Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sepia Saturday - Umbrellas

(Note: This page was originally published 13 July 2013 and has been updated with new examples added.)

For this week the Sepia Saturday Suggestion is this photograph. Hmm.

Yep, it's an umbrella and a rainy day. Well, in this part of the world, those two things are only hazy memories. For the past few years, we have been experiencing the worst drought since records have been kept.

So let's look for the Umbrella's sunny cousin, the Parasol. We'll see how many of those we can find.

To start off with, here is a real umbrella, and in good use.

If any more umbrellas surface in the LOST GALLERY shoe box, we'll include them too.

In the meantime, here is The Parasol.

Girl and umbrella

Old color Polaroid
Group with cactus
Beach Set women and umbrellas

Mounted Print
Three on a Cabinet Card
Group of girls
Beach at sunset  02

group on grass detail 01

group on grass detail 02
The Parasol.

This gal seems to be really enjoying hers.

Girl with umbrella
Wallet Worn Pinup
Girl with parasol

Girl and parasol
Three women in fashion

This has to be one of the worst tint jobs I have ever seen.

What do you think?


Of course there is still one place you see the parasol still in use: The Beach.

But of course they are often much bigger and are called "Beach Umbrellas" now.

Beach Set asleep in the shade woman with book
Parasol, swimsuit and boots
Four women

Two women beach umbrella
Girl at the beach
Smiling girl at the beach

Trio at the beach
Beach Set asleep in the shade woman with book
Girl and mom with umbrella

Tintype Couple
Beach Set women and umbrellas

Woman and beach umbrella
Lady with beach towel
Trio at the beach

Boy on beach towel

Taking turns with the camera!

Girl on beach

Group on a porch
Girl with Parasol

Carmadie lived on the edge.

Only a half hour earlier, her luck had changed. She won her watch back in the alley craps game. And then her shoes.

By the time Boswell showed up for their date, she had even won an umbrella and a hat that weren’t originally hers.

Carmadie would remember this alley for a long time.


Okay, pull on the Wellies and deploy the 'brollie and slosh on back to Sepia Saturday and maybe you'll find some really rainy days!

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  1. Billions of bumbershoots ... and yes, I do think that's the worst coloring job I've seen since I was about three.

  2. Thanks Brett Payne. I have a page of tinted photographs. That one easily is the worst.

    Since people tend to get out the camera more on sunny days than on rainy days, there logically would seem to be more parasols than umbrellas in photographs.

  3. What a great collection of umbrellas and parasols!

  4. Fantastic selection for this week's topic!

  5. I knew that the theme - a theme that has defeated many of us this week - wouldn't defeat you.

  6. You sure found lots of umbrellas.

  7. Thanks Jackie/jake. I was surprised at how many there were.

    Thanks Alan Burnett. Sepia Saturday suggestions are a challenge sometimes too.

  8. Thanks Diane B. It's a category I have collected.

  9. It would be fun to see the colors of some of these umbrellas/parasols.

  10. Thanks Kathy! Yes, wouldn't it? I often wonder about those grays and what they represent.

  11. The number of parasols is surprising. I've never seen anyone actually using one.

  12. Thanks Postdardy. You know, come to think of it, I have never seen one either. Except in old photographs of course.

  13. The first photo with full duster coat is my favorite. And yes that is definitely the most pathetic excuse for a colorized effect. I've got a few cdv and cabinet card portraits of people posed with umbrellas. It is a curious accessory to include in a photo.

  14. Thanks Mike Brubaker. Yes I have seen studio poses with umbrellas for props. I don't know why that was done either.

  15. Ah beach umbrellas - I should have thought of that too. Nice collection as usual.

  16. Thanks Little Nell. It's an element I look for in old photographs.

  17. I LOVE the tint job on the baby! It looks like a pig.

  18. Thanks Tattered and Lost. Then it's a pig! I tried but I couldn't identify it at all!

  19. Great umbrella collection and not a golf one amongst them.

  20. Thanks Bob Scotney. You know, I don't think the gallery has one of those. I'll look.



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