Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just a Happy Coincidence

We visit Wichita Falls, Texas, fairly often as it is less than two hours away. There is an “Antique Mall” there that we shop on most trips. It has huge piles of unsorted, abandoned photographs and two floors of assorted other items. Each visit I try to get through at least two baskets of the jumble and pick out a few that fit categories like “Saddle Shoes” or “Big Hats” or one of the many others established here on LOST GALLERY. I never get through all of them during one visit.

This may explain part of the reason for this page.

The Rescue Dilemma
This is an old picture. There were three times as many at our latest visit.

Baby boy at the fence
On reverse: Furman Candle Boles One Year Old.

While browsing through the groups of found photographs on Flickr, Annie discovered this picture on a
THINKS HAPPEN blog page called
and was caught by the name Furman Candle Boles written on the reverse.

Found 16 June 2012, Wichita Falls

Out of curiosity she did a search on the name and discovered another picture with the same name, this time on my anyjazz65 Flickr stream. I had rescued the two photographs almost a year apart and had not connected the name.

It is not unusual to find related photographs in unsorted piles of snaps in an antique shop and indeed collectors seek related items. But this collection is so jumbled and huge that it cannot be completely examined at one visit.

Found 28 July 2011, Wichita Falls

On the reverse: Furman Boles

Photobooth boys
On the Reverse: Furman and Wayne Boles
Furman Sept 12, 1919
Wayne Mar 31, 1926

After I started examining the two related photographs, I found a third in another group of photo booth snaps. It measures only 1.25 X 1.75 inches. (enlarged here)

It was from the same store, but on a different trip.
Found 8 October 2011, Wichita Falls.

Then a fourth snapshot turned up in the category

Found 16 June 2011.

But that's not all.

A little further searching also found that Furman is still living at this date at 92 years and was interviewed recently about a "Green" tricycle and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

The best line is “I’m gonna go Green in the grave.”

An interesting man to be sure.

20110616 baby on tricycle enhanced
On the reverse:
Furman Candle Bales age 7 years
Preston Wayne Bales age 10 months

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