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Over the years LOST GALLERY has acquired lots of photographs with pets and farm animals in them. Most often the photo will include the pet owner or a child or just someone holding the animal. For this Back Page the feature will be mostly photographs of the pets all by themselves. What characters they are when posing before the camera.

Two white puppies
Dog and squirrel Squirrel!
The Dog on the porch
Who's that coming up the drive?

Here are three more typical snaps with someone accompanying the pet.

Stardom has its price, takes its toll.
On reverse:
Me and one
of my pals.


Janice had no idea that the parrot had been talking about her.

Dog in the snow
On Reverse:
Poochie 1944
Roy, the ghost cat
Roy, the ghost cat.
Cat and dog at play Tickle fight.
Man and two sheep

Teeny '39
Teeny '37

Rover at the table

Oh. I was just looking for my um...ball. Yeah, that's it.
Pork chop? No. No, I haven't seen any pork chop.

Doggie Dreams
Doggie Dreams
Doggie in a Deck Chair

This is "Blame" the dog, as a pup.

Sitting in a canvas director's chair, foretelling his own future, Blame was to become friends with many movie directors, including Tim Burton and the Coen Brothers (one at a time).

But not Mel Gibson.

Puppy in a lawn chair

Puppy in a lawn chair.
It's very confusing.
Some chairs they let me sit on and others they don't. It's very confusing.

Dog on a chair

Cat in the snow
Sitting in the snow, pretending he likes it.

Dog waiting

Scooter didn't know what was going on. And he didn't care much. He just knew they were getting awfully close to that pork rib he buried last week just a few feet from here.

"Yeah? Well, I ain't to pleased with the size of things either!"

What's all the fuss?

"Are you going to bed anytime soon?
I what to examine some of those things on that indoor tree."


Two cats in a box

Cat on a walk

Kitten on the porch I was taking a nap you know.

The forgotten cat.
A White Kitten

Disinterested cat on a porch
Go away.

A goose for a pet?
There are those that would say "ALL sheep are pets."
Goat pets.
Go on. Tell me this isn't a pet.

How do they drink this stuff?
How do they drink this stuff?

Dog on the grass
Just restin'.
Two horses

Dog in the yard
Two horses

Mama in her dust cap
Two horses

20131005 small sets ohio loop001
Three cats

Feeding the goat
Child and ram


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THE KIDS Lesson one.
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how a photograph of any
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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

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  1. You have some classics here. So often the animal shots you find in a box of ephemera and better off left in the box, but these are great because the animal's personality comes through. Animals doin' animal stuff. I especially like the dog and cat playing.

    I was just sorting through a box at an antique store today and there were rabbits rabbits rabbits! I didn't buy any. They didn't "speak" to me.

  2. Yes, I noticed that too. So often the pet is with someone. Not often does one find the pet alone in a snapshot. I decided to make a page just for these characters.

    I know what you mean. When sorting through old photographs I find ones that seem to be just waiting for me to see it. It is full of stories and questions and activity. They do indeed speak!



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