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Mabel May-Yong filmography

After assembling an internet-scrapbook of items about Mabel May-Yong it was obvious that a filmography was needed.

Here is a list of the movies credited to Mabel May-Yong, in her various spellings. These have been collected from several sites on the web, some of them in German. Those were all translated with Google-Translate.

All the information has been consolidated. Where there are conflicting or multiple versions of facts, both versions are included with an "OR" separating them. All the sources that apply will be included at the last line of each.

These are the sources (so far):
German Early Cinema Db
Film Zeit
and of course good ol'

Now here's the caution. These are all internet sourced and you know how reliable that can be. Noted at the end of each review are the sources that contributed to it. If a review used three or four sources it is possibly more reliable than a review that has only one source. But remember, some sites are just repeats of another site (as this one is).

This is a collection of search results for the term "Mabel May-Yong".
The information displayed can not be linked to a specific person and is collected entirely from public sources.

Um die Liebe des Dompteurs
or Das Drama im Zirkus Sarasani
- To Love the Trainer
or The Drama in the Circus Sarasani
Director - Heinz Karl Heiland
Script - Heinz Karl Heiland
Producer - Frankfurter Film Co. (s. a. Heilnd)
Length - 4 Acts, 1382 m
Location - Exteriors: Ceylon
Censor - February 1918
Ferdinand Bonn as Janaya
Eva Speyer as Wanda Renella
May de Yong as Dingiri
Lo Holl
Unknown actor as Tochter Rabi
Unknown actor as Vater Roomaya
Unknown actor as Mutter Meehamy
Unknown actor as Wucherer Gathara
Unknown actor as Munuswami Mahout
Synopsis: Indian drives loved trapeze artist into madness when she kills his elephants.
Source: German Early Cinema Db,
Allan Quatermain
- Allan Quatermain
Director - Horace Lisle Lucoque
Albert Lawrence as Allan Quatermain
Halford (H. J.) Hamlin as Sir Henry Curtis
Ray Brown as Captain John Good
Elise Hamilton as Sorais, the Dark Queen
Edward Vincent as Agon, the Priest
George Taylor as Prince Nasta
Abe Barker as Alphonse
A. O. Glisson as Rev. Mr. McKenzie
Florence Roberts as Mrs McKenzie
Violet Woolls-Sampson as Flossie McKenzie
Umpikayiboni as Umslopogass (Really?)
Mabel May-Yong OR Mabel May as Nylephtha, The Fair Queen
Opinoins vary on this one. Since, in the same period, there was also an actress named Mabel May, it is not positive that this credit is to her or to Mabel May-Yong. Mabel May is also is credited with fifteen other movies none of which lists her as Mabel May-Yong. Worse, there is no biographical information on either Mabel May or Mabel May-yong.

Note: Another movie was made the same year named “King Solomon’s Mines” with the leading character Allen Quatermain played by Albert Lawrence but without Mabel May-Yong. Scripts of both “Allan Quartermain” and “King Solomon’s Mines” were based on the H. Rider Haggard novel “King Solomon’s Mines”

The story and the character have been repeated many times in movie history by such as Cedric Hardwicke, Stewart Granger, Sean Connery, Patrick Swayze and twice by Richard Chamberlain.
Source:, IMBd, Filmweb
Der Diplomatensäugling
- Diplomat’s Infant
Censor - 29 Sep 1921
Premiere - 17 Aug 1919
Director - Erich Schonfelder (First Directoral Work)
Producer - Paul Heidemann
Production - Paul Heidemann, Film GmbH Berlin
Length - 3 Act. 1030 m
Paul Heidemann
Max Zilzer
Mabel May-Yong

