Sunday, July 11, 2010

Posing on a Pony

Here is a page of people just posing on a pony.
They are not traveling.
They are not working.
They are just sitting on a horse to get their picture taken.

Boy on a pony

Anyone have a carrot?
Girl on a pony

Three on a donkey (enhanced version)
Okay, so I ran out of ponies again...
Get over it.
Cowboy outfit
Girl on a pony enhanced

Baby on pony
Hidden Safety, Crouching Parent.
Child on Pony
Kid on a pony

Boy on horse

Boy on a pony (enhanced)
Child on a Pony
Boy on a horse enhanced
Girl on a horse

Boy on a pony
Come back Shane!
Boy on Pony
Boy and pony

Boy on a fake horse
Two children on a horse
Man on a horse

Boy on a pony
I usually try to include only photographs
from the mid 1950's or before but
this one seemed really special.
Four on a Donkey
Yes I see, it's another donkey.
Girl on Pony

Children on an elephant 01

Okay, okay. This isn't a pony either.

Horse and boy

Cowgirl on a horse
Child on a Pony
See Dad hiding back there?
Girl on Pony

Boy on horse
Horse and baby
baby on horse

boy on a horse

You'll recognize some of these from the
page also.

two boys two horses
Girl on horse
boy on horse

Three on a horse
Proof! Oh, okay. Get techincal.
So this isn't really a pony. It's a donkey.

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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. I apparently never lived in one of those neighborhoods where a pony came for a visit. I feel deprived.

  2. A friend of mine whose father was in the photography business some decades back, tells me that it was common practice to lead a fully saddled pony around neighborhoods. They would grab a kid a plunk him on the saddle and offer to take a picture. What parent could resist buying a photo of their kid on a horse? The practice was actually called “kidnapping.”

    Can you imagine anyone doing anything like that today?

  3. These days some parent would be out in the street yelling "If you don't clean up this horse s*** I'm suing!"

    Somewhere along the line the majority of people lost common sense and now we all live in fear of each other.

    Bring on the ponies. I have a pony living behind me. Perhaps I need to take him around the neighborhood and pick-up some extra cash.

  4. Good luck. These days you will need an attorney present, a ton of liability insurance, a city permit, a state license and the EMS on speed dial. And when the SPCA hears of it you’re finished anyway. Today it’s COMMON SENSE for fun and profit.

    I have an empty field behind me also. It’s leased out for grazing. We get mostly cattle but we have seen lots of ponies and once a small burro. Not a single emu yet.



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