Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mistakes in Amateur Photography - Double Exposure (Or How to Save on Film)

Pretty maids all in a row

For a number of reasons, the shutter stutters.
The film gets a double exposure.
The film doesn't get advanced for the next picture.
The shutter simply is faulty.
The photographer simply trips the shutter twice, "to make sure".
And you have it: the DOUBLE EXPOSURE.

New Additions
Six Children at the Lake

A bunch at Abbot Lake
Doggie Dreams
The gargoyle
The car car

Double Exposure with Blimp
Triple exposure

Chain girl
Girl in doorway
Couple couple

Just a Hint
This one is the scariest.
Childhood dreams
Childhood dreams

Saving Film Bud Light
This must be the strangest Double Exposure in the collection. How many pictures are there?

double exposure

This must be the oldest double exposure in the collection.

November 19, 1953
Dreaming of flying.
Auto Wreck

Ghost car

Double exposure
Part of a series

boy on the beach
Double exposure

Double exposure
Double graduation
Double Chain

Drum Major
One man parade.

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Area 51 and a Half Area 51 and a Half
You are probably not authorized to see these.

Don't take my picture! Oh! You DID didn't you! completely unaware of the photographer
This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.

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THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery
how a photograph of any
of these precious children
could end up lost
or abandoned.
Here are a few.
You will probably say
"Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Wow! This may be the creepiest genre in your collection. All the photos have that dream or nightmare quality that makes them accidental works of art. The blimp over the paddleboat is my favorite, but the double line of ladies is fantastic too.

    1. Thanks Mike Brubaker. You are right; some of these old photographs are downright creepy. The superimposed double images always produce an unsettling feeling for me. The chain of women is my favorite too. The blimp photograph is the most popular though. It has collected almost 18 thousand views on Flickr.



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