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The cowboy outfit

I can tell by your outfit
That you are a cowboy.
You can tell by my outfit
That I'm a cowboy too.
You can tell by our outfits
That we are both cowboys.
If you get and outfit
You can be a cowboy too.

-Smothers Brothers circa 1965

Is this all right, Poppa?

Young Cowboy

Girl on horse
Child in cowboy outfit

cowboy outfit
Three cowboys
Boy with two holsters

Johnnie Axley 03
Cowboy outfit
Johnnie Alexy 02

Cowboy suit
boy on a horse

Here is another one from an itinerant photographer. This one has very elaborate costuming.

Boy on horse

...This one has not.

cowboy outfit
Girl on Pony
Girl on Pony

Boy on a pony
I usually try to include only photographs
from the mid 1950's or before
but this one seemed very special.
Cowboy and Buggy

boy on horse

Itinerant photographers brought a pony around to neighborhoods for the purpose of selling photographs to dad and mom. They would lead the horse up, plunk a kid on it and what mom could resist having a photograph? Some brought lots of costuming too. Here we have chaps, hat, rifle and scarf. The process was called "kidnapping" in the industry. (Thanks to opiejeanne for the background information)

cowboy suit
Cow girl with a rope and hat

Howdy. Come up and sit a spell.
Howdy. Come up and sit a spell.
Four Cowboys

Boy on a fake horse
cowboy outfit

The most popular photographs most popular, Family Group,
An album of the most requested photographs in the Lost Gallery.

Area 51 and a Half Area 51 and a Half
You are probably not authorized to see these.

Don't take my picture!
Oh! You DID didn't you!
completely unaware of the photographer

This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.

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THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery
how a photograph of any
of these precious children
could end up lost
or abandoned.
Here are a few.
You will probably say
"Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Wonderful!

    Now where are the cowgirls?

  2. Believe it or not - I have at least one! As soon as I find her I will add it to this page.

  3. All so wonderful. The little girl on the horse with her dad behind her reminds me of the expression on the face of the one I have that I said proved immigrants came with ponies, contrary to what Seinfeld said. That same sort of "something doesn't smell right" look.

  4. Thanks again. Indeed the little one seems ready to object.

    I take a clue from your blog now and then about what to collect for a page. The similarity of the poses and the places that people found to photograph is fascinating.



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