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The Biplane

Biplanes in the rain

Here is a page of those wonderful old flying machines. I have named as many as I can. Do you recognize any of the others?

BE 12 A
BE 12 A
German AEG G IV K
German AEG G IV K

Roland G 1
Roland G 1
Westland Wallace biplane
Westland Wallace biplane
Dehaviland D H A
Dehaviland D H A

Man two seater biplane
two seater biplane
Man and plane
Grumman biwing
The Grumman F3F-2 U. S. Navy Single Place Fighter.

Old sea plane
Curtiss HS-1 or Curtise HS-2
identified by Doug Sheley
Woman in  jodhpurs with kid by a very early light plane
two kids on an airplane wing

Biplane and two men
Biplane NC9756, Radial Engine
Biplane with Radial Engine
Biplane with Radial Engine

Staggerwing Beechcraft with pilot
Identified as a Waco 10
by Caesar
Staggerwing Beechcraft
Identified as a Waco 10
by Caesar
Potomac Flying Service
Potomac Flying Service

Two seater biplane
Two seated biplane
Twin Engine Biplane
Sopwith Tabloid

This one was identified as Sopwith Tabloid by Flickr member ghimmelmann

Sperry Messenger

These two aircraft are called the Sperry Messenger.

From Wiki:
The Sperry Messenger was an American single-seat biplane designed by Alfred V. Verville working for the Engineering Division of the United States Army Air Service and built under contract by Sperry Aircraft Company of Farmingdale, New York. The aircraft was later designated the M-1 and MAT by the USAAS. Sperry produced approximately 50 Messengers and the civilian two-seat version, the Sport Plane, between 1920 and 1926.

The Sperry Messenger

DH82 Tiger Moth
Thanks to fulvue on Flickr:
This is a DH 82 Tiger Moth. Registered in 1935 and shown as change of ownership in 1940. Original owners: The London Aeroplane Club, Hatfield
(The name is visible on the nose).

 biplane 691


German biplane
Well, this WAS a biplane.

D. Sheley
Very neat photo! It is a Martin MB-2 (later
redesignated NBS-1) from the 96th Bomb
Squadron. You can tell it is an MB-2 because
the engines are mounted on the lower wing
instead of between the wings and that it only
had two wheels instead of four.

The insignia is for the 96th Bomb Squadron.
It is a devil holding a bomb.

Biwing Airplane, man and woman
identified as a staggerwing Beech G17
by Caesar
Smith Twins EAA P1
Smith Twins EAA P1
Five biplanes

Neiuport "Chasse" plane
Unknown Light Plane


Old Pics058
Here is the Robinson Redwing, contributed by my Flickr fellow fanatic, FULVUE. It's not really a found photograph but it is such a rare bird it needed a place on this page. Only 12 were made and this is the last survivor. G-ABNX

Three engine biplane
Now these two really are found photographs.
They turned up at the bottom of a box in a dark junk store. It is another rare one, the Short S.8 Calcutta. Only six or seven were built (depending on which account you read). I can't find any information that confirms survivors.

Three engine biplane
Another of the Short S.8 Calcutta
This shot is pretty blurry but it's such a rare aircraft,
I included it anyway. I can find only one other photograph of the G-AATZ.

Sopwith Bat Boat
First Flight 1913, retired 1915. Only 6 built.
On Reverse:
Sopwith Bat Boat, 200 HP

Watch this space!
More to come ...

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  1. what you've identified as a "staggerwing Beechcraft" (first pic with the man standing by the prop) is really a Waco 10

  2. further down you have a pic of a man and woman standing by a biplane with stripes - THAT is a staggerwing Beech G17

    1. Thanks! I have changed the id per your identification. This page was published eight years ago. You're the first to notice that one.



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