Damon Der Welt 2: Wirbel des Verderbens
- Demon World 2: Vortex of Perdition
Premiere (for buyers) February 1920
Director - Siegfried Dessauer
Artistic Director - William Kahn
Script - Rudolf del Zopp, William Kahn
Camera - Otto Jager
Set - August Rinaldi
Production: Kahn Film, William
Length - 6 Acts, 1877 m
Censorship 14 Jul 1920
Charles Willy Kayser as Edgar Morton
Ethel Scharo as Casino Owner, Politician (Source lists as Ethel Scharon.)
Bernhard Göetzke as Zankoff
Heinz Salfner as Sven Galvaström
May de Yong as Ingg (Source does not indicate that Mabel May-Yong.)
Anna von Palen
Karl Falkenberg
Toni Ebärg as Hella
Synopsis: Disappointed by love, he goes into politics.
Dämon der Welt. 3. Das goldene Gift
- Demon World 3, The Golden Gift
or Demon of the World - Part 3: The Golden Gift
Screening - June 1920
Director - Rudolf del Zopp or Siegrfied Dessaur
Artistic Director - William Kahn
Script - Rudolf del Zopp, William Kahn
Camera - Otto Jager
Set - Willi A. Hermann, August Rinaldi
Production - William Kahn-Film GmbH, Berlin
Production Company - Kalem Co. New York (USA)
Length - 6Act. 1859 m
Censorship - 28 Jan 1921
Georg John as Fred Osring (Inventor)
Charles Willy Kayser as Edgar Morton
Heinz Salfner - Sven Galvastrom
Mabel May-Yong as Inge Galvastrom (Daughter)(Source is unsure Mabel May-Yong is in the cast.
Kurt Middendorf
Josef Reithofer
Synopsis - Artificial Gold disintegrates after 3 months.
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit,
Source "Serials and Series" book lists cast for all three parts in the series.
Manus Immaculata or Die Unbefleckte Hand
- The Immaculate Hand
Premeire - 28 Jan 1921 (IMBd - 4 Nov 1920)
Director - Rudolf Walther-Fein
Script - Manfredo Pinelli
Production - Anvil Movie Dworsky & Co., Berlin
Length - 5 Act, 1900 m
Censorship - 11 Apr 1920
Mabel May-Yong
Marion Illing
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit, CITWF

Der indische Todesring oder Sieben Worte
- The Indian Death Ring or the Seven Words
Premiere - 13 Dec 1920
Director - Ismar Stern
Art Director - Hans Neirth
Camera - Karl Lambert Einsink
Production & Distribution- Platus-Film, Stern & Co.
Erich Bartels as Jim Fister
Max Freiburg as Blackmore, Antique Collector
Harry Forster as Professor Smith
Max Kaufmann as Hilton
Mable May-Yong as Tanzerin Odette Fleur
Max Rosen as Jack Morton
Max Ruhbeck as Cromer, private scholar
Alfred Seidemann as Teppichhändler Nasr Eddin
Henry Stern as Bob, boy
Ludwig Trautmann as Frank Harvey, Detective
Source: IMDb,,
Indische Rache
- The Indian Revenge
Premier in Germany 21 Apr 1920,
Director - Georg Jacoby and Leo Lasko,
Art Director - Kurt Wichter or Georg Jacoby
Script - Robert Liebmann, George Jacoby
Camera - Frederik Fuglsang
Producer - Paul Davidson
Production - Titanic Film, Union Film
Length - 5 Acts, 2049 m, 103 min
Censorship - 20 Jul 1921
Greg (or Georg) Alexander as Bob Dickson, Editor, or Journalist Bob
Mabel de Jong (Mabel May-Yong) as
Ernst Dernburg as William Astor
Max Laurence as Captain
Harry Liedtke as Edward Astor
Edith Meller as Ellinor Glyn (owner of the New York Times)
Josef Peterhans as Indian Chief Priest of Kali
Emil Rameau as Second Indian
Bruno Wiesner or Ziener as First Indian
Hermann Picha -
Albert Patry -
Mady Christians -

Synopsis: Edward Astor, son of wealthy American artist William Astor’s, disappeared since his return from a trip to India . From this trip he brought a local man who acted since then as his servant. The young Ellinor Glyn, owner of the New York Times wants to investigate the mysterious affair and sets all her levers available to move to track down Edward. Located with a lively reporter Bob Dickson at her side. Both can finally make the millionaire son of identifying who is fallen into the clutches of an Indian sect. In Byapur they free him from the hands of the chief priest of Kali, the Edward just wants to offer that goddess as an offering . (Wiki - Translated from German)
Second synopsis: Journalist rescues a woman who saves her lover from the hands of Indian priests.

