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Frau Fritz Wassermann

1944 Kalisch  (trimmed)

These 52 pictures came in one package from an Ebay purchase in 2006.

Sorting them was a chore. Fortunately most of them are dated and some have locations noted. The name Frau Fritz Wassermann occurs only once but it is on the reverse of a passport picture along with what appears to be the Date of Birth: 20.11.19. The pictures date up through 1958 and one that is possibly 1974. She lived in nazi Germany.

Note, originally I thought the name was "Bassermann" because of unfamiliar script.
What can you tell about her story?

1943 German Passport

1974? Munchen
Reverse of Wasserman passport photo
1954 lonolshik
Reverse of 1954 lonolshik

58 A772
reverse of 58 A772

1958 photostamped A945
1957 mit Honni in Frankfurt
reverse of mit Honni in Frankfurt 1951

1957 Sommer
1957 sommer
1957 Bodenzee

1957 est. Undated Judith Cohen 2 Jahre Alt 18
Frau Fritz Wassermann - Judith Cohen reverse

1957 est. undated photostamped A 99
1957 est. undated photostamped A 199
1957 est. Undated photostamped 21

1957 Marz - Schretzingen photostamped BL8 60TEL 25
1957 Friihjahn 1957 Schruetzingen BL8 100TEL
Reverse of Frühjahr (March, April) 1957

1957 in car
1957 est. Undated Cooking photostamped 11
1957 est. Undated, no notes

1954 with whip
1952 H737
1944 Kalisch

1953 Tarmenblick Strasse M Briciboricken 1953
reverse of Tannenblick Strasse u.(nd) Zweibrücken 1953
1952 Geltezwoog
reverse of 1952 Gelterswoog

1952 Ennepetal 0788
1952 mit Herniel our glohr see

1952 Maiz mit Frau Feld and Tochler
reverse of 1952 Maiz 1952 mit Frau Feld und Tochter (daughther).
1952 Aufeboln
reverse of 1952 Autobahn.

1952 Post card backing
1952 Sommer 1952
1952 Sommer
Frau Fritz Wasserman

1952 Rothaar-Gebioge
Reverse of 1952 Rothaar-Gebirge
1951 Dusseldorf Winter
1945 Marburg

1950 M Benster, Marburg
reverse of Marburg 1950 m.(it) Benders
1949 Marburg B957
reverse of  B957 Marburg 1949

1949 Blank post card backing
1949 May 20
1946 Marburg

Undated - Agfa post card back

1949  Sept. Marburg
1952 or 1955
1952 or 1955 standing

1945 Marburg with 2 children
1945 Marburg
1944 Kalisch park bench
1944 Kalisch

These photographs were originally presented here back in 2007 as a slide show. The slide show script stopped working properly recently so the page has been revised to a scrolling page of all of the photographs.

Some time back, LOST GALLERY looked for Frau Wasserman on but found nothing conclusive. A Hans Helmut Wilhelm Fritz Wassermann was found at about the right age born in the right place in Germany, but nothing else was found about him.

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