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Postcards from Anthony

My grandson Anthony gave me some old post cards for Christmas. A thoughtful gift since I collect such things.

Here they are, seven postcards, each with a little peek back in time, into someone's life.

Postcard from Kingman, Kansas
Postdard from Kingman, Kansas

On the Reverse:
Postmarked July 6, 1911, Kingmwn, Kans
to: Mrs. S. E. Haine, Calumet Okla RD 1

Dear Sis am in Kans and
at Eliza all well but will
go home soon I want to
go to caz Rose if can I seen
Tom Collingwood and Wife
the 4th had a good visit
with them hope you
all had a nice time I
will go back by Wichita
I think Went up to see
Maud french she has
a boy her Hus is sick
and it airfull(?)

Postdard from Toronto
Postdard from Toronto

On the reverse:
Postmarked April 25, 1978 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dick & Betty Holly
1899 S. Camino Cerro,
Yuma, Ariz.
U.S.A. 85364
Dear Dick & Betty
All is well, We
had a good trip.
Arrived Thur. 22nd
We are with Carole
& George. Will be
home the 1st of
May - Weather is
cool - Will write
Love Ken & Florence

Postcard from N.M. or Ariz.
Postcard from N.M. or Ariz.

On the reverse:
Oct 1974 NM 570
Mrs B C Lucas
208 Abiso Ave
San Antonio Texas

Hi Doll - Greetings
from the great
Southwest! Have
beautiful sunny
weater. Fun visiting
with my aunt and
uncle, but will
have to head for
MD. Tomorrow. All good
things must come to
an end! Margaret

Postcard from Kansas
Postcard from Kansas

Postmark date August 13, 1947 Canton, Ohio
On reverse:
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Wymm
3141 @ Ellwood
Richmond 21

Hey Folks.
Having a swell
time - eating
sleeping - and going.
How is the
Ellwood gang -
Any more excitement?
Will be home
sometime - Saturday -
Hope to see you
then - Love,
Early Moss (or Early Morn)

Postcard from Colorado
Postcard from Colorado

On the reverse:
Postmarked August 26, 1955 Estes Park, Colorado
to: Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Balzer
Lamont, Okla. R#

This is a beautiful
drive, mts. and water
all along make it so
scenic. It is cool but
not cold, tonight it is
raining. We take a
trip to Central city Saturday
and leave, after the opera,
for home from there.
Will get home sunday some
time - I have to report for
work mon. Love


Postcard from Kansas

On Reverse"
Mrs Sadie Howe
Dear aunt: Hope this
will find you all well
and enjoying life to the
fullest extent. I guess
you have forgotten all
about your naughty little
iece that lives in Kan
Haven't you? I don't know when
we have heard from you. I am
still working and like it fine
but sure get tired lots of times,
and wish I was our in the
country. I can't hardly wait
for vacation time.

Designed, copyrighted and published by H. R. Schmidt & Company, Wichita,Kansas

There is no dated postmark. The Franklin one cent postage stamp was issued beginning 1908. The card shows a copyright mark dated 1912. The design seems to be by "Seward"

Those Bewitching Eyes
Those Bewitching Eyes

Copyright 1910 by Charles Scribner's Sons
Postmarked Sept. 9(?) 1900(?) Pauls Valley, Okla.

On the reverse:
I got my skirt
alright. Thanks afluly
for sending it to me.
Will hear from your
skirt soon. I (?) (?)
(?) most sick with a
cold. Will stay at home this
afternoon & dope up Ethel

This page will be reserved for post cards that are not real photo post cards. RPPC. These are production photographs or artwork, not one-off portraits done in a studio.

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