Sunday, January 13, 2013

At The Beach - The Girlfriend, Page Two


Here is page two of our favorite girl at the beach.

There's something special about the first three. Can you spot what is the same and what is different in them?

Sorry, Sepia Saturday. I entered the wrong URL. If you were looking for TRUCKS they are ON THIS PAGE instead.

Sitting in the sand

Sitting on a rock

Hurry, this water's freezing!
Girl in the surf
Girl in a boat

Girl in a bathing costume
The Times they are a changin'
I never promised you a rose garden
Another pose

At the pool
Wallet Worn Pinup
The raft is sinking.

Woman at Alantic City
Girl in Surf
At the Beach
At the Beach

At the Beach
At the Beach

At the beach
At the Beach

At the Beach
Beach 1920
Woman in a swing

Brandi poses
Personal Pinup
Pose on the beach

Woman at Iron Fence
Swimsuit and high heels
Woman with row boat in Atlantic City

Woman at Atlantic City Beach
Woman on Beach with Hat
Girl at Atlantic City Beach 1943

Girl in Green Swim Suit
Girl in green swim suit
Girl in Bathing Suit

Girl on Beach
old bathing garb, woman on beach
Diving pose

White sunsuit
At the beach
 girl on dock with two piece bathing suit

on the rocks
Swiming cap and Beach Towell
Girl in surf
On the steps to the beach

Gloria at the lake side
By the sea 1963 One girl in water
Girl on beach 2
Girl on rocks

Sorry, Sepia Saturday. I entered the wrong URL. If you were looking for TRUCKS they are ON THIS PAGE instead.

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  1. Okay, I'm clueless on the first three, but I'll blame that on low blood sugar.

    But there are some seriously sad bathing attire in here. I love them! You should have participated this time in Sepia Saturday so everyone could have seen these.

  2. Thanks! I'll look into Sepia Saturday.

    The First Three are the same girl, the same bathing suit but three different dates: Mar 60, Apr 60 and Mar 62.

  3. I wonder what the collective noun for girls in bathing custumes is : a blush of beauties maybe. A great Sepia Saturday entry.

  4. So funny, the first two look like they were taken on the same day- hair style the same and the suit and background seem the same. But two years apart. I know from my own family's albums that the date appeared when they were printed and not when they were taken! Excellent record of so many different styles in suits. All very happy too!

  5. A “blush of beauties” works for me! On your prompt I looked it up. According to the Jacana Unusual Collective Nouns Page, it is a “Delight” of bathing beauties. Several other sources suggest “Bevy” also, but “Blush” works best for me.

  6. Thanks Karen S. You are right! The date showing in the border of prints made in that era was the date they were in the photo lab. It’s possible the photographs were all taken the same day, just processed at different times. Of course “Mar 62” and “Apr 60” might even be the same roll of film. It might have gone back to the photo finisher lab for reprints a couple years later. The print paper although the same size, is not identical.

    The “Mar 60” print is a different format though and quite likely came from a Brownie Hawkeye or similar camera.

    Her hair seems pretty much the same in the “Mar 62” and the “Mar 60” prints but in the “down” style in the “Apr 60” print. Perhaps with the hair up she is in “swimming” mode and with it down she is in “posing” mode. It could all be within the same day but two different cameras involved.

    Good point!

  7. I was surprised at the size of your collection. All the same girl?

  8. Ok that's a lot of sand. Alan is so good with words but a "Blush of beauties" begs the question - what shall we call a cavalcade of ugly? Blush might work for that too.

  9. Thanks Postcardy. The first three are the same girl, but printed at different times.

  10. Thanks Mike Brubaker. I’m sure there’s a good, descriptive term in there somewhere.

  11. Rgwew is one girl among these treats for tired eyes who reminds me of a young Cilla Black (personalpose)

  12. Thanks Bob Scotney. It could happen!

  13. She has her hair down in the third one?

    I love the format/template that you are using ... what is it? This is the first time that I have seen so many pictures that go all the way across.

    What a grand collection of bathing beauties.

    Kathy M.

  14. I like a bevy of bathing beauties. When else do you get to use that word?
    These are wonderful...everybody is happy in the beach pictures and the suits are really fun to study.

  15. Thanks Kathy M. Yes she does have her hair set differently in the third shot. Just about the only things that are the same in all three are the bathing suit and the girl. The prints differ in format, date, location and pose.

    Thanks! You are the first person in five years of blogging to mention the Lost Gallery format.

    Once I had settled on the idea of posting sets, groups and categories of found photographs I realized that scrolling dozens of photographs single file or even two at a time would be a strain on the scrolling finger. I wanted to have photographs side by side for comparison as in the “enhancement” series and the incidental things such as first girl on this page. I wanted to be able to post whole album pages, just as I found them. I also wanted to post some photographs very large so that the detail could be studied.

    So I wrote my own flexible template. It was awkward at first because I had to tailor each page for the photographs involved. But it has become quite easy. And best part, I learned some new stuff: HTML. Early on, I spent some frustrating afternoons looking for a missing bracket or semi-colon. But that became a rare occurrence. I enjoy the option of designing each page, colors and placement. Now, nearly ten thousand rescued photographs later, I hardly notice the extra steps.

    I remember now that I did get one complaint back when I started. One fellow had a very narrow screen apparently and he disliked having to scroll back and forth to see the posting. Now today everybody has a wide screen and the modern browsers make screen and content size optional.

    The drawback for most would be no gadget column along the sides for clouds, links, followers and stuff. Any of those things that I want has to go at the bottom of the page.

    I bet that’s way more than you wanted to know about it, but thanks for asking.

  16. Thanks Helen Bauch McHargue. I think “bevy” works too. It is a collective noun usually referring to birds, especially when closely gathered on the ground. Since, “bird” was ‘60’s era slang for a girl, bevy works rather well for a collection of girls on the beach.

    And yes, there is something happy about photographs on the beach. Adrenalin is flowing, the sun is warming the spirit and the (relatively) fresh air has a positive effect on everyone. I think it is everyone’s “day off” from their regular responsibilities.

  17. You won't hear me complaining about the fact that I see no trucks ;)
    Great post, you could start a bathing suit fashion magazine!

  18. I just like to rescue old photographs and categorize them then put them into groups on LOST GALLERY.

    Sorry. I just discovered I entered the wrong URL for the "Trucks" page. I don't think I can change it. I'll try to get it right from now on. I put a link to the right page at the top and bottom of this page.



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