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Sepia Saturday - Hair

Today's Sepia Saturday Suggestion is about hair. Well, it could be about fake books or small statuary I suppose but that would be reaching a bit, probably. It's about the woman's prize hair.

So today for Sepia Saturday, lets look at some old photographs where hair is a feature.

Cat with no hat.

No no. Not fur... Hair.

Don't you EVER comb your hair?

Your hair is always hanging in your eyes. And tuck in that shirtail!

Woman seated and flowers

I am sure the photographer didn't really intend to make it appear that the drapes in the painted backdrop are pinned to her hair.

Hair maintenance is a chore when camping in the wilds.

Three Buttes Spring - Colo

Guy with tie 01

Foley was a hair model until, well, you know.

Photobooth girl

Regina spent one third of each day brushing her hair. She didn't believe in coloring her hair 'though she did rinse it in day-old left-over coffee now and then.

Photobooth pair of women

Von and Sal claimed to be Siamese twins but they were only joined at the hair with bobby pins.


Even though Leona kept flags in her hair, she still couldn't get into the Marine Corps.

Bed Head

Earliest known "bed head"


photobooth girl with hair do

Unidentified Actress

Ok. Try to guess who this is. Hint: She's married to a very, very, very, very, very, very, very famous musician. Extra points if you can name the turkey... I mean, the movie this is from.

Oh, when

From an unknown movie
(but we know the character, don't we?)

Pick your caption:
Oh when will my hair be long enough?

Does this braid make me look fat?

Oh, dear. Here he comes with another load of straw.

Long hair and glasses.
For two hours every morning... and evening...

Sutherland Family
Sutherland Family

Printed on the reverse:
Seven Sisters
Lockport, New York
Sarah Length of Hair 3 ft
Victoria - 7 ft
Isabella - 6 ft
Grace - 5 ft
Naomi - 5 ft and 4 in. thick
Dora - 4 1/2 ft
Mary - 6 ft

H. Bailey, Manager
Baker Photo, Columbus Ohio

This old cabinet card didn't restore very well. The contrast recovered fairly well but most of the detail was still lost. The subject is so interesting however, I included it anyway. And although there are several photographs of the Sutherland Sisters to be found on the web, I have not found one exactly like this one. I did find a post that was apparently taken at the same session as this one but it is not identical.

But, the story is even more interesting. There are several accounts across the net but I found this one to be the most thorough. Untangling The Tale


I added this one because it really does have interesting hair and also, to show that a little enhancement really does occasionally find some hidden detail that would have been lost otherwise.

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Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. As usual, a most interesting & entertaining post. Your comments really make it so! :))

    1. Thanks La Nightingale. Some photographs just speak for themselves.

  2. As always, a fabulous collection of images. I can't imagine how you are going to respond to our "no theme" week - I look forward to finding out.

    1. Thanks Alan Burnett. I am curious what the others are going to do for that "no theme" theme too.

  3. Great images and amusing captions. I read the whole "Untangling the Tale" that you linked to and found it very interesting.

    1. Thanks Postcardy. Yes, the article about the Sutherland Sisters is very interesting. I think there are probably more details left unsaid about those obviously exploited women.

  4. A full salon of bouffant styles! Mr.BedHead has the most striking coiffure.
    I suppose I should recognize the bride of Frankenstein but even with famous_x_7 clue, I still can't place the face.

    1. Thanks Mike Brubaker. Yes, Mr Bedhead must have spent hours on that "do" before posing. Our star is married to Richard Starkey and she will be 67 this year. She holds a Master’s degree in psychology. She played Lady Agatha in this very obscure movie which was made in Italy in 1978-9.

  5. That 'bedhead' (or perhaps bed hair) fellow is hilarious! Some males these days do their best to emulate that ridiculous style with topknots, which I always think look rather silly too.

    1. Thanks Jo Featherston. Yes, getting his hair into that shape must have been quite a project but how he kept it that way is beyond imagination. Today's hair styles are a mystery to me.

  6. Oh my, Barbara Bach, but I have no idea what "film" this might have been.

    You've got some dandies here. Some rip-snorting funny dandies! Bed head must have terrified every girl he met. How could they look at anything but those sausages on his head?

    1. Thanks Tattered and Lost. The film was called L' Umanoide (a.k.a. The Humanoid). It was a pretty steep slide from being one of the “Bond” girls just two years before. And Mr. Bedhead: Can you imagine him at the beach? What if that arrangement got wet? And he must have given his barber fits!

  7. I think your captions are better than the pictures, especially the Siamese twins joined with a bobby pin. I'll be laughing about that all day.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I am so glad you got a good chuckle. Best reward I could have.

  8. Day old left over coffee I've never head of (and I'm not about to try it either) As a girl I used lemon juice or vinegar. I'm guessing that the earlier named photos are from your family collection. Enjoyed the post immensely.

    1. Thanks genepenn. Actually I never heard of anyone using left over coffee to color their hair.. No family members on this page; LOST GALLERY is for rescued found photographs only.

  9. I did enjoy these pictures and you amusing comments as usual. Yes, the no theme week will be a challenge I’m sure.

    1. Thanks Little Nell. I am glad you got a chuckle. No theme week starts tomorrow!



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