Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Typewriter - A Modern Antique

T Sgt Reese in Gunn off 03
A Typewriter. Now THERE'S an antique.

Along came the word processor and suddenly the typewriter was extinct.
T Sgt Reese in Gunn off 01 A true antique. T Sgt Reese in Gunn off 02 Oops.

I know it's odd. I decided to do a page of found photographs that contain a typewriter.

Most of them I found in two sets. The top three came from "In the South of England".

It is a large file of 35mm negatives I found in a junk store. They turned out to be all about Bassingbourn Air Base during world war two.

The square format color prints came from an interesting set I purchased from an estate sale that seems to be about a teacher and his friends. I called it
"Dee and the Business School"

Early Hair Trying it in red
Teacher and two girls Classmate
Two more girls in a class room Class
Girl at the typwriter
This is a single one that was not in a group. Sultry typist
4th signal corps This one is from a negative that was found by itself.

The Vintage Photobooth
He said  he liked my eyes.
You put the money in the slot, sit down, pull the curtain and then...

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