobooth.
Two Women
Two Women

Arcade Photograph Bicycle for Two
Two Women
Two Women

Tijuana Postcard
Three Sailors (enhanced)
This one has been enhanced a great deal as the original is very faded. Quality work, you know.

On a burro
Here is one that is a little different. Instead of a comic cut-out, a stuffed donkey with a wagon is the prop. These two photographs were obviously years apart.
Novelty Photo

Two guys in novelty photobooth
Novelty photobooth with moon
Novelty Photobooth RPPC Five people
1963 Polaroid
Looks like somebody didn't quite grasp the concept.

Man in Novelty setting
Sailor behind bars arcade photo

Can't get enough? There are more examples on the way.

Watch this space!

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  1. Really surprised at how risque some of them are. Very funny.

  2. Yes, some of them are certainly over the line. And people paid to have their photographs taken with these settings. It’s a mystery to me.



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