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Vintage Photobooth - Page EIGHT

Photobooth woman with hat
Runner-up for
Miss Fire Gong of 1962.

There are so many.

Here is the Eighth installment of the Photo-booth Series.

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Photobooth pair of women
Von and Sal claimed to be Siamese twins but they were only joined at the hair with bobby pins.

Photobooth trio

Where the name is given
it will appear in
below each picture.

Other commentary in

Emma made four dollars
the first year.
Tomorrow the world!

Larsen E. Whipsnade
Her parents named her Larsen E. Whipsnade after watching a W. C. Fields movie.

photobooth Young Man in Uniform
Fowler was a personal friend of Howard Wendt, the sacker at Toespot Super.

Photobooth young girl
Phaedra knew several trees personally.

Photobooth woman with long hair
Ghail coined the word "Burp" but was never given credit for it.

Something's wrong, Delmont thought.

Delmont thought it over.
What could it be?

Photobooth man with tie and hat
Ah! That's it!

Photobooth girl w ear ring

Photobooth man with glasses
Terrance and Celia soon grew tired of trading places in the photobooth. Besides, the Mall-Cop was getting suspicious.

Photobooth woman
Kiss me, you fool!

photobooth girl smiling
Though Betty could have conquered the world with her good looks, she chose instead just to be rich.

Photobooth Woman
I'm so mad I could spit.

Photobooth Skeptic
Yeah, right ...

photobooth pairHarbert and Elane could wear each other's glasses and often did, just to confuse their friends.

Photobooth pair of women
Marsha was tired of seeing Roger copy her hair-do. He was even going to the same hair dresser now.

Photobooth woman with bow
Helen's question had caught Stella off guard. How would she explain the missing petunias?

Photbooth Young Man with Hat
Felton never shared his hat with anyone.

Photobooth woman with hat
Sylvia considered this her favorite picture. Even if it was of herself.

photobooth smiling man with hat
"Nothing can stop me now!" Bertrand thought, unfortunately.

Photobooth man with glasses
Hilbert was was pretty broken up about it.

Photobooth girl with glasses and curls
Melissa didn't think about it much.

Photobooth man with tie
Alton had an unnatural fear of uncaged lions.

20120524 photobooth couple not smiling
Della didn't know who he was but then, she'd already paid for the picture ...

Photobooth two men
"Wait a minute," Bob thought, "I don't have a brother."

Photobooth Smiling Man
It wasn't widely known but Gilbert was the inspiration behind the TV character "Sister Bertrille"

photobooth man with bolo tie
H Warta "Fat Stack" Shaw
March 17, 1946

20120524 photobooth  faded young man
Willy was beginning to wonder why he felt this way every morning.

Photobooth man with knit shirt
Ward knew that with only the Burger King franchise, the Convenience Stores and the water park, it would be hard to make ends meet.

Photobooth woman with child
Although Viola always insisted that she had little Cindi by natural childbirth, everyone knew the stork brought her.

Photobooth Fading Girl
Vita always felt as if she had just lost a snowball fight.

Photobooth girl with glasses
Geena was proud of the fact that she was wanted in more states than not.

Photobooth boy
Johnie Miller

Photobooth Man in Uniform
Harmon always considered it unfortunate that his birthday was the same day as National Garage Door Day.

Photobooth girl with glasses and pearls
This year's winner of the coveted SPEW award for her technicolor hurl after the May-Day Moose Club dance and Green Tomato Feed.

Photobooth boy in jacket
Lamont had a secret identity but he was never in a comic book.

Photobooth boy in plaid
Edgar grew up to be Vince.
No one knew why.

Photobooth woman with hat
What do you mean, I'm photogenic? You lookin' for a knuckle sandwich?

Photobooth girl leaning forward
If you look really close, you can see yourself in the camera ...

Photobooth girl tinted
Winnie considered herself lucky that she had made it this far without a single paper cut.

Photobooth girl in vestPaisley thought to herself, "I painted my nails for this?"

Photobooth baby in cap
Wow! Are those MY feet?

Photoboth Woman with bow
Rosa resolved to be more decisive about her life. Starting tomorrow, or maybe next week.

Photobooth babies a pair
Under Mama's thumb.

Tinted Photobooth portrait
There he sat. He'd done it again. He was always going into a room and then wondering why he was there.

Photobooth Man with hat
Yardley could sleep standing up. He could also run while lying down.

I said: gimme a dollar!
Ain't I cute? Gimme a dollar.

Horace Gaither
Horace Gaither

Photobooth girl
This is my best side, don't you think?

Veda never told anyone, so how did they know she had a split personality?

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THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery
how a photograph of any
of these precious children
could end up lost
or abandoned.
Here are a few.
You will probably say
"Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. These have REALLY made my day! They are so funny. I was so much in need of a good laugh.

  2. Thanks very much! Glad I was able to contribute a laugh. I went back and read some of the previous pages and got a good laugh myself. I had forgotten many of them.

  3. These are just so fun - I enjoyed reading the captions and I'll go through the rest of the series when I get the time.
    I'll read them bit by bit, so they last longer :) .

  4. I am so happy you enjoyed them. Come again any time.

  5. Vintage photo booth are still popular these day and most of my photos are also vintage which I put on my scrapbook.

  6. Thanks for your visit. I have seen some photobooth installations in malls around here.



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