Monday, February 24, 2014

Album Page - From the School Yard

Leafing though unsorted piles of old photographs is a challenge sometimes. The photographs are often varying sizes, some flat, some curled, and loose or mounted. Connecting two photographs by content or perhaps the photolab's serial number is almost just luck. Occasionally, several are found still tacked to the album pages where they were carefully placed by their owner.

Here is one of those lucky finds. These are all from the same photo session; some young girls at the front of their school. Someone brought a camera.

Since consumer cameras often produced eight oblong photograph to a roll, (12 square ones) there are probably still three more from this moment at school, wandering about somewhere.

Here are five related photograph, some with labels. Both the original as-found copy and an enhanced version is included.

two girls
two girls

It looks like:
Lovessa & Margy Brubaker

Three Girls
Three Girls
Four girls
Four girls

Two girls at school
Two girls at school

The writing looks like:
Kathleen Wadham
Glady cooper

Two girls
Two girls

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THE KIDS Lesson one. It is always a mystery how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

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  1. Me again! ;) Looking at the 2 different captions enlarged on Flickr, it looks like the writer makes "d"s pointy. The last name on the page would be Glady (prob nickname for Gladys, I seem to remember seeing that before) while Kathleen's surname would be Wadham (see how that letter compares with the d below?) So now looking back at the first photo, it looks like the first name is Lodessa. My impression of the other girl in the first photo's name is that the two scribbly letters are crossed out! Though how easy it would be to mispell Mary twice is hard to understand! My second choice for that name is Marzy, 3rd Margy (my mom's name by the way).

    1. And thanks again! Excellent work! These were particularly obscure. They come from an album where many of them are labeled but in a hurried fashion. These are enhanced slightly and even then they were a mystery. The originals are worse I think, but sometimes "enhancing" obscures a needed detail. I checked the original on the "Mary/Margy" one. I think I'll go with Margy on that one. But only because it seems logical. I value your opinion. Jump in any time. There are thousands of rescued photographs in LOST GALLERY.



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