Details: Indian Revenge was shot in winter 1919/20 , passed in April 1920, the film censorship and was on 10 April 1920 Berlin UT Kurfürstendamm premiered. The five-act film had an original length of 2118 meters long (after cuts about 2048 meters) and received Jugendverbot (banned for minors). In Austria, the strip was only 1,700 meters long. The Filmbauten were designed by Kurt Richter. (translated from German)
Source: , IMDb, German Early Cinema Db,

Das schwarze Boot
- The Black Boat
Premiere - 13 Dec 1920
Director - Max Neye
Script - Max Neye
Production - Plutus Film, Berlin; Stern & Co.
Length - 5 Act, ca. 1579 m
Censorship - 13 Dec 1920
Erich Martels as Frank Sneaders, Gen. Lincoln, Kunstreiter
Hedwig Ehrle as MiB Alice
Harry Forster as Dr. Arthur Gloster
Max Kaufmann as Harry Wood
Mabel May-Yong as Doris Carey
Hermann Pfanz as James Welson, Director of Life Insurance Atro
Henry PleB as Bill Chester
Max Ruhbeck as Dr. Thompson
Otto Sauter-Sarto as Morris Police Inspector
Harry Stern as Fred
Ludwig Trautmann as Tom Rivers, Detective
Reinhold Weiglin as Teddy Cottage, landowner
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
Der langsame Tod
- The Slow Death
AKA - Die Nach Liebe Schmachten, Dir Verleugneten Jahre,
Release - 16 Dec 1920
Director - Carl Wilhelm
Art Director - Carl Ludwig Kirmse ( as Carl L. Kirmse)
Script - Ruth Goetz (Novel and screenplay)
Camera - Arpad Viragh
Production - Carl Wilhelm-Film GmbH, Berlin for the distributors Terra-Film AG, Berlin
Length - 6 Act, ca. 2071 m
Censorship - 16 Dec 1920
Resi Orla (or Ressel Orla)
Lucie Hoflich (photo)
Eduard von Winterstein
Albert Pauling
Richard Georg
Guido Herzfield
Charles Willy Kayser
Mabel May-Yong
Karl Platen
Arthur Somlay
Lisa Marton
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
Tamburin und Castagnetten
- Tamourine and Castinet (Joe Deebs Series)
Premiere: April 1920 (Reformikino, Hamburg)
Director - Martin Hartwig, Leo Lasko
Art Director - Kurt Richter
Camera - Friedrich Weinmann, Kurt Waschneck
Script - Richard Hutter, Wilhelm Roellinghoff
Producer - Paul Davidson
Production Company - Projektions-AG Union (PAGU)
Length - 4 Acts, 1375 m, 51 min
Censorship: 17 Aug 1921
Carl Auen as Joe Deebs
Fred Immler as Spanier
Mabel May-Yong as Spanierin Tanzerin
Hans Adalbert Schlettow as Weltenbummler
Theo Luckas
Artur Menzel
Marga Lindt
Karl Delmont
Synopsis - Detective makes counterfeiter gang arrest .
Source:IMDb,, EarlyCinema.uni,

