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Sepia Saturday - People on a Boat

(Note: This page originally appeared 3 Sept 2013 for Sepia Saturday and has been updated with additional material.)

The Sepia Saturday suggestion for today:

This week's suggestion, as usual, pointed in several directions. One might have collected some photographs of just places with no people in them or maybe photographs of boats or maybe just photographs that include water.

Photographs seem more interesting with people in them however. There are more stories.

So since this suggestion includes a touring boat with probably lots of tourists, I decided to go with a collection photographs of people on a boat in the water.

Yeah, I know; it's a stretch.

1950 flood

This one is just a raft.

Let's continue on with a few Canoes and Rowboats.


Six men in a boat

Girl in a boat
Woman in rowboat

Here is a common pose:
A girl in a boat.
Why is this popular?
Is it because the camera was handy while loading the boat?
Or is it because the sweetheart just looked so trusting and lovely the photographer couldn't resist?

Sitting with the outboard

Girl in boat 1927
Girl in a row boat woman in rowboat
In the boat

Three women
I guess three girls in a boat would be okay. Okay?
The best girl
Now there's only two in the boat
Girl in a boat

Thelma in white bathing suit in a rowboat 563
Two women
Okay if we can have three in a boat we can have two too. ...also.
Four men in a boat
Or four ...
Girl in a row boat

The girls go fishing
Okay then, FIVE
Five women in boat

The ole' swimmin' hole
It looks like seven may be just about capacity for this little boat.

Now Six.
Two ghosts in a canoe
Two ghosts

Trio in a boat
Two men in a rowboat
woman in rowboat
Two girls in a boat

Well, now. This isn't a row boat.

Okay, let's include a few larger water craft.

Dolly on the boat
Man w dog in boat
By the sea - woman with cap in boat

Well, now. This isn't a row boat either.

It's a ferry.

Crossing by ferry Military stuff on a ferry. What is the plural of Jeep, anyway? Do you have two Jeep or two Jeeps?
17 men on a boat.  At least.  Counting one of the shadows.
Okay, seventeen...
Native cargos Several ...

Algernon Trousers
Dolly on the boat 02

Here are three on cruise ships or ocean liners.

Personal Pinup

Man in life jacket

Those are life rafts and oars stacked above him and he is wearing a life jacket. Must be on a boat.

Working men

Marvin missed the boat

Once again I leave my favorite to the last.

Marvin missed the boat completely.

He would have been on the boat but he carelessly left it parked at the shore without anchor or dock line, while he visited the hot dog stand.

And that's Sepia Saturday for March 9, 2013. I hope it isn't too far off the mark.

Can't get enought? Watch this space!

Bassingbourn 1944 384th Bomber Group, B17 landing
Long lost negatives taken during the winter of 1944-45 at Bassingbourn AAF base in England.

Area 51 and a Half Area 51 and a Half You are probably not authorized to see these.

Don't take my picture! Oh! You DID didn't you! completely unaware of the photographer This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.

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All images are the property of Lost Gallery and the author. Permission must be granted for their use. All rights reserved.

THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. No shortage of punters here! And all the paddles one would ever need to go up the creek.

  2. Thanks Mike Brubaker. Yes, they all look creek-worthy except that one that is full of water.

  3. I bow (pun intended) down to you, what an amazing collection of boat photos!!

  4. You could subdivide these into two groups, those who seemed happy about being out on the water, and those who were making it clear they were underduress. As for Marvin, that's a classic worthy of a category on his own.

  5. Thanks Teresa Wilson Rogers. I get surprised sometimes too when I look for certain categories in the collection.

    Thanks Brett Payne. Some of them do look a bit unhappy or maybe uneasy about the whole event. Marvin's my favorite. The little clutching hand is the clincher.

  6. I'm intrigued. How do you manage to find so many relevant photos each week?

  7. Thanks Bob Scotney. I have been rescuing old photographs, mostly snapshots, for a long time. My original idea for the blog LOST GALLERY was to present pages of similarities of poses, mistakes, clothing, settings and other aspects of old photographs. When I began posting the collection on Flickr for storage, I tagged each photograph with their characteristics. Now when I want to review a subject, such as fur coats, I just do a Flickr search on my stream for “fur” and pick through the results.

    I didn’t do this by any clever design. I sort of just stumbled into it.

  8. What a Grand Collection! I Notice ,So Many Have The Same Contented Smile (bigger than the boats themselves !)
    I particularly like the one with the 7 gils in a boat...very Alice in Wonderland !

  9. A wonderful category! I don't know which is my fave. I like the one of the woman who looks like Jane Curtain. I love the one of the boat out in the middle of the river with all the frilly hats. I love the man in the high waisted pants aboard the cruise ship. He looks like he could break into a softshoe at any moment. And of course your fave it perfect now that I know the whole truthful story behind it.

  10. Thanks tony. Yes, I think getting taken for a row or a cruise might be something to smile about. The photograph of the seven girls is one of my favorites too. I think they might have gotten their feet wet.

    Thanks Tattered and Lost. I had done this category before so I just updated it a bit and re-issued it. The gent on the cruise ship is a TRUE lost photograph. I found it on the sidewalk near an apartment building in Ottawa, Ontario. Someone had dropped it while moving in or out. I searched the neighborhood but no one knew who it belonged to. Maybe someday it will be recognized.

    Love Jane Curtin! Third Rock rocks!

  11. Poor Marvin! I do wonder why those women are showing their shoes. Lots of fun photos!

  12. Rub-a-dub-dub and all that! What a fabulous collection of folks in boats!

  13. Thanks Kathy Morales. Marvin certainly looks a bit strained.

    Thanks Deb Gould. Funny you should say that. I do have a page of kids sitting in wash tubs.

  14. Just brilliant. Here am I struggling to find one a week(and that's only for 3 weeks and I've almost run out) and you present a fabulous gallery. Thanks for making my weekend so enjoyable.

  15. So many boats, so much water, such a fabulous collection of old photographs.

  16. Lots to admire here in this amazing themed collection. You put the rest of us in the shade.

  17. Thanks Liz Needle. You’ve almost run out? Then it’s to the junk shops with you. There are hoards of abandoned photographs to be rescued. I can’t do it alone.

    Thanks Alan Burnett. It took a long time to collect. This one was easy, I had assembled a similar page of this category a couple years back. I just updated it and reissued it.

    Thanks Little Nell. Collecting things like this is an albatross sometimes. This one is certainly fun.

  18. A wonderful collection. Nice pose of the girl standing by the sail (only two of them on the photo, the other one is seated). She looks so graceful, like a sea swan. Poor Marvin. Hope he got the next ride.

  19. Thanks Hazel Ceej. Yes, apart from being tilted slightly, that's a nice photograph altogether.



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