Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sepia Saturday - The House

Dorothy clicked the heels of her ruby slippers and repeated, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." And surely she was right. Be it ever so humble. Or not.

So lets look at a few homes. Palace or pig-sty, castle or crate, shack or chateau, here are some abandoned photographs of home...well, somewhere, sometime, somebody called these home.

Actually we are revisiting a category we collected long ago called "Our House" But this time, we'll look at photographs of just the house. No occupants. We'll try to imagine who might have lived there.

By the sea, by the sea...

Cabin in the woods.
Home on the water,  From a negative scan.
Little grass shack.

A house in the country
Mr Browne rent house
House in the Country

A tree in the yard

Home on the range #9
This old thing?

Star Valley Home

It was going to be a cold winter
The shack and the car

House, two story with gables and Car in the country
House, two story with gables
This one is apparently the same house as in the photograph on the left. Different time, different angle.

House 01 enhanced

This one was rescued from an almost completely lost, photographer's "proof" print. This is light-sensitive photo paper that darkens without the need of chemical baths. It is sandwiched with the negative and exposed to light until it darkens. It produces a temporary contact print for viewing by the customer or just to check the coherence of the photograph in positive mode. It's a quick and easy method for the task. Of course the drawback is that the "proof" paper continues to darken every time it is exposed to light. Therefore, the customer still has to buy a proper print for the family album.

This print also shows the effect of being stored in an envelope. The paper leaked light and further exposed the proof paper. The seamed areas leaked less light.

The house is the same as the one on the right.

House 02 enhanced

snow on house
house covered with snow
This is the same house as on the left. Is is a different winter however, as evidenced by changes in the shrubs.

House on the Hill
house with adjustments

House with flag
Three story house in distance
Our House

Three story house in distance
Home in the country

Butler's Barn
Pleasant View

Have you noticed how many of these were taken with the camera tilted? Not only that; most of those are tilted too far to the left. Some of these have been corrected here by tilting the photo to compensate.

school house
house and yard

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  1. Such a variety! Some of those houses have architectural styles that can be found around where I live.

    1. Thanks! One of life’s necessities. Be it opulent or ordinary, magnificent or make-do.

  2. This makes me wish I had an album of all the houses that were important to me. Sadly some of them no longer exist and most of them are just too far away to ever be able to visit again.

    You've got a grand collection. I'm most drawn to the farm house in the snow with the barn to the left. I'm imagining it early in the morning while the world is still asleep, but the people in the house are up getting the fire started and breakfast before trudging through the snow to the barn.

    1. A collection of photographs of places one has lived. Now there's an idea.

      A cold morning on the farm. You brought back a dim memory of bundling up and leaving warmth of the wood burning kitchen stove, trudging to a one room school at the next mile corner.

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog, Anyjazz. I appreciate your comments. If you'd like to read my Sepia Saturday posts in the future, be sure to check out my Acadianeire's Heritage blog here:
    I didn't post last week, but hope to be jumping in this time around, especially since I have a bit of an obligation as co-founder.

    1. Thanks Kat. I look forward to your posts.

  4. What an interesting collection of houses!! Some of them looked so familiar like a friend from long ago, and others evoked memories of times past, and a couple of them had a fair tale quality --- especially the rescued photo. Thanks so much for the wonderful fare you brought to us.

    1. Thanks Joan. The LOST GALLERY was founded on the idea that people of all generations and all locations seem to photograph the same things the same ways.



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