Kriminalpolizei, Abteilung Mord
- Criminal, Division Murder OR Criminal Investigation Department "Murder"
Director - Siegfried Dessauer
Art Direction - Fritz willi Krohn (as F. W. Krohn)
Script - Siegfried Dessauer, Oskar Schubert-Stevens
Camera - Waldemar Siewerssen
Production - Atlantic - Film GmbH, Berlin
Length - 5 Act, ca. 1610 m
Censorship - 26 Nov 1921
Mabel Mayy-Yong as Sonja Bogareff
Robert Leffier as Minister Laurence
Josef Rehberger as Anatol Betroff
Colette Corda
Lilly Suess
Edgar Flatau as Charly Rogers
Ernst Loscher
F. Reimer
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
Die Goldene Mauer
- The Golden Wall
Director - William Kahn
Production William Kahn- Film GmbH, Berlin
Length 5Act, ca. 1725 m
Mabel May-Yong
Ludwig Trautmann
Source: IMDb, Film Zeit,
Eine Gefahrliche Fahrt
- A Dangerous Ride OR Dangerous Driving
Director - William Kahn
Production - William Kahn-Film GmbH, Berlin
Length - 5 Act, ca. 1467 m
Censorship - 7 Aug 1920 (released after that presumably)
Mabel May-Yong
Ludwig Trautmann
Source: Film Zeit,,

- Carnival
Premier: January 13, 1921 (world) in Berlin
Director - Frederic Zelnik
Writers - Fanny Carlsen, (from story by Paul Oskar Hocker)
Set, Art Direction - Fritz Lederer
Production - Zelnik-Mara-Film GmbH, Berlin
Length - 5Ac, ca. 2027 m
Lya Mara (See photo at bottom of page)
Heinrich Peer
Johannes Riemann
Karl Armster
Loo (or Lo) Hardy
Ernst Hofmann
Mabel May-Yong
Fritz Schulz
Else Wasa
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
Das Haus der Qualen
- The House of Torment
Premiere: 3 and/or 4 Feb 1921
Director - Carl Wilhelm
Editor - Fritz Kortner
Art Director - Carl Ludwig Kirmse
Camera - Arpad Viragh
Script - Hans Gaus, Carl Milhelm
Production - Carl Wilhelm-Film GmbH, Berlin for the Terra-Film AG, Berlin
Length - 6 Act, 2000m
Ressel or Resi Orla as Maud
Fritz Kortner as Arzt
Rudolf Klein-Rohden as Griffith
Charles Willy Kayser
Nein Soen Ling
Nien Tso Ling
Nien-Ling Tso (may be a misspelling of one of the above)
Mabel May-Yong
Harald Paulsen
Synopsis: A crime film featuring Fritz Kortner and Asian actors Nien Son Ling and Nien Tso Ling set in the exotic underworld of North American opium dens. -Malte Hagener
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
Die goldene Maue
- The Golden Maue
Premiere - 22 Feb 1921
Director - Hans Felix
Art Director - Curt Littmann
Producer - William Kahn
Producion - William Kahn-Film GmbH
Camera - Carl Hoffman, Heinz Stefan, Wilbrand, Gotthardt Wolf
Mabel May-Yong
Ludwig Trautmann
Source: IMDb,,

Der Flug in den Tod
- The Flight to their Deaths or Flight In Death
Premiere - 23 July 1921 (Germany) OR 22 July 1921
Director - Bruno Ziener
Script - Hans Felix, Curt Littmann
Camera - Carl Hoffmann, Hans Steffan Wilbrand
Flying Sequences - Bob Harris
Censor - 22 July 1921
Joseline Dora
Mabel May-Yong
Ernest Winar
Gertrude Welcker
Ernst Demburg
Hans Felix
Production - Deusa-Film GmbH, Berlin
Length - 5 Act. 1871 m
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit,
Was der Totenkopf erzählt
- What Tells the Skull
Premier: 3 August 1921 (world) German
Director - Bruno Eichgrun
Art Director - Methieu Oostermann
Screenplay - Lane Votz (
Camera - Heinrich Gartner
Producer - Bruno Eichgrün
Production - Vampyir Movie (Berlin)
Length - runtime 95 Min (
Mabel May-Yong
Fritz Kampers (photo at bottom of page)
Maria Zelenka
Sybill Morel
Bruno Eichgrun
Charley Berger
Wilhelm Diegelmann
Leonahard Haskel
Hermann Picha
Herwart Retslag
Ferdinand Robert
Otto Treptow
Lene Votz
Synopsis (Genre) - Drama, Thriller, Crime, Politics
Source: IMDb,,,
- Erzgauner (No better translation found.)
Director - Bruno Eichgrun
Premier: 6 Aug, 1921 (the world) German
Script - Mary Warner
Producer - Gustav Althoff OR Bruno Eichgrun
Length - Runtime 94 Min.
Bruno Eichgrun as Nic Carter Robertini, Detektiv
Fritz Kampers as Murphi (photo at bottom of page)
Mabel May-Yong (listed as Mabel May-Jong)
Kurt Keller-Nebri
Nella Retslag
Walter Tost
Ferry Seat Simovles
Synopsis (Genre) - Detective, Mystery, Thriller
Source: IMDb,,

