Sunday, October 22, 2017

Washday Blues

washday blues 02

The Laundry Voyeur

My friend over at
Tattered and Lost
says this is a category!

Well, IT IS!
Here are some photographs from LOST GALLERY that have laundry on the line.

wash day blues 03

Posing with the laundry
Three out back of the house

Two horses
Dog, shadow, Laundry

Wash day blues
...He's so ambitious, he even sews.
Of Love
Love and Laundry
wash day blues 08
wash day blues
“This is the last time,” Dixie told herself.
“I know, I know. That’s what I said last time.
But this is really the last time.
When I grow up I’m gonna marry an
appliance salesman or a nudist.”

Laundry day

wash day blues 01
Yikes! Somebody stole all my clothes!

Laundry day
Henson sort of enjoyed laundry day.
But he liked running with
the rest of the Texas Rangers too.
(I don't know why this photograph is so popular.)
Love and Laundry
Love that laundry

Laundry and Saddle Shoes
Laundry and Saddle Shoes

Love and Laundry
Boy and Wagon
Lurker Laundry
The Laundry Lurker

Seven Women
Only a clothesline pole in the background.

Child in a stroller
Love under the clothes line.
Only clothes pins in this one.
Girl in a wagon

Two children and a dog and a lurker
Two children and a dog and a lurker

On the reverse:
I want to know
how much bigger
Willie looks to the
side of Jerrold this
Boy is some pumpkin
in to everything
Nellia said this eaaning(evening)
He climbs up on the
table in to the slofrbu(slop bucket?)
ect(?), bet you can laugh when
you get this picture kiss
Gerrold for me affivesn (arriving)
soon with Love to all

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  1. I'm stunned. Seriously stunned. And completely jealous! WONDERFUL!

  2. Ha! That's funny. I am still looking. I think there is an additional one or two lurking somewhere.

  3. Love next to the sheets outside. A whole new subcategory!!

  4. I have several with smoochin' goin' on but that's the only one that could be called "Love and Laundry."



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