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Album - From the Thirties

Recently in Cresson, Texas I stopped at an "antique mall" downtown. In one booth, while sorting through a large group of loose photographs in a tray, I began to realize that some of them were related. There were some still glued to the black photograph album pages but snipped apart. Some pages, where there were photographs on both sides, were left intact. Others were peeled from the pages, leaving lots of the black mounting page stuck to the reverse. Other photographs without any black residue on them still seemed to be related by age and content.

I ended up taking most of the photographs in the tray.

So here on this page are all the snapshots that seemed related because of the backing, size of the actual print or the subject matter. In most cases, any information that might have been on the reverse sides of all but six was obliterated as a result of being glued on black photograph album pages. Photo-lab markings were available on only a few prints helping tie them together.

All of them have people in them with the exception of the first one. This photograph seems to be of a dam or spillway.

The print size is the same as the next eleven on this page.

Spillway somewhere

1.) The spillway.
The same fuzzy flaw on the left edge also occurs in photograph 6, 7, and 8.

Three girls

2.) Three women.
The girl with glasses (center) appears in five of the first 12.
The girl on the left does not seem to appear in any others.

The ladies on a wall.

3.) Three women.
The girl with glasses (left) appears in five of the first 12.

Three women, two children

4.) Three women.
The girl with glasses (left) appears in five of the first 12.
This is the same three as in #3

Kid on the rocks

5.) This child appears to be the same as one in #4.

20140321 Cresson antique mall030

6.) The girl with glasses.

Three on their elbows

7.) These three I believe are the same as in #3 and #4. The girl on the left has removed her jacket.

These three photographs seem to be at the same inclined surface. Some of the clothing looks the same as in the first four. There is a slight blur on the narrow end of these three which occurs also in #1.

So the first five are tied together with subjects, print size and flaws.

Walking on all fours

8.) This child appears to be the same as one in #4.

Woman on a wall

9.) This one seems to be in a similar location as the first four and the clothing seems the same as one of the girls in three of the other snaps.

10.) This one was trimmed a bit. The locale seems the same but the clothing does not match any of the others.

Girl and wall

Woman and two children

11.)Woman and two children. The children could be the same as in #4 and#5 but the girl's clothing does not match any any in the preceding seven snaps.

These two photographs feature the same railing and chain.

The background does not match in the two frames. The camera angle might be the cause or perhaps it is location is moving, a boat or a ferry.

12.)This one has the same railing and chain but the girl's clothing does not match any previous frame.

Girl on dock

The next ten all have automobiles in them. Some are obviously connected, others not so much.

Man and Car

13.) Note the windshield.

Woman and car

14.) Same car as the one on the left, I think.

The windshield is open on this one too.

Three on a bumper

15.) Two women and one man on a bumper.

Two girls on the running board

16.) Two women on the running board. #15 and #16 look like the same two women and the same car.


17.) Two girls behind car.

This one seems to have the same car as in #18, but in a different locale.

woman and car

18.) Woman and Car

Three on a running board

19.) This one was not glued on an album page and does not have any black residue on the reverse so it may not be related at all.

Man on running board

20.) Man on Running Board.

The car does not match any of the others in the set. This is a cut down snapshot. The rest of the print was not found.

Baby on Car

21.) Baby on Car Trunk

Glued on page with #26, #27, #38 and #43. Five photograph on that page.

group and car

23.) Nine and Car

Woman and child on car

22.)Woman and Baby on Car.

This is probably at the same photo session as #21. It is glued on a page with #29 and #70.

Nine almost

24.) Nine And Car. This is not the same group or car as in #23

Girl by car

25.) Two girls.

This one was split in the middle and the two pieces appear on different pages from the album. The car is not the same as any of the others in the group.

The next group displays all the light-leaks.

Girl on bridge

26.) Girl on Bridge Rail.

girl on bridge

27.) Girl on Bridge Rail.

This is obviously in the same locale as #26.

in front of the bridge

28.) Girl on Log.

This is possibly at the same session as #26 and #27. The light leaks are similar and the setting is similar.


29.) Man by Brick Wall.

Glued on page with #22 and #70.

Boy on a horse

30.) Two Men, Child on Pony

Man and twins

31.) Elderly Man and Two Babies.

Man and little girl

32.) Man and Young Girl.

Two women and a man ina vest

33.) Two Women, One Man in Wood.

In a tree

34.) Two on a Tree Limb.

This is the same light leak pattern as #33.

Woman with scarf

35.) Woman and Scarf.

This light leak does not match any of the others.

man on the steps

36.) Man On Steps.

Man and utility pole

37.) Man Leaning on Utility Pole.

This is the same man as in #36. The prints are the same size.

Two women

38.) Two Women.

The Woman on the left is the same as the one in #22. It's the same dress too. It is glued on a page next to #21.

Baby on CarWoman and child on car

#21 and #22


39.)Woman and Bale of Cotton

The building in the background is the same as the one in #40.

Two Women

40.) Two Women.

The one on the left is the same as in #39.

Man and straw hat

41.) Man and Rocks.