Das Abenteuer des Dr. Kircheisen
- The Adventures of Dr. Kircheisen
Premiere 23 Sep 1921 Germany, 8 May 1922 Finland
Director - Rudolf Biebrach
Script - Robert Wiene
Literary work: Based on the novel “The Mango Tree Miracle” (Das Mangobaumwunder) by Paul Frank and Leo Perutz.
Art Director and Set - Hans Sohnie
Producer - Paul Ebner, Maxim Galitzenstein
Production - Maxim-Film Company, Ebner & Co., Berlin
Studio Maxim-Film Atelier, Berlin, Blucherstrabe 32
Distributed by - Hansa Film
Length - 5 Act, 1453 m 54 min
Lotte Neuman as Greti
Hermann Thimig as Dr. Theophil Kircheisen, Chemist
Hans Marr as Baron Bogh
Mabel May-Yong as Lisa Ziegler
Leopold von Ledebur as Ulam Singh, an Indian
Albert Kunze as The old David
Synopsis: Dr. Kircheisen , a chemist , is asked to save Baron Boghs gardener who was bitten by an exotic snake .
Source: IMDb,,
Schuld und Sühne
- Crime and Punishment
Premiere - 17 Feb 1922 (world) German
Director - Rudolph Biebrach
Writer - Fritz Keller
Camera - Julius Balting
Art Director, Sets - Hans Sohnle
Producer - Paul Ebner, Maxim Galitzenstein
Production - Maxim-Film Company, Ebner & Co., Berlin
Studio Maxim-Film Atelier, Berlin, Blucherstrabe 32
Length 5 Act ca. 1504 m
(Above five lines From Film Zeit)
Rudolph Biebrach
Inge Helgard
Theodore Loos
Mabel May-Yong
Feliz Norfolk
Leopold von Ledebur
Erich Walter
Theodor Loos (Film Zeit)
Source: IMDb,, Film Zeit
- Millions Slider
Premiere (unknown) German
Director - Rudolph Walther-Fein
Writer - Rudolph Strauss, Arthur Wellin and one mention of Fritz Kraenke (
Camera - Ernest Plhak
Sascha Gura as Ethel
Harry Hardt as Bob Stratton
Rudolph Hilberg as E. Wedgewood
Mabel May-Yong as Marge
Erwin Richter as John
Ernst Roberts as A. Steffens
Hans Adalbert Schlettow as Harry
Source: IMDb,,

