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McDeavitt Photographs

20130407 tree on gray small version 03
Three pals

Ida Mae Taggert
Bernice Myrtle McDeavitt
Ida Mae Taggert, Bernice Myrtle McDeavitt
Ida Mae Taggert, Bernice Myrtle McDeavitt
Ida Mae Taggert
Grace E. McDeavitt
Orrie T. McDeavitt
Faye Rebecca McDeavitt
Ida, Grace, Orrie, Faye
Ida, Grace, Orrie, Faye
Faye Rebecca McDeavitt
Grace E. McDeavitt
Faye and Grace
Faye and Grace

These photographs were found loose and mixed with many others in Longview, Texas. There didn't seem to be a connection at first. They were different formats, shapes, sizes.

Then I noticed a couple names repeated on the backs. On one:Ida, Grace, Orrie and Faye. On another: Faye and Grace McDeavitt. With these names I began building the tree at the top of the page and discovered that Ida, Orrie and Gene were related too. On the fifth photograph the back included the name George McDeavitt and that tied all five photographs together. But the names Bertha Wimer and Jayne Gahagan seemed unconnected.

I posted all five photographs on Flickr. A short time later, Puzzlemaster discovered the connection with the other names noted on the reverse sides.

Mother and child
Mother and child

From puzzlemaster:
Google searching on the names Gahagan and McDeavitt led me to this excellent genealogy, from which all of the following is derived.

The key seems to be the large family of Isaac C. and Margaret Jane Robinson Wimer of Butler Co PA. The Wimers were connected to the McDeavitts in multiple ways across the generations, for instance, Margaret Jane Robinson Wimer's sister Ida, married a McDeavitt.

This photo and it's legend have more to do with four of Isaac and Margaret Wimer's daughters.

First of all, I believe the adult woman in the photo is Bertha Wimer, Isaac and Margaret Jane's youngest daughter, born 1904 and died in 1923.

The child is likely Jane M Gahagan, daughter of Raymond G. Gahagan and Mary Blanche Wimer, Isaac and Elizabeth's seventh child. Jane was born about 1920.

Isaac and Margaret Wimer also had two daughters who married McDeavitts:

Elmeda "Meda" Wimer (b 1894), Isaac and Margaret Jane's fifth child, married "Bert" McDeavitt,

Elizabeth Wimer (b 1888), Isaac and Margaret Jane's third child, married
Robert E McDeavitt, a son of John Henry and Eleanor McDeavitt and brother to Faye and Grace McDeavitt, pictured elsewhere (see above).

The Margaret mentioned on the back of the photo may be a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Wimer McDeavitt who was born in 1918 and died in 1923, according to gravestone records.

George, and how the pictures ended up in Texas, continue to be a mystery.

So to recap. if I am right, the photo represents baby Jane Gahagan, aged about 2 perhaps, with her 17 or 18 year old aunt, Bertha Wimer around the year 1922, probably in West Liberty, Butler Co, PA.

20130409 wimer tree for web stage 03 gray


Here are six additional photographs that might be connected to the above family. These have no identification on them but they were found in the same batch and seem about the same age.

Baby in grass

Two women on the steps
Two women
Two women
Woman on steps

All of the family lineage that I have discovered so far, is based in Pennsylvania, much of it around Butler County, Pennsylvania. The two open questions remain: Who is George McDeavitt and how is he connected to this tree?

And most mysterious: How did these photographs end up in Longview, Texas?

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  1. Can I Say,The Way That You Display Your Photos & Info Does Both Them & You Much Justice!Nice One!

  2. Thanks very much. This one was a hard one to assemble. It is a huge family with many branches. Reducing the tree to a size that would fit on the page and still include everyone mentioned in the photographs was an exercise. I had a lot of help from Puzzlemaster too.

    Maybe I'll turn up a descendant.



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