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Album - Cleo and the Jodhpur Gang

Three women and a car

There's not a single mark of identification on any of the 83 photographs in this Wood Covered album. So let's call her "Cleo".

The cover was fashioned from two small sheets of plywood, hand painted especially for this set of photographs. There were tan color pages with photographs placed with corners or simply glued on the page.

The photographs are mostly in five different formats and "Cleo" is seen at least once in each format so all the formats are related to the same album.

Casual pose.

Three women and car
This is the same setting and the same three women in the same dresses as the top photograph on this page. The house in the background is the same too but the photograph is a completely different format. The top one is a 2 3/4 X 5 1/2 and this one is a tiny 1 1/2 X 2 format and printed slightly darker.

Three women in park
I suspect that this one is the same day as the one on the left.
Two women in dresses
Two women in bathingsuits

Orlanda waited by the hedge.
Cleo poses
This is Cleo in the white collar seen in three other pictures above.
Phaedra held her purse tightly.

Durwood and Cleo.
That's our Cleo.
One woman and baby on steps
But, this one seems unrelated to any of the others in the album.

Durwood and another man.
Cleo and Durwood

Two women
Two Women on Dock

One Woman in jodhpurs at  the shore
Two Women by the Seashore
Two Women at seashore

Two Women pointing
Two Women and sky


One woman jodhpurs and hand in hair

Turn this way.
Three women in dresses

Two Women and coats
Two women in dresses with a shadow
Two Women and Car
Two women and a car

Two women in long dresses
One Woman and a Dog
Woman with Cat
Two Women Balcony

One woman and coat
Quilla poses with Flowers
Quilla with Flowers
Cleo made up her mind.

Quilla stared in horror.
One Woman By Seashore
Two women and one man in jodhpurs
One woman in jodhpurs on Mountain

Woman Tying a knot
One Woman in Glasses and jodhpurs

Woman by sea in jodhpurs
One woman in jodhpurs
Incensed, Gladys took a swing

Related photograph?

Here is a photograph that appeared on an auction site recently. It was submitted by an interested party who noticed the similarities.

It is posted here for comparison with the Cleo set. Is this the same woman? Is this the same day? The metal rail fence is similar to the rail in some of the other shots. What other similarities do you see?

One woman in jodhpurs on mountain
Two Women in jodhpurs at fence
Two Women in jodhpurs on a Mountain
Two Women in jodhpurs on mountain

One woman with street lamp
A woman, a girl and a dog
Woman and young girl and pets
This is Phluffy.

Woman on the street
Two Women on the street
Two women sidewalk
Man on street

Kaiser's Palace Trier
Kaiser's Palace Trier
How high's the water mama?
Where is this?


One Man at Desk
Two men
Woman and a man in a garden

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