Frauen, die die Ehe brechen
- Women who commit adultery
Director - Bruno Eichgrun
Art Director - Alfred Columbus
Script - M. O. Green
Camera - Joseg Dietze, Kurt Lande
Length - 5 Acts, 1583 m (5 reels)
Producer - Aafa - Film (Berlin)
Censor - 23 Mar 1922 (banned for minors)
Margit Barnay as Sonja, wife of Furst Roburow
Bruno Eichgrun as Nick Carter
Paul Hardtmuth as Petrasch, switchman
Margarete Kupfer as Ruschka, wife of Pestrasch
Frieda Lefndorf as wife of Kozertmeister Ford
Mabel May-Yong as Pula Sibierska, Prima-ballerina from Russia
Max Neumann as Kozertmeister Ford
Felix Norfolk as Camillo, son of Kozertmeister Ford
Ethel Orff as Tanja (The Russian's lass)
Max Ruhbeck as Nagy
Fritz Russ as Davis Moscheles
Robert Scholz as (Prince) Furst Roburow
Emil Sondermann as Gepackmeister
Helene VoB as Frau Kovalovska
Hans wolmerod as Alex, son of Frau Kovalovska
Emil Sondermann - Luggage Master
Source: IMDb,,
Die Flibustier
- The Filibusters
Director - Karl Gerhardt, Josef Stein
Art Director - Bernhard Schwidewski
Camera - A. O. Weitzenberg (Adolph Otto Weitzenberg)
Censor - 20 Jun 1922
Julietta Brandt
Wladimir Bulatow as Konsul Hastings
Walter Doerry as Leutturmwarter
Lili Dominici as Gabriele, Nobody’s wife
Frieda Dredy as Mrs. Rierson or Pierson
Tronier Funder as Francois Lavary
Fred Goebel
Paul Hansen as Fleterwisch. Friend of Nobody
Mabel May-Yong as Filbusta
Hermann Picha as Patachon, Superintendent of Valmidy
Ludwig Rex as Mr. Pierson
Ernst Schmelz as Mezque, owner of a detective Institute
Walter Wolffgram as son of Mr. and Mrs. Pierson
Sylverster Schaffer, Jun. - Nobody
Source: IMDb,,, for Actor Biographical information Filigree Curry
Der Fund in der Eilenriede oder Liebesrausch und Opfermut
- The Discovery in the Eilenriede or Love Intoxication and Sacrifice
Director Alexander Erdmann-Jesnitzer
Production - Keo Film
Length - 1 hr 22 min (82 min)
ensor - 22 March 1922
Victor Colani
Adolphe Engers
Irmgard FoB
Mabel May-Yong
Anna Muller-Linck
Ernst Winar
Synopsis: Action

Das Kabinett des Dr. Segato
- The Cabinet of Dr. Segato
Production - Aafa-Film AG
Censor - 29 Jan 1923
Length - 5 reels, 1604 m, 102 Min (
Friedrich Berger
Wilhelm Diegelmann
Bruno Eichgrun
Thea Grobmann
Hugo Lerch
Theodor Loos
Mabel May-Yong
Sybill Morel
Max Neumann
Ethel Orff
Robert Scholz
Elsa Wagner
Source: IMDb,,
Entsiegelte Lippen
- Unsealed Lips or All Lips
Director - Bruno Eichgrun
Script - M. O. Green
Camera - Heinrich Gartner
Production - Vampyr-Film GmbH
Censor: 5 Feb 1925
Wilhelm Diegelmann as Olim Harper
Mabel May-Yong as Mabel, a daughter
Sybill Morel as Meggy, a daughter
Maria Zelenka as Peggy, a daughter
Bruno Eichgrun as Vicomtp Gaston de Kerdignac
Fritz Kampers as Peter Broy (See photo at bottom of page)
Harry Nestor as Timmy Tobb
Source: IMDb,,

Cast Photographs

Ferdinand Bonn
(20 December 1861
– 24 September 1933)

Lya Mara

Fritz Kampers

Eva Speyer
(24. August 1883 - 1932)

Florence Roberts

Lucie Höfliche
(20 February 1883
- 9 October 1956)

Paul Heidemann

Edith Meller
(September 16, 1897
- October 18, 1953

Ethel Orff

(February 16, 1899
- )

LOST GALLERY will continue to search for more material on these movies. And contributions will be greatly appreciated.

These are the sources:
German Early Cinema Db
Film Zeit
and of course good ol'

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