Saturday, April 20, 2019

Head and Shoulders Portraits - Page Four

The Head and Shoulder Portrait.

These are studio portraits that don't fall into the photo-booth category or the Cabinet Card and Cart de Viste category, where the photographer is identified. They have their own pages.

The Photo-booth portraits start HERE.
The Cabinet Cards start HERE.
The Cart de Viste pages start HERE.
The tintype pages start HERE

For this page then, here are the odd format portraits old and recent. Black and white or sepia or color. All of these were done in a studio setting.

Photo booth almost

What decides if a portrait is full length or head and shoulders?

If you can see the elbows, it's not a "head and shoulder" portrait.

New Additions

Small mounted portrait of a woman
Portrait of a man
Portrait with Hat

Portrait of a young man
Young Man
Small mounted portrait
Small mounted portrait of a woman

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