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Album - Touring in Scotland

This group of old photographs was found together, yellowed and curled, in one envelope. There's 25 shots, probably a full roll of 35mm film. The yellow has been drained away and some shots leveled but no other corrections have been made.

The location is Scotland. it seems. It appears it was a guided tour of Mauchline, East Ayrshire, the area where Robert Burns lived.

What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

If you can further identify anything in these shots, leave a comment or send a note to phase65 at Yahoo dot com.

Touring Scotland
Touring Scotland

Statue of Poet Ramsey
Statue of Poet Ramsey

Edinburgh, West Princes Street Gardens, Allan Ramsay Monument.

Ramsay's greatest success was with his long pastoral poem "The Gentle Shepherd", published in 1725. In 1736 he lost money investing in a failed theatre project in Edinburgh. In 1755 Ramsay retired from his bookshop, living until his death in 1758 in an octagonal house close to the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Today this house is still called Ramsay Lodge, and forms the central part of the spectacular Ramsey Gardens, overlooking Edinburgh New Town from high on Castle Rock.
--from Undiscovered Scotland

Touring Scotland
Touring Scotland
Kelvingrove art gallery and museum, Glasgow.

Touring Scotland
It is Princes Street again. That is the Royal Scottish Academy
and the pinnacle is of course the Scott Monument.
Touring Scotland
Main Building, Gilmorehill, Glasgow University

Touring Scotland
Sandy Wood, Collections Curator, Collections Department, Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture in Edinburgh says the Degas exhibition was in 1952.
Touring Scotland

Touring Scotland

Hanover Street looking North
Touring Scotland

Touring Scotland

The man in uniform is a 'Commissionaire' - ie. had been a non-commissioned officer in the forces (eg. a sargeant) and belonged to the Corps of Commissionaires. They would be employed as doormen at offices, and run errands, etc. Not a profession you see anymore.
He might be standing in front of a radio station or a recording studio or maybe a record store. The signs on the window are (from the top) RCA Victor, KB Radio, Decca Records and "Bush" a brand of radio and TV manufacturers. Perhaps it is an electronics store that sells records too.

Tourist Snapshots
The Robert Burns Cottage
Below is a much better shot from fulvue on Flickr taken from exactly the same spot.
Mind you, this is probably about 64 years later ...

Touring Scotland
Sign on Burns Cottage
Touring Scotland
Woman standing outside the Burns cottage, probably at the rear.

Touring Scotland

"The Call" Princes Street Gardens West in Edinburgh

Touring Scotland
Touring Scotland

Poosie Nansie was the wife of George Gibson, and the owner of a Mauchline tavern much frequented by beggars and 'gangrel bodies'. It was this Inn in the Cowgate which Burns visited, and where the revels which inspired 'The Jolly Beggars' took place. Agnes Wilson was employed as a servant by them. They had a son, Jock, and a half-witted daughter, known as 'Racer Jess', because of her speed in running errands.

Poosie Nansie's is still an Inn. --from Burns Encyclopedia

Mackie's Shortbread

Mackie's Edinburgh Shortbread at 108 Princes street, Edinbugh, Scotland

Touring Scotland

Touring Scotland
Touring Scotland
This is probably the tour group for that day. The other shot at the left seems to be when the group was getting ready for the shot.

Touring Scotland
This last one was obviously shot through the tour bus window.

The original order of the shots is unknown so these have been grouped roughly by subject.

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