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Turn It Over - There's Something on the Back! November 2012

Very often, notations on the reverse of these found photographs are obscure or too brief or illegible. Most often there is nothing at all.

But now and then there is a message from the past that sparkles.

Back in March of 2009 LOST GALLERY had a full page of photographs and their very interesting reverse sides. There have been many new additions to the collection since then.

Here is a new group of those photographs with mysterious, funny and sometimes puzzling reverse sides; tiny bits of history, reaching out to us over the decades and sometimes centuries.

Can't get enough?

Here are some other pages featuring sometimes common, sometimes strange messages on the reverse of rescued photographs.
Bertha and Katie
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Earl G. Hammock
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Tintype Couple
Tintype Couple

On reverse:
Vella &
Levi Hay
Joanna Boles
Made in Dallas

Bertha and Katie
Bertha and Katie reverse

On reverse:
Bertha Patton
Katie Martin

Berthe Stearns

on a rock
on a rock

On reverse:
This is Glenn and I
By the Lake and our
House in the distance
that we was living at.

(Grammar was obviously not her favorite subject.)

Small portrait
Small portrait (reverse)

On reverse:
Earl Bostick

G. S. Thompson
Dublin Texas

(From Ancestry.com: Holmes Earl Bostick was born 27 Feb 1915 and died 07 Mar 2002
Father was Chesley Butler Bostick (1856-1957) and mother was Mattie Maude Mooney (1873-1950, both of Alabama.)

Four young men

On reverse:
WIlliam Nyquist No 1
(???????) No 2
Oscar Carlson
Gust Lilja No 3
Joe Nyquist No 4

Four young men

School Picture
School Picture

On reverse:
Gordon Wingate
Harry Wingate
James O'Connel
Bruce Harrington
Harlow Trescott
Richard Clancy
2nd row
Leon Voster
Dana Colingrove
Jimmy Homet
John O'Neal
Paul Heath
Acker Smith
Richard Homet
John Cole
Charles Brown
George Shuster
3rd row
Alice Phillips
Hazle Cole
Agnes A.
Margorie Vosler
Marlyn Ward
Marie Thomas
Betty Jane Douglas
Olitta Morse
Evelyn Benson
Joyce Temperato
Helen Redman
Miss Snyder

Man and woman with hat

On reverse:
W. E. (?)rter (perhaps Foster) & Wife
Too (For)
Wm & Mrs. W. H. Atkinson
Taken Sept=11=1903
Sllelm P U (?)
or perhaps Salem PA

On the front, embossed at bottom, barely visible: W. P. Young, Columbia, Tenn.

Six men enhanced
Six men

On Reverse:
Joseph Reese civil war
Seneca Reese Athens Georgia
Jesse E. Reese Pana Ill - Georgia
Egvert Reese Chicago
L. D. Reese Crestor Ill
William Reese (half brother) Proffessor Kansas
Reunion held at Jesse E. Reese home

Grandma and child
Grandma and child reverse

On reverse:
Long Beach Cal
Sept 7th 1926
Great Grand Mother
Ida May McGiffin
Great Grand son
James Webb Powell Jr.

Two names, two different generations, two generation apart.

I found Ida May McGiffin (1855-1934), but I haven’t discovered her maiden name yet. She and David G. McGiffin (1848- ) married in 1873. I can find only one child, Edna T. McGiffin (1874- ).

Edna T. (1874- ) married Albert M. Leitzell (1876- ) and they had only one child that I can find. Her name was Velma Leitzell (1899-1995). In the 1930 Census, Ida May McGriffin (1848- ) then 70 years old, was living with Edna T. and spouse Albert M. Leitzell and is listed as mother-in-law to the head of the household.

In 1917 daughter Velma Leitzell (1899-1995) married Webb J. Powell (or J. Webb Powell, depending on the census) (1896- ). They had two children: One daughter they named Edna A. Powell (1920- ) and one son named James Webb Powell (1921-1981).

Woman and child
Woman and child

On reverse:
To Sharon
P. S. you are an ugly
little gril
& stay that way.
Dot Luttle

RPPC Two Children reverse
RPPC Two Children

On reverse:
This is me and Miss
This is Lees
Aunt Megs
Bertha & baby that died

Aunt Meg and Uncle Tom
Aunt Meg and Uncle Tom reverse

On reverse:
Aunt Meg & Uncle
give t his to Aunt
Mags kids if you
want to

Two children in winter coats
Two children in winter coats reverse

Received your
package all O. K.
Martha sends thanks
for same. She is
busy using some
of the stuf/things now
making dol dresses(?)
Dear Mother find
enclosed a little
Xmas present
from Martha and I
Martha and Marg Wen(?)
both have the
grip, but improving
Lots of love to
you both from us
all. Avelitte and Martha

Family group
Group at our house

On reverse:
this is a crowd that were
at our house. quite
a bunch of cute
little kids. Mrs
anderson taken the
picture. That is her
baby I am holding.

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Here are a few.
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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Great photos and interesting, if sometimes confusing, notations. I imagine Earl Bostick looking fairly similar to his baby self when he was an old man. As for Aunt Meg, I wouldn't mess with her.

  2. Thanks Christine H. Yes. Aunt Meg looks as if she gets her way often.

  3. tashequWell that first couple Made in Dallas certainly are a puzzle aren't they? And what a great school photo! I have one where the teacher went in and wrote the first name of every child on the front of the photo.

    As to Dorothy...let's hope she was talking about a Buick.

  4. Thanks Tattered and Lost. I found three different school photographs in this format together. One has nothing written on it but the other has Helen R. on the reverse and appears to have the same teacher.

    I can't figure Dorothy either.

  5. Now I'm trying to figure out why I began my post with some foreign language, though I have no idea which one. Martian?

    Actually I think it was the "I'm not a robot" word in the wrong place. But hey, it ads flair.

  6. Hey, I was impressed. I just figured it was another one of those many things that I don't understand and probably never will.



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