Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sepia Saturday - Birds and Beasts


I added this one as an afterthought. I can hardly think of hogs without thinking of this one. He's been there a long time.

I took this photograph of a chrome pig stands in a bank lobby at the corner of Douglas and Broadway in Wichita, Kansas.

Kind of poetic, isn't it?

Birds and Beasts? Well, okay, you asked for it!

People take pictures of the oddest batch of animals. No dogs or cats or goldfish or horses here; that's too easy.

When I read of the Sepia suggestion for this Saturday, I immediately thought of this pig. Then it kind of got out of control after that.

People take pictures of the darnedest things.

Man and hog
Man and hog

Disinterested Ram

Well there's CHICKENS ...
I see Chickens
Watering the Chickens

Boy holding a Chicken
Girl with Chicken

I see chickens
Child and Chickens

And GOATS ...
Girl in goat cart
Goat cart

goat cart with boy
Two boys in a goat cart

Child and goat
Child and ram
Hi, fellows.

Goats always manage to stay on top of things.

The Cow is of the bovine ilk,
One end moo, the other milk. - Ogden Nash

cow and woman
two cows
Finding the ground to cold and muddy,
And a dog.

Okay, no horses but how about DONKEYS, BURROS or MULES? Heck, I don't know the difference anyway.

On a burro
Novelty Photo

one girl and four mules
One girl, four mules
four horsewomen
Four women, four mules
Woman and Mule
One woman, One mule.

Two women and donkey
Two women, One donkey and the world at their feet.
Three on a donkey (enhanced version)
Three children, one donkey
Cowboy outfit
One kid in a cowboy outfit and one donkey

Four on a Donkey
FOUR girls, one donkey
Donkey and Dorkey
One baby, one guy in a uniform, one donkey and one dorkey

Donkeys in a row
Eight guys, eight mules.
One Child, One Donkey or Mule... I don't know.

A quick movement and he's wide awake.
This is my own photograph. No. This is NOT a dog.
Well, this seems like a good place to call it a day.

This is a found slide. There were dozens of slides of family and cars and houses. And this goose.

Go back to Sepia Saturday now and see what else has turned up.

People take pictures of the darnedest things.

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THE KIDS Lesson one. It is always a mystery how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. So hard to choose a favourite! However, I think "Girl with a chicken" would be my favourite. The look on her face it adorable.
    The two boys with the goat cart also stands out as the boys do not look happy at all.

  2. You have quite an array of animales here. Have you considered doing a counting book featuring humans and donkeys?

  3. Thanks Sharon. I have always liked the one of the girl with the chicken. I can just hear her saying "Oh no! Not Fluffy!"

    Thanks Kristin. Ha! That's funny! I didn't realize how many mules/donkeys I had until I started putting together this page. I'd have to stop the book at eight!

  4. What a fantastic collection of photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Never work with children and animals they say and you can see why! There's cute and then there's super-cute. A wonderful collection of pictures and quotes.

  6. I Am Always Struck How Noble Animals Manage To Look In Photographs.

  7. What a splendid array of beasts! Any of the chicken snaps would be a winner for me. The photos of kids in goat carts is a sub-genre of vintage photo collecting that is far larger then I ever imagined, with hundreds on eBay. I must avoid it, because I already have an addiction and it would not help to acquire another.

    If it is not a dog, is it also not a cat?

  8. Thanks Jackie/Jake. I have never put them together like this page.

    Thanks Little Nell. Yes, I tried to find as many as I could that included a child. I think it was grumpy W. C. Fields who said, “ Anyone who hates children and dogs can’t be ALL bad.”

    Thanks tony. You are right! They often look a bit aloof and bored.

    Thanks Mike Brubaker. Yes the goat cart thing could get all out of hand. I have seen lots of them but I have only picked up the ones that are in my price range. I’m that way with pictures of Umbrella Rock in Tennessee.

    Yes, it’s not a cat or a parakeet either. However, it IS a Siberian Wolf. And quite dangerous, the keepers assured me. In New Mexico there is a wolf preserve caring for injured and endangered wolves. That is where I snapped the picture through a heavy wire fence.

  9. Tow women, one donkey, and the world at their feet.

  10. Children and animals are a good combination.

  11. You have reminded me that I have a set of photos of donkeys at the seaside.

  12. Thanks Brett Payne. Fine caption! I added it to the photograph.

    Thanks Postcardy. You are right!

    Thanks Bob Scotney. Are we going to see them soon?

  13. Your goat cart series is the best!!
    While I like and understand what a pig would do in a bank lobby (piggy bank...), the goats, not so much?!?

  14. Thanks TICKLEBEAR. As I recall the chrome pig did have a couple companions: a chrome goat and a chrome giraffe.



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