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Usually, studio portraits aren't very interesting. Actually, they are quite boring. They are stiff and two dimensional, vain and shallow. Often they aren't even good representations of the person in the portrait at all, and certainly not good examples of the photographer's art.

Photograph collectors drudge through endless piles and pages of lifeless and superficial abandoned studio captures of ancestors and unknowns. We become quite practiced at spotting a portrait that is warm from the glow of the person otherwise long gone. On such rare turns, we find a photographer and subject working in a delightful duet, creating a portrait that speaks of character, of atmosphere, of presence.

It's a photograph that is not just an image. It's a feeling, a warmth, a person. A memory worth keeping.

It is an elegant photograph.

Woman and rattan chair and locket

There are too few portraits like this.

Thousands have been reviewed over the years. Whether Cabinet Card or CDV, loose, framed or in easel-backed mats, here are the scant few really elegant portraits that have settled into an honored place in LOST GALLERY.

Cabinet Card Baby

Child with wicker chair
Frankie Thatcher 01
Portrait of a boy

Hold Still
Cabinet Card
Two Children

S Lynn photographer  Paris, Texas

Child in a chair
Boy with Hat

Portrait of a Boy or Girl?
Seated Man cabinet card

Casual pose.
Cabinet Card Three Girls

Portrait of a little girl
Child hand tinted
When I grow up, I'm going to kick your slats out.
There'll be some changes made!
There'll be a change in the weather, a change in the sea.
Before long there'll be a change in me.
My walk will be diff'rent, my talk and my name,
Ain't nothin' about me is gonna to be the same.
I'm goin' to change my way of livin', boys,
and if that ain't enough,
Well then I'll change the way I strut my stuff,
Nobody wants you when you're old and gray.
There'll be some changes made today!
There'll be some changes made.

Words & Music by Billy Higgins & W. Benton Overstreet, 1922

So happy to be here ...
Good things seem to come in three's
For two hours every morning... and evening...

died Feb 19, 1920
So sad that the lasting memory of this woman would be that her photo sold for fifty cents at a flea market. Very sad.

Studio Portrait
Young woman
Portrait with hat

Ms Showalter, CEO of the bellwether software and web-management company, SoftWeb Inc. knew how to ward off the hostile takeover by some of her own board members. She met with them privately, one by one in back of the corporate offices and beat the crap out of them.
Mama Ladd
Elderly Lady with glasses

little girl
I know. I know. These two are not studio shots but they are such fine portraits, I had to include them.
Girl with purse

Anna Smith -  Henry Smith's Mother

Not often is this much character captured in a studio photograph, but when it happens, it is superlative. Wouldn’t you have loved to ask her just one question?

Look at that smile. She is about to burst into a laughter that will permeate your being. There is a humor about to envelop the room, an inner beauty that is an adventure, a love that immerses your heart in indelible joy and anticipation.

Look at that pose. She is ready to spring into a dance. Holding still is not in her repertoire. She is full of embraces and faces and affection. She would be comfortable in the garden swing or astride a palomino.

I would have loved to have shared an afternoon tea or a six-pack with her. Oh, the stories she could tell, the laughter she could share, the memories she could make.

I never knew her but I miss her terribly.

Now, THAT my friends, is photography.

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