Against the wall

42.) Woman and Rocks.

This is the same setting as #41. The print sizes are the same.

Girl and Tree

43.) Woman and Tree.

This has a light leak similar to #26 but not identical. It is glued on a page between #26 and #27 and is the same size.

Girl on bridgegirl on bridge
Woman, child and doll

44.) Woman, Child and Doll.

Woman and baby

45.) Woman and child at corner of house.

Three girls#47
Child by tree

46.) Child by Tree.

Glued on page next to #47. Only two on page. They are not exactly the same print size.

Three girls

47.) Three Girls.

Dictionary illustrations

48.) Girl on ground.

Black page residue on reverse.

Child o a horse

49.) Woman, Child, Horse.

Small amount of black residue on reverse.

Woman in garden

50.) Girl at the Corner of the House.

Still glued on page next to #41. Only two photograph on the page.

Woman and child on porch

51.) Woman and Child.

Glued on same page as #54. Only two on page.

The sun's in my eyes

52.)Baby on the Grass.

Black paper residue on reverse. PhotoLab number "37" visible.

Two children on the steps

53.) Two Children on Steps.

Black paper residue on reverse.

Child on Porch


Glued on same page as #51. Same print format. Only two on page.

Two men and a woman

55.) Two Men, One Woman.

Glued on page alone.

A dog and his boy

56.) Small Boy and Dog.

Black paper residue on reverse.

Woman and tree

57.) woman and Tree.

Glued on page with #68

Woman holding baby

58.) Woman Holding Child.

Same session as #59. Glued on page with #59 Only two on page. Subjects and photo format the same. Note round glasses.

Couple with Baby

59.) Couple with Baby.

Same format as #58

Man woman child

60.) Man, Woman and Child.

Same format and subjects as #58 and #59. Glued on page with #32 which is same format but different subjects and has yellowed slightly more.

Five on the steps

61.) Five Children on Steps.

Glued on page by itself.

Man and car

62.) Man by Car.

Trimmed and glued on page with #57
Woman and tree

Man in suit

63.) Man and Fence

Glued on page with #69

These were all trimmed as shown and glued on various pages. They are presented here larger than actual size.

Man cropped

64.) Man


65.) Man

Man with hand in pocket

66.)Man Standing

Baby on bicycle seat

67.) Baby

Man with watch chain

68.)Man Standing.

Numbers 64 through 68 are all very small and glued on a page together with numbers 77, 78, 18 and 24.
Very Small PortraitSmall Portrait
Nine almost
woman and car

All of the following group were glued to pages or had black residue on the reverse except the last one.

Woman and child

69.) Woman and Boy portrait. See #63

tiny portrait

70.) Tiny Portrait. Glued on same page with #29 and #38

small oval portrait

71.) Oval Portrait - Boy

Small oval portrait

72.) Oval Portrait Girl

Tiny portrait

73.) Oval Portrait - Girl

Tiny Portrait

74.) Oval Portrait - Girl

Numbers 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75 are all glued on the same black album page.

Photobooth portrait of a girl

75. Photobooth Portrait)

photobooth girl

76.) Photobooth Portrait

Black paper residue on reverse.

Very Small Portrait

77.) Small Photobooth Portrait.

See #68 above.

Small Portrait

78.)Small Photobooth Portrait

See #68 above

photobooth guy

79.) Photobooth Portrait

Black album paper on reverse.

Photobooth girl

80.) Photobooth Portrait of small boy.

Nothing on reverse. May not be part of the album set.

On the grass

81.) Girl Sitting On Grass.

No black paper residue on reverse. May not be part of the album set.

Neither of these two were glued in or had black paper residue on the reverse. Both are stamped with the Fox Co. finishers of San Antonio, TX, logo and dated OCT 1929.

However, they have quite different numbering series for identification. The one on the left is numbered "8 63" and the one on the right is numbered "9 767". Though everything else is the same, they were probably not from the same roll of film.


82.) Two Women in a Field.

No black paper residue on reverse. May not be part of the album set.

The following four prints have no black paper residue on reverse and are stamped with the photolab number "3". They are apparently from the same roll of film. They are possibly not connected with the album.

Girl on a bridge

83.) Woman on Bridge.

Couple on Bridge

84.) Couple on Bridge
Same setting as #83 and #85

Two on a bridge

85.) Couple on Bridge.

Girl in the cannas

86.) Woman in Garden.

The three in this group are stamped with the finisher Culpepper Studios, Longview, Texas. They are not dated.

On the grass with two dogs

87.) Woman Sitting on Grass

20140321 Cresson antique mall006 en

19.) Three on a Running Board.
This one is repeated from the car section earlier on this page.

The three in this group do not have any black paper residue on reverse.

By the steps

88.) Woman at front steps.

89.) A page from the set shown actual size. Includes photograph numbers 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75.

The page also includes a birth announcement for Gerald Wyne from Mr. and Mrs. Pope Green.

One page


90.) This last fragment was on the reverse of a photograph that had been scissored from a black page album.

It is enlarged slightly here for detail.

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