Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back Pages - The Itinerant Beach Photographer

By the sea - Woman on wall By the sea - One girl on rocks in a one-piece suit
By the sea, One girl walking By the sea - girl dark suit standing
By the sea - One  little boy, dark suit in surf By the sea - guy in swimsuit
By the sea - man in surf By the sea - One girl poses in a one-piece suit.
By the sea - one guy in water woman in surf
By the sea - girl in the surf By the sea - girl dark suit
By the sea 19590210  couple By the sea - couple in surf

By the sea. A couple on beach in Argentina By the sea - One woman, LIttle girl in surf
20080116 By the sea 1949 One girl By the sea - little girl dark suit
By the sea 1963 One girl in water By the sea 19550205 Family in water

Haven't had enough?
Here is
The Itenerant Beach Photographer PAGE TWO!

The photographer wanders along the beach. Suddenly he shouts "Pose!" And your picture comes in the mail a few days later

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Lost Gallery and the author.
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