Friday, July 24, 2015

What Is Going On Here? - Page Four

There are portraits and action shots and there are landscapes and interiors. There are many photographic subjects. When we page through the albums we have various oo/ah reactions. Beauty and humor, memories and nostalgia; each photograph sparks it's own comment and reaction.

But here now is a collection photographs that make the observer ask just one question:

What is going on here?

Sometimes there's an answer, but sometimes not.

People stack

People stack.

New Addition
Here, let me help you with that.

New Additions
Here, let me help you with that.
Doing something
Three fakes

Woman and child in yard
Judy was a real looker
Come on, Ethel

Two on a hill
A couple of toughs
Hot Tamales for sure.
Two at the culvert
She looks as if she's planning a murder.
Two men

A funny thing happened
A couple of toughs

Hijinks with a Melon
Two heads
Fun in the park

Daddy's little helper
What is going on here?

Two women and a Wheel Barrow
Campfire Romance
Campfire Romance

Drum Major
The Catcher
Oh, no.

Man and grass skirt

The ancient sport of Kid Tossing.

Kid tossing
Kid tossing

A day in the sun
What is going on here?
Fake Fight
Climbing a tree

It's a dance recital. I think.

Tiny photograph of stage
Tiny photograph of stage

I guess she's washing the car. Brat?

Can't get enough?

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What Is Going On Here?

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THE KIDS Lesson one. It is always a mystery how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Susanna Rosalie. Nothing makes my day better than to know I gave someone a laugh.

  2. Let me add another laugh!
    Having taken a number of photos of subjects asleep, I can say one reason is evidence. They are usually persons who claim either to have difficulty sleeping or to never slumber past 9:00 AM or before 9:00 PM.

    1. Thanks Mike Brubaker. I am glad you had a laugh. Yes, I have taken pictures of people asleep too. Mostly because of the odd positions they get into.



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