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Turn It Over! There's Something On The Back - Page 38

Very often, notations on the reverse of these found photographs are obscure or too brief or illegible. Most often there is nothing at all.

But now and then there is a message from the past that sparkles.

Back in March of 2009 LOST GALLERY had a full page of photographs and their very interesting reverse sides. There have been many new additions to the collection since then.

Here is a new group of those photographs with mysterious, funny and sometimes puzzling reverse sides; tiny bits of history, reaching out to us over the decades, sometimes a century.

RPPC couple
RPPC couple portrait

On the reverse;
Why don't you
ever write?
Want you to get busy
You have a
merry xmas
Papa and Mamma
left this morning on
a visit, left Lyle and I
to keep house

Mazie Kerr

Girl in yard
Girl in yard

On the reverse:
B. O.

Photobooth girl
Ark Loop McAlester Antiques009 rev

On the reverse

Girl in dress
Girl in dress

on the reverse:
Ellen atcher

cdv woman in long dress
Reverse if cdv of woman with long dress

On the reverse:
Cousin Mary Compliments
to Cousin
Wilhelmina Depp

73 West Baltimore st.
Baltimore, Md.

Cabinet Card young man
Cabinet Card young man

On the reverse
Baton Rassu?

J. T. Richardson
Celeste, Texas

CDV Young Man
reverse CDV Young Man

The stamp on the backs of some carte de visite photos was actually a tax revenue stamp which was used by the US government to raise funds needed to fight the Civil War.
Why do some old photographs have a stamp on the back?

Ten Little Children
Group of children

On the reverse:
Nettie Porter
Billy Wood
Frankie Murphy
Joe Richard Hardy
Joanne Martin
Paul Sykes

Old School Mates
Old School Mates (rev)

On the reverse;
Old School Mates
of HC
1 Minnie Harkey Hooper
2. Bida Winn Cox
3. Oat Martein
4 Silas Maggard

Two Graduates

On the reverse:

The old place
reverse of picture of ranch

On the reverse:
Uncle Will
Ranch -
7 miles south
east of Hale

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Cabinet Card portrait of a woman

On the reverse:
Please leave the lock of
hair out of the neck
and side of the head.
Please leave the b----
off the dress and ---
watch cha ---

Photobooth man
Photobooth Man

On the reverse (greatly enhanced)
-- -- -- --
--- Ave H
?get off at?
Two at Fam--- & Cap---
-06 Street

Girl in car
Girl in car

on the reverse:
Cora Dorsey's
New Hotel

Crockett Studio
Clarksville, Texas

Two women
Two women

On the reverse
Kansas City, MO

Child on stairs
Child on stairs

on the reverse
James Larry Davis

Howse & Son
Jan 1950
Commerce, Texas

Small Girl with dolls
Small girl

Linda Marie Sanerbrei - "Mitzie"
(possibly Sauerbrei)
age 3

Boy with guitar
Boy with Guitar

on the reverse
Billy Weed
Aug. 1948

RPPC Boy on Table
RPPC Boy on Table

Robert Earl Newcomer
4 trs old Cleveland O
Born oct 4, 1920
Alliance, Ohio

Child with a hat
Girl on a pedestal

This is Mildred taken last summer
Her dress wasn't that short the
wind was blowing and made
it look that way it was taken
in our front yard


On reverse
To Daddy from
This is a picture
of my cloths
I made these

Parklane Hotel
Park Lane Hotel

On the reverse:
Park Lane Hotel
Kansas City. MO.
Out apt. X

Cabinet Card Woman
Cabinet Card Woman

On the Reverse
Harry & Clark's
Grand Mother

E. H. Porter
Sterling, Kans

Cabinet Card Man with Beard
Cabinet Card Man with Beard

On reverse
Paris Pardon Palmer

Photographer L. D. Judkikns
Bismark, DT
(Dacota Territory)

Cabinet Card Woman
Cabinet Card woman

on the reverse:
Mrs John Helm 1895
third wife

Alfred Baer
Baraboo, Wis

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Bassingbourn 1944 384th Bomber Group, B17 landing
Long lost negatives taken during the winter of 1944-45 at Bassingbourn AAF base in England.

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